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31 January, 2006

Wiped Out!

I got up this mornin and mowed the lawn, which means all my allergies to grass have been set off, and I'll be wiped out for the next 24 hours. I've taken my clarinaise, which reduces the effects of the allergies, but I still come over excessively tired and sick. My chest started to tighten up and I was having some breathing difficulty, and my mother wanted to know what was wrong ... well DUH! It's my allergies. My mother still can't seem to face the reality that my ALLEGIES are REAL and my Asthma is REAL. She won't let my younger brother mow the lawn becasue of his asthma, but when it comes to me, she just completely ignores my asthma and allergies. I really need to earn enough so that I can pay someone to come in here and mow the lawns for me. It's the usual problm of me somehow being seen as Superhuman or Faking it whenever my medical conditions come up, in spite of the fact I've been through the Allergy Unit at RPA in Sydney and all my allergies and intollerances have been proven (and my asthma as well) ... but for some reason, it just won't sink into peoples brains in my family. I'm sure if I lost a leg or something they'd claim I was faking that too!
My mother has become a bit cranky and stuff lately. Partly because my sister and brother think she's a baby sitting service again. She's not happy, but that means it gets taken out on me ... so, she starts arguements, interupts my work or study and goes into her 'David is so lazy routine'. It's funny that she claims I never work or study, but she'll continually interupt me and pull faces at me and stuff when I am trying to do either. I put it down to the fact that she's bored and lonely, btu she won't go out and meet new people. She likes being a recluse. Maybe it's another reason why I need to return to Sydney or move SOMEWHERE! Anyway, she started an arguement with me the other day claiming that I always used to wear school uniforms ... which isn't true. Soem schools never had them (this came about as they are banning denim from school in WA now). So, we had this big arguement, as she claimed we always wore school uniforms to High School in South Australia, which she claimed was GREY. As I pointed out to her, the OFFICIAL school uniform was BOTTLE GREEN for that school and NOT ONE person ever wore it. I also told her I normally wore BLUE Cords to that school. So we argued and I went and got my school photo's. As sure as day is from night, I was right and she was wrong. This caused her to go all quiet and fume for a few hours. She eventually apologised for us arguing, but still wouldn't admit she was wrong. I swear, her memory for history is going. I have a great fear my memory might go the same way one day. Scarey.
On another note, I'm still spending hours repairing the old PC. Who would have thought screwing the BIOS up would stuff other things up on the computer. I've got the registers all fixed now, but it still won't boot into Win98 mode, though the WinXP seems to be going fine.
My readership has halved as well ... I think it is the CNY phenomenon. People have gone on holidays and stuff, and ... well ... only a few of us left in the BlogSphere at present. Hopefully they will return, as I spent ages working on my Animation for CNY, and looks like few have seen it. (Or maybe it just down right offended them all and they've run away! Waaah!) I think there will be a LOT of reading and pictures once everyone returns. Anywat, back to studying for my CCIE (they say this thing takes two years of constant study in every waking moment of your life to get ... hopefully I'll manage it this year ... else I'll do it next year ... or the year after ... or not at all if I go 100% writer or artists or soemthing). My Cello still isn't here ... I'm so excited about that arriving ... one Jaws theme coming up ... followed by the Star Wars theme and Kisses 'I was made for loving you' ... I think that's about all I can remember for my Cello playing ... maybe some other tunes will come back to me! ;-)

30 January, 2006

Losing IQ - String Theory - SuperBowl - Orangutans

Losing IQ. For years I was one of the people who beleived the Flynn Effect (where people's IQ's were increasing in the world). Today, there is a report in the Sunday Time's that IQ's are dropping amongst UK teenagers. It's sort of funny, as the UK's cricket and rugby have improved in recent years. It used to be that everyone joked that Britian was the nation that conquered half the world, taught them Cricket and Rugby and spent all their time losing at it. Now that they're improving in the braun department they're losing their IQ's ... well, maybe I'm just being flippant with that opinion, but I remembered reading years ago, that one of the reasons Queenslanders were better at sports than some other states was because they were more concerned with atheletic ability than with intelligent pursuits (and I've also heard the same about Aussies ... but generally I think Aussies still have more inventions per head of population than anyone else, so we aren't dumb either). When I informed my mother of the UK IQ drop, she thought it was the state of the school system now, and the life style kids leave in front of the TV / Video console. I am sure that can't be true, as IQ's would have dropped throughout the first world as a whole rather than just the UK. Well, the article has an explanation of it all, but the explanation doesn't seem to hold water to me, as it's blaming lifestyle, and the things they're naming are things available in Australia and the US ... and the rest of the First World ... so it computers and TV are to blame, than why haven't IQ's dropped in other countries where they have actually risen? My mother says it's also because kids don't get outside anymore ... but wait, I was the nerd who never went outside much as was always being told off by my parents ... so why do I have an IQ in the top 1% (in a nation with rising IQ's). Here is my theory (and it's only a theory), I think diet may be the culprite here. As someone who suffers from a lot of allergies, I can tell you, certain food substances do have major effects on the brain. When I stick to my diet, my concentration and brain functions become very clearer than when I am eating foods that I have intolerances and allergies too. It's been noted in studies (and even on Jamie Oliver's school special where he introduced healthy diets to some schools) that behaviour in children changes when they are fed properly (darn, now I wish I hadn't of drunk that Coke that uses Sodium Benzoate now ... it has a pronounced effect on my brain). Colours, additives, preservativesetc found in food to make them more appetising and keep for longer are chemicals we've been sticking into our bodies for years. The study showed the IQ's dropped gradually over a thirty year period ... in those thirty years the amount of crap being stuck into foods has been increasing. I'd like to see a group of these kids, taken and given a healthy diet for a few months, and then have them retested to see if they are still scoring low. [My mother's other theory is UK IQ's dropped as she left, and Australia's has goen up as she came here!] :-)
String Theory One of my favourite theories may be true. I love fiddling around with String theory as it opens up lots of different things that might be true ... like the ability to move an object from one side of the Universe to the other instantaneously. Yeah, there are lots of fancy things we can think about (like, moving a girls undergarments one foot across the room at a party ... or however far it was in Hitchhikers). It looks like the first evidence that the theory MIGHT be true (Might being in capitals for a reason), has been found. A lot of scientists have ridiculed the theory for years saying it is unprovable and therefore can't be true. Well, I hope IceCube (The Neutrino Detector NOT the Rap Star) will be able to either prove or disprove the theory. {I really need to spend more time at Physics.org}
Superbowl XL [Forty for those that can't read Roman. This babies as old as I am!] Next Monday (Sunday US time) will be the Superbowl ... it's not just a Janet Jackson boob flashing event, it's when mighty men get dressed up in plastic armour and try to nail each other's tackle to the field. [OUCH!] It's an event for me, as I used to play the game (breaking my eighth left rib one year, and having Doctors wanting to amputate my foot later that same year. Yeah, call me a girl for playing a game with pads ... bloody Libra pads didn't provide enough protection). Anyway, I guess I better go for Pittsburgh seems as they are the AFC team. Though, I used toplay for Sutherland Seahawks, and Seattle are the Seahawks. I am sooo torn between going for my Conference team or going for my namesake team! Waaaah! Anyway, the Dolphins didn't have too bad a year (not after last years WORST ever year for the Dolphins! Waaah!) We only just missed out on a playoff birth this year ... and to be honest, I didnt' even think we'd do as good as we did, so I am pretty happy. Anyone living in Australia, SBS are covering it as per usual. ;-) [Yeah, I know, a lot of you don't follow it ... after all, it isn't soccer. And let's face it, my team is coming FOURTH in the EPL ... yeah, my Nana, mother and I all go for Tottenham! About time we got out of the middle of the table ... bring back Gary Lineker!]
Orangutans Last but not least, SBS has a report on my brothers and sisters of the deep forest having a hard time. Yes, Orangutans have had it tough, and now it's getting a little tougher as MORE of their homes are being bulldozed down to make a Hyperspace By Pass or something. Hang in their my furry banana eating cousins!
I forgot to add, I'm really happy today, as my CELLO has been sent! I can't wait till it gets here! Wooo Hoooo! :-)

29 January, 2006

Life's a Beach

I realised something last night. Something weird. Back when I was married, my Ex used to ban me from watching certain movies. When I say 'BAN', what I mean is, she'd watch a movie, and because she'd seen it, she wouldn't want to watch it again, so if I had been really wanting to watch it and it came on TV, we'd have to watch something else. Due to this, there have been a lot of movies I've never seen. Even if I'd gone to the video store in order to get something to watch when she wasn't there, if she'd come to the video store while I was choosing, she'd tell me I wasn't allowed to get certain movies out. Of course, once we seperated and I bought a Video player I did a lot of catching up. Since I've moved back home, I've noticed my mother does the same thing. I get movies out from the library, and she won't let me put them on if she's around (and now my video player has died, so I have to use the one in the lounge room). Anywat, I got 'The Beach' out a number of weeks ago [about four weeks ago - I had to renew it]. Last night was the first opportunity I've had to watch it, as my mother kept telling me NOT to put it on, as she'd seen it a million times. As I was watching it, my mother came out and asked what 'THE HELL' I was watching. I said, 'The Beach. I thought you'd seen it before?' She looked at the screen and went, 'No, I must have been thinking of a different movie.' Great, all this time I wasn't allowed to watch it, and it wasn't even a movie she'd seen. I noticed something else in the movie. At the beginning they kept describing the beach ... this idyllic place where people just sit around all day, swim when the want, and don't do much else. I thought, 'Oh, My Goodness! They're describing HELL!' You see, one man's paradise IS another man's Hell. It's not the beautiful beach I had a problem with. It wasn't the swimming. It was the thought of having nothing better to do than lie around all day ... I can't do that!!! Trying to RELAX is one of the most aggrevating things for me. Let me put it this way - when I go to a nice beach, I like to swim, snorkle, surf etc etc. I have never understood the 'lying around' on a beach thing that people do. Lying in the hot sun for hours and doing nothing annoys me. I can't just lie there. If I want to lie down and sleep, there are a million other places I'd rather be doing it ... like in a nice comfy bed somewhere. Doing it on a beach, is not fun for me. After all, you can get VERY burnt while you're sleeping. You can also get your stuff stolen. That aside, I didn't mind the movie. I've always liked Leonardo DiCaprio as an actor. The Director had wanted Ewan McGregor [just to add some trivia to my post]. I think both would have turned in great performances for the part. Robert Carlyle was also in it, and he always turns in great performances. I didn't even realise it was him till Richard [Leonardo DiCaprio] started to imagine he was talking to him and stuff ... then I sudenly went 'THAT's Robert Carlyle!' Actually, at the beginning of the film I admit I was playing Sims at the same time, so might have missed the fact that it was obviously him. It got bad reviews in the press, so I was a little surprised to find the movie wasn't all that bad. [Which also explains why I was playing Sims at the same time as the beginning]. It's not the sort of movie I'd buy on DVD and have in my collection, but if it came on TV I might watch it again (depending on what else was up against it). I wonder if the press (who gave it bad reviews) have ever experienced backpacking? Anyway, the movie drew me in and I stuck Sims on pause. I liked the fact there were lots of different international travellers in the movie. That's always been my experience when I've travelled. I hate movies where almost everyone is English or American (depending on who made the film), I'm surprised there wasn't an Aussie represented in the film (after all, per head of population we are the greatest travellers/tourists in the world), and there are normally plenty of Aussies anywhere in the world that I've travelled. Well, I'd say, if you haven't seen the movie, then give it a go. [I better go pat my dogs ... after all, it is there year!] :-)

28 January, 2006

Happy Year of the Dog Everyone.

Happy Year of the Dog to EVERYONE!!!!!

27 January, 2006

Chinese New Year Predictions

As a Feng Shui-less person, I've made some startling predictions for the Chinese Year of the Fire Dog over at Kimberlys. Hope you have a good Chinese New Year & a better Year of the Doggy. :-) [Yes, they'll all come true ... or else I'm sacked!] :-)


W00T! Finally Won a Cello on ebay! Phew! Never thought I would! $200 with postage. Can't wait till it arrives! :-)

Yesterday, Today.

Yesterday, after I woke up, I was lying in bed and thinking about some of the things Seneca the philosopher said. I had a good think about some of it, and put together this really interesting thing to blog about. Alas, after I got up, had a shower, had breakfast and had my mother give me an earful of crap, I just plain forgot what it was all about. So, I blogged about Australia Day. Well, yesterday, we went over my sisters. The cricket was on. So we watched a little cricket. I played some cricket in the back yard with the nephews and neice. My nephew Joshua decided that it was great fun to run down and bash the bails off the wickets. Whenever we stopped him, he would get upset and cry and stuff. I tried to get him to play by the rules ... nope. I tried to get him to bat ... nope. Nothing was working. Then, my sister (his mother), came over and started yelling at him and told him he would have to go to his room if he didn't behave ... and I suddenly discovered his weakness. The kryptonite like substance that made him weak enough to actually play fair. So, I was able to get him to bat ... able to get him to bowl ... able to get him to play with the rest of us just with this one little phrase ... 'Joshua, do you want to go to your room?' 'Waaaaaaah! No! No! Joshy doesn't want to go room! Waaaah!' 'Hee hee hee hee. Bowl[bat ... whatever] from behind the line Joshy.' I wonder if Socrates was ever sent to his room? Anyway, we also stayed and watched 'The Incredibles'. I hadn't seen it before. I thought it was really good. In fact, I thought it was INCREDIBLE! Woka woka woka! My mother started complaining it was really late towards the end of the movie (translate that as 'I want to go home NOW!') Later in the car she admitted she'd seen 'The Incredibles' half a dozen times, so she didn't care if we hadn't seen it or not. She had just wanted to go home. In fact, she'd even lied to do it. She'd told me it was 10:30 ... at the time she said it, it was only 9:30 ... darn! If it's not Nephews crying to get their own ways, it's mothers lying in order to do so. Crying and Lying ... why do I have these superhero weaknesses! Anyway, I just refused to budge until it ended, and so did my younger brother Jeff. My mother was using him as an excuse as well, 'Jeff has to go to work tomorrow.' 'I'm alright, mum. I want to see the end.' 'No Jeff, you need your sleep. We have to go home!'
Today was productive as well. Spent the afternoon out and about. Had to pay for a few things. Went looking for some mats for my mother. Bought a GIGABYTE of RAM for the newly resurrected old computer ... now it has 1.25 GB of RAM. It's a P4 2GHz machine, so even though it's four years old (I bought the fastest thing available at the time) it is still pretty good. With the extra Gig, it's gonnna fly! With the new Ram it's actually more powerful than the brand new laptop. I'm so happy I bought such a good machine four odd years ago. Well, back to fixing the old computer. Though I've resurrected it, gave it new RAM and everything, it still needs lots of tender love and care to get WinXP running on it properly. Hopefully, I'll have enough space to partition off a Linux section (which will make it TRI-BOOT - Win98, WinXP and Linux). I will be so glad when I get it to 100% well again. :-)

26 January, 2006

Australia Day

Today is Australia Day. We celebrate the Federation of Australia. A lot of people think it celerates the arrival of white guys, but it doesn't. Australia Day celebrates us no longer being a Colony, but being a country in our own right ... which is one hundred and a bit years worth of being a Federation of States. White guys were hear over one hundred years before that happened. Like most Aussies, I like Australia, but don't like the Government. Let's face it, we have very few talented politicians. One of the reasons, is all the talented peopel go into Business or move overseas where they become millionaires, billionaires, or just have a nice life style far away from the maddening clods in Canberra. Today, we're going to my sisters place. I've been told to be ready by 2PM ... but we're not eating till 5 PM ... WAH!! 3 hours at my sisters! Waaah! NO, LONGER ... WAAAH! We don't get to eat till 5 ... which means, we'll have to be there at least until 6 or 7 or ... waaaah! This is what will happen - we get there, the cricket will be on TV ... the guys will watch the cricket a bit ... but I dont' like it ... neither does Jeff ... so really, we're all watching it becuase my brother Paul and my Brother in-law like it ... Then, we'll go and play cricket in the back yard a bit to keep the kids entertained and hoep Joshua (my nephew) doesn't beat anyone to death with the cricket bat ... mainly his brother Elijah ... Then, we'll sit around and talk a little. Then, we'll eat ... and talk some more ... and go home. I feel bored already! Can someone shoot me now?

25 January, 2006

ZERO TO HERO!!! w00t!

Yes, w00t! (We Own the Other Team)!!! You might remember a few months ago I completely STUFFED my old PC by screwing around with the Bios and everything. Today I finally got it working correctly again! From a machine which just tried to start the CD and DVD and then stopped dead (nothing on the monitor or anything ... like NO SIGNAL blah blah blah), I FINALLY flashed the Bios back to a normal sort of healthy state and the computer HAS STARTED! w00t!WooT!w00t!WooT! [Yes, I am happy, why do you ask?] Ah ... I feel GOOOD!!! [Insert Saxaphone part here!] Now, to try and get all that other software and crap working on the machine correctly! To think, I gave up trying to fix the thing till I ran into some info when researching new Motherboards ... in fact, I had my old Pentium II machine out in order to try to canibalise the parts and the bios for the Pentium 4 ... BUT, I got it working. PARTY TIME! Now ... to try to overclock the CPU in it again ... and this time, if it freaks out, I know how to recover! hee hee! [Will us noobs never learn???] Bwahahahaa [evil laughter]

Yeah, I am old - Gilligan Islands Test.

Growing up I used to watch Gilligan's Island a LOT ... here is how I went on a Gilligan's Island test ... Congratulations, you have successfully completed the Gilligans Island Fun test! 87 percent correct! Not bad considering I wasn't sure about the names of some of the episodes. I hate the fact that episodes have names, but they're not usually included as part of the 'titles' in a lot of series. Unless you own the DVD or Video, you don't know them. Anyway, 87% I think is pretty good for an old codger like me. I won't bother linking to the site, as I figure most of you probably have never heard of the show ... or have heard of it, and stick it in the Brady Bunch category of 'Sixties and Seventies' crazy TV Shows. :-)

Narcissus Post on Kimberlys Site.

I've done the rounds at the normal 33 blogs I visit each day. Actually, there are a few more than that, but they are the 'Personal Ones', not the ones like Slashdot. Some of them I seldom comment on ... because, well, I have nothing to say to them, I just go there for a read. I also did a quick post at Kimberly-cuns site on Narcissus. When I say post, it was converting a draft to a post. I'm not sure how they are decidin who posts when at the moment, but it looks like a new post goes up every twelve hours at present. I quite like guest blogging, as it means someone somewhere thinks I write goodly ... um ... er ... write well. I've been suffering from a ulcer at the back of my throat. It normally means one of my allergies has been set off. normally the allergy to sodium benzoate causes that one ... but, might be something else. I also suffered from a bad headache for about a week, which I thought was going to turn into a migraine (yeah, I get migraines. If you don't know about them go read a medical website about the fun and excitement of those. I'd hate to have lived in the days where they didn't have medication for those things). I'll tell you a funny story about one of my migraines. It came on really bad one weekend, so I took some Mersyndol. In the old days, they only had the stuff which used to knock you out ... and I mean, that stuff used to make me sleep. Now you can get it and it will allow you to remain awake. I like the stuff which knocks you out. Anyway, this migraine came on, and I took the Mersyndol that knocks me out. I slept for eight hours straight. Normally, you wake up and the migraine has gone ... in my case it hadn't. Darn persistant migraine. One of my Doctors has a theory that my vomiting and stomach bleeding problems are related to my migraines. I hope he finds a link and a cure if it is. That reminds me, remember I bloged about a week ago about seeing the Doctor and doig the blood test ... well, I didnt' get a phone call, so obviously I don't have stomach ulcer causing Helicobacteria ... darn! That would have solved a problem very quickly! Darn stomach problems. I wish someone somewhere could work out what was causing my problems! Now, back to studying. I WANT my CCIE!!!!! [Which is a Cisco Certification for those too lazy to click the link.]

24 January, 2006

Better Link Method

Hold On ... decided to link to it in a better way. Link appears to work fine to me ... works well with the Apple QuickTime module in Firefox. Tell me how it goes. Must add more appologies for the singing etc in it ... plus it was one take, so there are a few mistakes etc in it ... but, nothing works at home ... even the synth and recordin software aren't workin right ... must ... make ... more ... money ... to ... afford ... prooper ... equipment ...
The link above worked for me. Has it worked for any one else? If so, what did you think of the song? Cheers, Dabido

A Brief Bio of Dabido The Musician

Thought I'd do a quick Bio of myself as a musician, so you know what I did, where I was and why I am a nobody now. 1978 - After pestering my parents for about five years for a piano, my parents decided to offer me a compromise. They said if I'd shut up about wanting to learn piano, they'd buy me a guitar. On April the 14th, they bought me a cheap guitar as a B'day present ... my B'day is actually May the 31st, so I got the present early that year. I could already read music (as I had learnt recorder), so I took to the guitar like a duck takes to water. We moved from Perth to Adelaide that same year. I started writing songs on the guitar, but I only have one from that year that I have kept and still perform. 1979 - My father enrolled me in music lessons as he claimed I wasn't learning guitar properly, s all I was doing was playing Beatle tunes and Led Zepplin ... I didn't last too long in music lessons, as I realised that my guitar teacher didn't really care if I practiced or not ... he got paid either way. He also didn't care if I was good, or bad ... it was just a job to him. I complained enough that my father moved my to another teacher. This guy was an EX Music professor at an Adelaide University. He taught me Classical guitar for a year. 1980 - I was at 5th level by now. I left the classical guitar teacher, as I felt the guy was actually holding me back a bit. I was able to play the more advanced pieces in my music book, plus I had a small problem with the guys racism. He seemed to have a problem with 'blacks' and 'rock 'n' roll'. 1981 - My last year in Adelaide. During these years, my guitar had become my best friend. I'd been in and out of a lot of school bands and stuff. I found writing songs was a great way to curb my depressions. 1982 - Did music for my final year at school. Even though I could play Rock 'n' Roll, I was so good at classical guitar that many peopel thought it was all I could play. As such, all my performance pieces were Classical Guitar bits, which actually got me marked down. I wanted to perform soem Rock'n'roll pieces, but my teacher wouldn't even listen. This was also the year I slammed my index finger in a car door loosing my fingernail just before a recital. Talk about PAIN!!!! 1983 - I was hanging out with a group of muso's at College and wanted to form a band, but they al thought of me as a 'Classical Guitarist'. I did form a band with my younger brother and his friends, but basically it wasn't ever going to do much, with the keyboard player wanting to do all Synth type songs, and the rest of us wanting to do more guitar based stuff. 1984 - University year ... not much happening - though my reputation as a guitarist grew in some areas. 1985 - thrown out of home and living on the street - not much time for music. I did write some pieces out of my head and onto paper, as well as a little writing here and there. One of the pieces I wrote was called 'Holocaust' and was later recorded in 1987. 1986 - Off the street. Just writing. No bands or anything. 1987 - JACKPOT. Scored some time working in a studio. Was on the lowest rung, which meant they phoned all other musicians before they'd call me to see if I was available. It meant not much work, but at least I could pick up some here or there. Recorded about 5 or 6 of my own songs. 1988 - Played a little for the Ephesus Theatre company, more studio stuff and started 'Living Proof'. Recorded some more of my own stuff. Was told I should be charging $1000 an hour by the engineer. (I was cheap at $60 an hour). I bought a Korg M1 Synth. 1989 - Last year in Studio. Living Proof was getting some gigs and everytime we performed one, we got offers for five more. We were building a base. THEN, the bass player left (I was on second guitar and keyboards). I took over as lead vocalist and bass player. Still going good ... THEN, the lead guitarist left as he thought 'Heavy Metal' was going to make a come back. At that stage we were a 'pre grunge' outfit, playing stuff which would easily have been put into the grunge category ... if ONLY we had stayed together for another year! Waaah! We would have been ahead of the curve. 1990 - Got married and was BANNED from being a musician by the wife and mother-in-law. The Drummer and I still tried to continue with numerous members coming in and out of the line up ... but most were a bunch of noobs who thought you just had to turn up and everything would fall into place. The need to practice was lost on a lot of them, and to some, I am sure it was just so they could walk up to a girl and say 'Hey, I'm in a rock band.' Nirvana and Grunge took off, and we missed the band wagon! DARN IT! 1991 - Joined a more professional band. Started to perform a little. Really just a garage band. Was never really into them, plus had the Wife nagging me to give up and sell the instruments. 1992 - Wife constant nagging and refusal to let me play guitar while she was in the house. Some performances. 1993 - Was kicked out of band when the rhythm guitarists best friend wanted to join ... echoes of the wife's nagging resounding around in ears ... 1996 - Offered recording contract by a US record company (based on my old recordings). Wife nagged me NOT to take up the option. DAMN! I kept the contract (I think I copied four times or something), but alas, it's no longer valid. 1997 - Marriage breakup. Same week as seperation I phoned Sony to see about the price of their studios ... wife nagged me and told me off. I was planning on signing the recording contract with the US company. Unfortunately, I didn't have the money to record after the seperation (with the wife and her BF taking all our money and stuff). 2003 - Did some home recording. Here is a link to my static Music page with the song HOLD ON - it was written in 1983 & recorded in 2003. (Copyright 1983 &2003David Stevenson) It's about 3.7MB big ... but there in case you want to hear it. It's one of our songs from when I was in Living Proof ... (1988-1989) so if it seems a little dated, you know why. Wish I was a better engineer so that I could make it sound better. I'll try and load my other three songs up that I recorded in 2003 later. [PS I am loading this song up right NOW, so if you get to the music page and it isn't up yet, you have reacted too fast.] :-)

23 January, 2006

Paganini Caprice No.24

I was pretty happy today. I found the sheet music for Paganini Carice No. 24 on line at this site. It's a violin piece (with Paganini being a virtuoso from the Romantic period), who was rumoured to be in league with the Devil as he could so some amazing things on his violin. Like all good publicity seeking individuals, he didn't discredit the rumours, but used them in order to increase his following. I got interested in the piece, as Kenny had a post concerning it. (ie a nice young lady playing the piece). That video is actually available all over the internet. I kept running into it at various sites while looking for the actual music. I've had a look at the piece. (The music is actually for violin ... but that doesn't phase me, as converting it to guitar isn't too hard). Not sure when I will get time to practice the piece. I have previously performed Tarrega's 'Recuerdos De La Alhambra' all the way through once ... but I'd have to practice it again to perform it any good. I mention that one, as it's a guitar piece I often get asked about. The actual piece isn't that difficult to play, I just find it a little long and I hate turning pages in the middle of a piece. I will have to practice it again in case someone eventually asks me to perform it live. Kenny's post put a bit of the old classical guitar spark back in me ... but alas, I am still pretty busy trying to get a lot of other things done (like lesson plans for my business etc). It's pretty sad that they stil haven't figured out a way to slow time down enough for me to get throguh everything I want to get through in a day. BUT, Rome wasn't built in a day ... so I guess I must persist with the human condition that is practice and time and never having enough of either! :-)

22 January, 2006

Slightly Annoyed

I'm slightly annoyed today. Mainly as I've been visiting a Japanese Blog, written in japanese and all, and yesterday I wrote a comment. Today, I went back to the site, and my comment had been removed. I'd love to find out why she removed my comment ... maybe she discovered I was a baka gaijin! Darn! Maybe she realised I was 40 years old and thought I was hitting on her ... which I wasnt ... I'm not hitting on anyone at present ... Well, I decided not to get too annoyed by it. It's not like I was ever going to meet up with her or anything. There are much better Japanese girls around my own age who will give me time of day. But, I thought, rather than linking to her site (as obviously she doesn't want to know us NON-JAPANESE people), I'll link to this other site, so that we can all practice ways to annoy people ... just in case I do meet her in person and decide to annoy her. I've been trying to return my brother's workbench ... but my mother wanted me to put off phoning him till today ... so I phoned and he went out and I was told he'd be home by six ... so I've phoned a few times ... and he still hasn't answered my call or returned my message ... my mother is sort of saying that she knew he wouldn't want it back today ... so why did she make me wait to phone him today ... grrrrr! Slightly annoyed at that. The stupid thing is in the back of my car still ... and everytime I need to go shopping for my mtoher or something I have to remove it to go ... grrrrr! And she won't let me bring it back in the house. Grrrr! Oh well. Doesn't matter! Will be okay once the workbench gets returned!

The Meme I thought I escaped!

I don't mind doing memes - even if Other Kenny hates me doing them ... Other Kenny, ignore this post and read the rest. (It's not hard to do if you try).

Wonder if all the memes have to do with the end of the year of the Rooster?

The Four Thing-a-me Jiggy Meme.

4 jobs you’ve had in your life: - Studio Musician - (Listed first, as it even impresses other musicians.) Graphic Artist/Designer - (My Favourite Job of all time - I actually used to LEAP out of bed to go to work all happy) Network Engineer - (Seems it's sort of what I do now, and was last job I had where someone employed me). System Administrator - (Listed because it was hell trying to explain to management what the problem was - 13 hour days, 12+ machines and only me doing the work. Pttthhhh!).

4 movies you could watch over and over: Seven Samurai - Akira Kurosawa classic flick (actually, I could watch most of his movies) The Big Sleep - Humphrey Bogart classic, from the Raymond Chandler Novel which I also own. Pulp Fiction - Because it's one of the COOLEST movies evar made. (And I own the Script for it too ... do you like how I didn't even have to edit ST's comment!) :-) A Clockwork Orange - Because it was also a great Anthony Burgess book, and the movie should have included the last chapter ... but bloody Kubrik used the American version of the novel which cut the last chapter out ... typical Americans not understanding art!

4 TV shows you love(d) to watch: - TV?? I think I have a vague recollection of it. Futurama (because it's all true) The Simpsons Battlestar Gallactica Mythbusters

4 places you’ve lived: Penang, Malaysia Perth, Australia Sydney, Australia Adelaide, Australia

4 places you’ve been on vacation to: Hawaii Cairns, (North Qld Australia) Paris, (France) Italy

4 places you would rather be: Florence, Italy Japan Sydney, Australia Somewhere I haven't been before (Either in Asia, the Americas, Africa, Europe, Antarctica, Oceania ... anywhere but here! waaah!) :-)

4 of your favourite foods: Pizza Vegetarian Lasagne Vegie Burgers (made in an Aussie way, with egg, and beetroot and pineapple) Pavlova (It's a yummy Aussie cake named after a Russian Ballerina!)

4 websites you visit daily: Suanie's Blog ST's Blog Slashdot MySpace (Because one of my friends always comments or sends me a message)

4 (victims) tagged:

Hmmmmm, for once, I might leave it for the readers to nab off me. First four people to grab it can run with it. Just leave a comment to say you've taken the meme so I can come check it out when you've finished.

21 January, 2006

Better Learning Methods

I was just ignoring Billy Madison on TV (the Adam Sandler Movie), which just happens to be playing in the background while I'm working away writing. There's a scene where Billy is required to learn, and his GF / Teacher decides that for every question he gets correct, she'll take some of her clothes off. Now, being a nice movie and all, of course she doesn't take anything off ... but I was wondering, with the way most men (and possible women) get horny, is there soem better learnign method we're missing out on. Why not combine strip poker with learning software? I'm surprised someone hasn't done it yet. Men are proven to be more visual than women, but I'm sure a version with hunky men striping might still work for them. I personally believe teenage grades would improve remarkably if this software was incorporated into schools ... and Universities ... and, well, I'm sure Rosetta Stone would sell more Language Learning software if they also had the concept. Of course, not everyone is motivated by someone stripping (let's call it Deadly Sin One - LUST ... it's actually considered seventh, but who cares). So let's face it, we'll need to somehow incorporate some other versions of the software to include chocolate cake dispening (Glutony); real live applause (Pride); cash dispensing (imagine a teenageers allowance being hooked into the machine ... in order to buy ANYTHING they're forced to study!!! ... oh that one's Greed); the machine zaps one of the users enemies (wrath/anger); Or the machine takes away something your enemy owns (envy) ... of course, that enemy can get it restored by passing their studies ... so it sort of evens out. I know, you're probably wondering, what about deadly sin sloth ... sure, I could reward the wayward teeenager with more sleep time in the morning, but the software is really filling people with the zeal to study, so it's sort of counterproductive to allow the student to sleep in when we've just kept them up all night making them study ... they just have to sleep during class like I used to. :-)

20 January, 2006

Coming Last in the Human Race.

On Monday they're playing a documentary on TV about how there is no such thing as race amongst humans. In fact, Scientists proved years ago that there was no such thing as race ... we're all ONE RACE. HUMAN. I can't remember if I've blogged before on it, but I do know that I've commented before on it. So, where does that leave racists like the KKK, because they obviously can't play the 'RACIAL SUPERIORITY' card any more. Race is no more than pointing out differences amongst our fellow humans, even though for years we've seperated Homo Sapiens into three distinct groups -Caucasion (White arsed chimps with no rhythm), African (Dark skinned people who are born singing the blues and want to eat white folks babies) and Asian (skin sort of between Caucasion and African, and they're all born knowing martial arts and sing off key ... William hung you hero!) Yeah, yeah! I threw some of the racial biasts in the brackets just to add some flavour [stoopid white honky that I am] ... but, I often tell people about how I am mixed race ... btu I guess that isn't true. My Great Grandfather was black, [not sure if it is African or Caucasian - such as Indian], my mothers side has Chinese, my fathers side has Vietnamese ... but it really doesn't matter, as there isnt any race any more. We're all descended from the same group of people from about 10,000 years ago. That's not actually that long ago at all. Maybe the Tower of Babel actually took place. BUT, at the end of the day, person X down the road who is a KKK member, with blue eyes and blonde hair, might actually be more closely related and share more DNA with his Black Panther counterpart down the other road, than he has with his other KKK members. It's funny to think about. We're all more closely related than we think. (Or thought). I know I've spoken on line about it before ... even argued. There are plenty of books out there to show this too, so I'm not making it up ... but, now that we've known about it for at least ten years (cause I remember discussing it with friends - especially after articles in TIMES and other magazines). Finally, they have something on TV which hopefully will offer more insight and more of the latest scientific information. The more they look into human DNA and how we're all interrelated, the more they're finding that we have more in common than we at first thought. But, I am wondering how racism will mutate. Which is the question I was trying to get to after all that meandering. The main reason being the fact that now that they've proven beyond scientific doubt that we're all very much related, what can the racists do? They no longer can create myths or claim one race is better than the other, after all, we're all the same race. So what if Joe down the road has dark hair and brown eyes, so do a lot of other people. So his skin is darker than yours, that's really all it is, is dark skin ... and where else do they have to go? The rest od the DNA might be the same as blonde haired blue eyes KKK'er. My guess on the possible racist mutations will be along these lines: First, the denial group. These are the people who will reject anything proven, and will hide behind either religion or false science in order to maintain their racist beliefs. Second, culture bias. This already happens, but I can see it becoming more prevalent, as the racist will no longer be able to pick on GROUP A because of their race, they will start to pick on them due to cultural differences. I'm not talking a difference in culture between the rich and the poor either (that also happens). A number of years ago, I read an article by a guy of a NON-WHITE background claiming 1000 years ago white people all lived in caves and didn't have written languages. It's a weird claim that's easily disproven, but it was that guys way of attacking whites. It's also stupid as all humans have a common ancestor from10,000 years ago. Any culture which has sprung up whether eastern, western, southern or northern has come from the same race, which is us. All of us. I imagine these sorts of attacks happening more and more though. 'We are better than GROUP A because 100 years ago they were eating fish giblets and we had stopped.' sort of arguements. Any excuse to feel superior. 'They play music that's so primative.' Blah, blah, blah. Third, religious bias group. Finding nothing racial to feel superior about, some will fall back on religion as the easiest way to form an 'Us and Them' type of prejudice. It's been happening for thousands of years, but I imagine it increasing amongst certain groups. Fourth, the scientific group. This group will start to use the scientific discoveries to claim gene superiority over others. Claiming, that the small differences in genes that they possess makes them superior. A lot of it will be along intellectual grounds too. Such as finding a gene which makes the person have 10 points more on IQ tests and such. Mensa membership might actually become more of a badge of superiority than it has been (not that Mensa was intended that way). The Gattaga movie might become more prophetic than it thought. Fifth, the patriot group. Patriotism is nothing new. It's been around for at least ... well, only really as long as nationalism has been around ... which might be about three hundred or so years. Even though certain countries and groups are already using it as reasons to feel superior etc, it will replace the innate racism that some have fought so long for. We'll see people become ultra patriots and start to call normal citizens 'unpatriotic' at a drop of a hat in order to have a reason to look down on their fellow citizens. There is probably a lot more groups that might come about. That's the first five that came off the top of my head. I only saw the ad fr the 'Race' documentary about half an hour ago ... so that's about all I could think of in that short time frame ... any other groups you might be able to think of????

19 January, 2006

What City do You Belong IN?

I did this quiz which stole this from AngelBlazes site: Pity it is a quiz for girls ... makes you wonder with lines like 'A unique Woman like you ... ' Yeah, I would be Unique as a woman ... This is my results:
You Belong in London
A little old fashioned, and a little modern. A little traditional, and a little bit punk rock. A unique woman like you needs a city that offers everything. No wonder you and London will get along so well.

Have you heard of ...

... Mike the Headless Chicken? It's true. I only discovered about Mike, because my nephew was over today (and KY will be glad that the one that pointed to FStress Ladybugs and said Elephants the other week, today pointed at them and said, 'Ladybugs'. Unfortunately, that Nephew still thinks everything else is either a Tiger, Monkey, Elephant or Mouse ... oh well, he is only young) Getting back to Mike though, my Nephew Ethan was telling me about it, as he had it in one of his 'TRUE FACTS' type books. Plus, apparently a scientist had spoken about it on TV the other day, so my sister and nephews were telling us all about Mike ... so I looked it up. It disturbed my mother slightly, but if you go to the webpage linked above and click on the button labeled 'Mike's Story', then you can see a picture of him. I'm not including one here in case there are people who might be disturbed by the pictures.
Two weeks ago channel two (ABC) ran a two part documentary on Andy Warhol. Being the artistic type, I watched it. This week, they had another 'Andy Warhol' doco in the same place. It had a different title in the TV Guide to the one which ran over the last two weeks, so I tuned in. I stayed up to watch it ... and discovered they were just repeating the exact same ONE!!!!11111 I watched it anyway. Nothing better than re-inforcing something throguh watching it twice ... and I liked the documentary. I know a lot of people hate Modern Art And Andy's pop art and stuff ... but, everyone is entitled to their own opinons. I find it sort of funny that in real life, the Abstract Impressionists (Jackson Pollock etc) and the Pop Artist (Andy Warhol etc) didn't like each other much, as my mother hates all the art both groups produced. I've often wondered if the type of art produced has anything to do with the type of mental illness suffered by the artist. Rothko with his big squares and his depression which eventually lead to his suicide. Pollock and his internal turmoil abstract impressionism which lead to his self destructive nature and eventual death while driving drunk. Andy with his extreme introversion and obsessive compulsive behavior which lead to his pop art, repetitive soup cans and time capsules. Carravaggio with his perfectionism who had a volitile temper and his tennis partner murdered for beating him in a match. How much do psychologists use art to diagnose peoples illnesses? Can it also tell other things about a persons personality ... their fears maybe ... is that what inkblot tests are for? What might my own art say about me? Food for thought ... Getting back to programs being REPEATED though ... I'm getting tired of what TV Stations are doing now. Not only the re-running of an Andy Warhol documentary back to back. Last night we had the 'ENCORE' performance of Supernatural ... when LOST was first shown they also had an encore performance ... as well as other series. As they are Encored within a week of being shown, we know they're planning these encores ... it's like they dont' ahve enough quality shows being made, that when they get something they think will hook you, the run an encore just to make sure you saw the first episode. I guess to a certain extent they're also hoping that someone you know saw the first episode and said, 'This was great, you need to watch it!' That was what sort of happened last night with me, my mother was confused between the meaning of 'Encore' and 'Premier', tellin gme she saw 'Supernatural' so she couldn't understand how they could have an ENCORE again. I had to explain that you can have as many encores as you like, as they're repeat playings AFTER the first one. The one she'd seen was the Premier. She told me the show was really scarey and stuff, and was good ... so I watched it. I didn't find it scarey at all ... it was okay, but I didn't think it was anything fantastic. It reminded me of when I was young and used to stay awake late at night to watch 'The Night Stalker' which was about a guy who tracked down Vampires, witches etc. One of the first 'occult' type thriller series. Anyway, I think it's one of those TV series I don't have to watch. It didn't capture my imagination that much. Also, the fact they are trying to find their father who has disappeared reminds me a bit of KUNG FU with Cain trying to find his long lost brother.

18 January, 2006

Tokyo Gay Hamster Wars Part Suxtoon.

LINK TO THE FIRST FIFTEEN PARTS Kenji was sitting in his bed above the Hamster bar doing the accounts. He had his receipts and books surrounding him. He adjusted his glasses a little as he tried to read off the numbers from last nights takings. The stains of alcohol had smudged the numbers a little. He was having a little problem working them out. Business was still okay, but wasn't the same without the hamsters, George, James and Arlo. Kenji found himself working and sleeping more in the offices above the Hamster bar. He had a better and more luxurious apartment downtown, but had put a bed in one of the offices. The barmaids often used the room to get changed before and after work. Kenji never could understand why they needed to get changed. How hard is it for a topless barmaid to get her top off? Mari entered the room. She'd finished cleaning up downstairs. The bar was locked and the rest of the girls had already left. She took her high heels off and her skirt. 'Did you hear that?' asked Kenji looking up from his books. There had been a strange bang downstairs. 'Eh', replied Mari. 'Just some cats in the alley I think. They love to get in there to eat the fish from the garbage. Cat's are like that. Eat, sex, meow a lot, more eating, sleeping, sex, sleeping, meow, eat.' There was another bang. This time it sounded closer and louder, as though someone was trying the door. 'I better investigate', Kenji said as he went to get out of bed. Before he could though, the door was kicked open and several of the Tokyo Special Unit came through the door. Poor Mari was flung across the room and landed in Kenji's lap in nothing more than her underpants. 'Freeze. One move and we'll blow your head off', screamed Special Unit Inspector Sugimoto. Kenji stuck his hands up. So did Mari, with her long breast flipping over her shoulders, the right one hitting Kenji square in the face. 'Sugimoto-san, she's armed with nun chucks!' exclaimed Junior Officer Kumamoto. 'Rookie mistake Kumamoto-San', replied Sugimoto. 'Those are just her boobs. Haven't you ever seen people have sex before. We've obviously interrupted this guy with his ... uh ... girlfriend who looks old enough to be his mother.' 'Typical Oedipus complex, Sugimoto san', said Kumamoto trying to impress his superior with his knowledge of psychology. 'We're not having sex', said Kenji. 'I was just doing my books and ...' Kumamoto and Sugimoto broke into hysterical laughter drowning out the rest of Kenji's reply. 'Get the cuffs on them guys', said Sugimoto wiping a tear from his left eye. Several other Special Unit police came in and placed handcuffs on Mari and Kenji. 'We weren't having sex! I tell you, it's a mistake!' cried Kenji. 'Shut up idiot, they can't arrest us for having sex. What's this raid all about?' asked Mari. 'We have a right to know.' 'Everyone knows there is a Yakuza war going on, Grandma, and you and your boyfriend have been picked up as part of that war. We know this bar was hit by the "Undercover, Monkey Training, Hamster Feed Pellet Shooting Yakuza Gang", and we think you have some information for us', replied Sugimoto. 'Then technically we're not under arrest then', said Mari. 'Um, I guess not.' 'So, therefore there isn't any reason for us to be in handcuffs.' 'Um, I guess not. But I thought it might help the romantic mood. I thought maybe your boy friend was into that sort of stuff.' 'SHE'S NOT MY GIRLFRIEND!!!!' Screamed Kenji. Sugimoto and Kumamoto burst into laughter along with numerous other members of the Special Unit. 'Look, stop the jokes. Just come down to headquarters and give us some statements concerning the Yakuza war that's happening', said Sugimoto. 'We don't know anything! We're not involved with Yakuza', said Mari. 'Really? We'll see about that. Come down to the station. Um, we better get both of you into some clothes first. I'd hate to have the press take a photo of me with ... um ...', Sugimoto was looking at Mari's breasts trying to think of a word to describe what he saw. 'Um ... I'd ... um ... forget it. just get dressed!' 'Keep telling you we don't know anything!' exclaimed Mari. 'Then what's THIS!' said Sugimoto holding a photo in front of her. 'It's a picture of a horse.' 'Really?' Sugimoto looked at the photo. 'Oh, so it is. Wait.' Sugimoto fumbled around till he found another photo amongst his paper work. He held it up. It showed Mari serving a drink to Shou, with Ryota, head honcho and sidekick sitting around the table. 'Do you know these customers?' 'Yeah, they're good tippers. And that one there wanted to take me home and have sex with me.' 'Really?' Sugimoto was shocked. 'I thought this was a gay bar?' 'It is a gay bar.' 'I'm confused, the owners straight and likes his women OLD.' 'I'm NOT having sex with her!' exclaimed Kenji. 'And is in obvious denial over his straightness', continued Sugimoto. Then a bunch of straight Yakuza come here to drink, and the bar is full of female topless waitresses. This is a weird place.' 'Eh, you should try working here', added Mari. 'Come on Kenji, let's go down town with the nice policemen.' Kenji and Mari got dressed and Kumamoto lead them back downstairs and into a waiting police car. Sugimoto couldn't' help but wonder about this place. Weird, very weird.

Poem - the Added Challenge

Decided to do the MEME thing as a poem as well, just as an added challenge. {And to annoy Kenny ... just kidding Kenny}. :-) Also, to add some restrictions, I decided the words MUST end any of the lines they are used in.
TEN WORD DETERMINED POEM 'Open other end', mumbled I, Flipping package addressed to me, Something ordered on-line by, Mistakenly thinking it said, 'Free.' From following a link named, ' blowjob' Hoping to spy naked legs or napes, Only to discover an ugly blob, And cellulite as big as grapes. Clicking mouse button random Promising unlimited power To increase my loving fandom, My popularity turning sour. In battling human loneliness No Girlfriend, wife, or son or daughter Hoping to nab a glimps of supermodel Posed on beach or in some water. Opening the package not forgot, Hoping porn movie or pretty boo, Instead it was a tiny robot Programmed to play the movie Betty Blue.
[Betty Blue is a French Film ... controversial because of it's explicit sex scenes, though it's not considered porn.] THUS Ends the Poem I suggested could be done using the Ten Words ... Next Post 'Tokyo Gay Hamster Wars Part SoxTeen'

Kyels - Ten Word Meme

Here is Kyels meme story - she actually broke the rules, my computer says this comes to 308 words ... but, who cares, you have 108 extra words to read! lol



Once there is a girl called Germaine who lived her life in loneliness. She has no one else except her little blue robot called Marty and seedless grapes farm left by her Mother to accompany her. How she wished that she has the power to change her dull life. She wished she could do and see something exciting except of Marty and the farm. But her life consists of nothing but her farm, her soft toy and Karma Sutra books.

As she was serving herself warm water and toast with peanut butter and jam one day, she realised that she has to expand her knowledge about guys and read more Karma Sutra books.

“Oh Marty, why aren’t you a guy and not a toy? Sigh.”

Marty kept quite as it was just a soft toy. And ignored her because he couldn’t comprehend what she was lamenting about. It was lifeless, remember?

After eating her breakfast, Germaine went out for a walk around her farm hoping that a guy will stop by. That was one of her random daily wishes. Suddenly, she heard footsteps and someone calling out for her.


She spun around and she felt bewildered. She just saw a guy and he called her. Though she asked him the stupidest question ever.

“Are you a guy?” She smiled sweetly at him as her mind and pulse were racing.

The guy seemed puzzled by her atrocious question said, “Yes, I am a guy, a man all right.”

Because of the answer, she felt so horny out of a sudden and she remembered what she read in those Karma Sutra books. She opened her mouth and asked him one of the most unbelievable questions a girl would ask a guy.

“Would you like me to give you a blowjob?”

The guy looked at her, puzzled and he nodded.

17 January, 2006


I should sit down and write a MEME GOTO DECIDER flowchart. A basic chart on deciding who to throw a meme to. It might include things like:
  1. START
  4. Do I know the person? [Yes / No]
  5. Will that person kill me? [Yes / No]
  6. Do I owe this person PAYBACK for a meme? [Yes / No]
  7. Does this person like meme's? [Yes / No ]
  8. Is this person a friend? [Yes / No ]
  9. If I throw them this meme, will they still be my friend? [Yes / No ]
  10. Has the person already had this meme? [Yes / No ]
  11. ...
  12. ...
  13. Go back to Step 3
  14. END
If only I could be bothered ... I was thinking it would go great on a static site with a list of collected memes for those who suffer blog block. If only there was Quantum Memeing so we could take memes back before we hand them out to those who won't do them. :-) Or better yet, we'd just send it to the same persons Alternate universe other self whom, we know will do it. Thus avoiding someone not doing it, and at the same time giving it to the person whom we intended ... and getting back every possible answer that could possibly exist ... and killing our server in the process ... um ... er ... okay, I need to think this quantum memeing through a little more before I bring the Quantum-Internet crashing down!

Ten Word Meme

CMOS has finished his Ten Word Determined Essay meme.

Only Kyels left to write hers. (I think NO ONE has done the other meme PLEASE CHECK TO SEE IF IT IS YOU ... not that it matters, as this blog is the meme's graveyard lol)


It's been days since the crash. If only he had not brought that darn rickety Cessna into the air. But the temptation was too great. Freedom's on everyone's mind. And what better way than to fly.

"I could have died if it weren't for forest canopy", Kyle thought to himself. "Why did the dang fuel gauge fail? Laika shouldn't have her life taken away like that... it should have been me instead!" Kyle's dog did not survive the crash.

He looked at the table next to his bed while taking a sip of water. He didn't touch the bunch of grapes his neighbour brought him. Random thoughts overcame Kyle as he tried to make sense of the madness.

He pressed the power switch on the TV. But there's nothing he could do to shake off the feeling of loneliness. Kyle started sifting through the mails instead. Damn. Josh have been subscribing porn on cable again. Blowjob Galore? "That useless son of a gun", Kyle thought of his stepson.

It'll be better if men were more like robots. Cold hard steel, that doesn't need to feel. It was just too painful. The clear blue sky did little to lift Kyle's spirit.

Who Will Marry Whom?

Years ago, I used to go to a certain church at Cronulla. Now, at that certain church, as a girl who used to go to school with me. (Actually, there were a LOT of people who went to school with me) BUT, when I was in year twelve, this girl was in year nine. For some unknown reason, she was always hanging around me at school. I thought she was just being friendly (because that's the sort of 'Miss the forest for the trees' sort of guy I am). ANYWAY, I started going to church and I ran into this girl again. TO my shock, she remembered everything abou me, and I had to ask one of my old school friends 'Who's that girl, and how come she knows me?' At which point I was told, and some vague memories of the girl came back to me. The interesting thing about tis girl, is she liked to keep a list of 'Who was going to marry whom', according to her opinion. One afternoon at Church, my lead guitarist Brett and I skipped into the kitchen (no we weren't holding hands or anything ... the band wasn't THAT close), and this girls brother was going through his sisters list of 'Who was going to marry Whom'. The two people he was discussing it with then asked, 'Who does she think she is going to marry?' To which he replied, 'Bear.' [Which was my nickname at the time.] Now, several other people had told me that she liked me LOT'S etc ... I even knew she wanted to be my GF ... but UNTIL that time, I had NO IDEA that she had me pegged for marriage material. ANYWAY, Brett and I did a quick tip toe out the kitchen before her brother could realise we were standing behind him. It's a bit like when the arms fall off your go-cart until you realise your go cart doesn't have arms, and you go to pick the arms up, and realise they're yours (I hate it when that happens) ... BUT, I made another faux pas with the poor girl ... when I did eventually marry Christine, the DATE WE GOT MARRIED was this poor girls BIRTHDAY! Waaaah! [The poor girl]. I didn't find that out till later. Anyway, when eventually Chris and I got divorced, apparently this girls mother told her she had a second shot at me ... by that time I have no idea if she was still interested ... but it doesnt' matter. I wrote an e-mail to her eventually apologising for any heart break etc I may have caused her over the years and she wrote back claiming she never had feelings for me ... which I guess is a face saving exercise on her behalf. ANYWAY, today I asked Suanie whom she thought would make good couples ... and now I'm going to ask everyone here if they have these sorts of 'MARRIAGE LISTS' and stuff. (Or know of them). My experience with couples / marriages etc from church, has shown me that a lot of my friends at church normally married someone from another church or who gets nabbed shortly after they arrive at church. [Which leads me to beleive that any LIST of a group of people is likely to be wrong due to the high percentage of people marrying outside the usual group].
  1. So who has a list?
  2. Are there good matchmakers out there?
  3. How accurate are these peoples lists?
  4. Is there a bloggers list (ie, blogger A to wed Blogger B) etc?
  5. I'm just curious ... and in my experience, it's only been girls with these lists ... any guys have these lists also?
  6. Who in Bloggerdom would make good couples?
  7. - Do they know each other?
This is a little like a meme without a meme ... hmmmm ...

The Power of Meme

Seems as I wrote this as a Comment (and let's face it, some of my comments are like posts of their own), I decided to post it here. The Power of Meme! [From the sound track, Hack To The Future ... or something ... by some band called Duey Dewis and the Dews or something ... who can remember back that far.] The power of Meme is a curious thing Make a one man weep, make another man sing Gives you something to say, or so it seem, More than a blog post, that’s the power of meme. Tougher than diamonds, rich like cream Stronger and harder than a bad girl’s dream Make a bad one good make a wrong one right Power of meme that keeps you thinking all night Chorus 1 : You won’t get money, won’t get fame Won’t increase traffic or create your a name It’s strong and it’s sudden and it’s cruel sometimes And it might just Blow your mind, That’s the power of meme That’s the power of meme First time you get tagged, it might make you sad Next time you get tagged it might make you mad But you’ll be glad baby when you’re done, Cause some of those Memes make you wanna run. Chorus 2 : And it won’t make money, won’t make fame Won't increase blog traffic or make your name, It’s strong and it’s sudden it can be cruel sometimes And it might even blow your mind. They say that all you post is fair Yeah, but you don’t care But you know what to do When it gets hold of you And with a little help from a primal scream You feel the power of meme You feel the power of meme Can you feel it ? Hmmm Chorus 3 : It won’t make money and it won’t make fame Won’t get you laid or deflect the blame Tougher than diamonds and stronger than steel You won’t feel nothin’ till you feel You feel the power, just the power of Meme That’s the power, that’s the power of Meme You feel the power of meme You feel the power of meme Feel the power of meme

16 January, 2006


I was just talking to my friend Adel (the Angel) who lives in Kota Kinbalu ... I think I just discovered another REASON for VISITING MALAYSIA very soon! The PADAS RIVER!!!!! It has White Water Rafting! It's only grade 3 and 4 rapids (which is tame ... but not many grade 5 around). It's still enough to have fun. Plus, it has an Orangutan park close by (where Adel said I can visit my cousins! lol) I noticed a few other river tours ... but all look too tame ... Grade 1 & 2?? URGH! Translate that as PADDLING A LOT! Then there is the Sungai Selangor near KL in West Malaysia ... grade 2 to 4 ... Urgh, more paddling to get to the good grade 4 bits. Urgh! HATE GRADE 1 & 2 ... 3 is okay as long as most of the rivers are 4 and 5! But, looks like they also have Mountain Biking, Mountain Climbing, Diving, and near some hot springs (ONSEN in Japanese)!!! Why the FRIG am I STILL in AUSTRALIA! Oh that;s right, they have those things here too ... except the hot springs and Orangutans ... but we have Kangaroos ... and man eating sharks ... and snakes ... and killer fish/shells/jellyfish ... BUT ... I think Northern Borneo might be a great place for me to Visit ... meet with Adel and do heaps of crazy stufffff! WOO HOOO!

Last Two Days

Sunday - My brother Jeff put all his stuff in my car, as he was going over my sisters to look after her house for a few days. I got in the car to drive him over, adn as his clothes had been in the car for about an hour, it SMELT of his BO!!!! WAAAAH! I didn't realise this at first, as I just thought it was a smell left over from him using the car (similar to a certain Sienfeld episode). It was only when I was helping get his stuff out of the car that I realised it was his stuff that smelt. I stayed at my sisters for an hour while she sorted stuff out ... and one of my nephews, Joshua, wouldn't leave me alone. He calls me Dabid as he can't pronounce a 'V' yet. The eldest nephew, Ethan, wanted to know what it was like to fly in a plane, so itold him a sort of story with an Elephant sitting on the top of a jumbo jet, and alligators on one side, and crocodiles on the other side of the plane. And the pilot was crazy and they had to get the elephant off the top of the plane and squish him into first class ... my nephews thought it was hysterical. The crazy pilot had a couple of catch cries I kept using: 'EVERYBODY OFF THE PLANE!!!!' 'EVERYBODY ON THE PLANE!!!!' My sister and Ethan flew up to Newman to be with my brother in-law for a few days. Kewl. I told her about the Mount Stevenson thing, and the fact it was a hill and not a mountain at all! She laughed. I came home leaving my brother Jeff to look after my sisters house. He has to look after the dog, cats, fish and frogs (they have green frogs now). Monday - My brother Jeff came home this morning as he'd left his work trousers here. My mother found this incredibly funny as she kept asking him to double check he had everything, and he kept saying he had it all ... lol My mother's been whinging for days over a tooth ache she has. She knew I was getting up this morning to go pick up another box of floorboards to finish my room. She told me not to go, as she wanted to go to the dentist. In order to see the dentist though, she needed to go to Welfare to get an 'income statement form' to explain she was a pensioner, else the dentist would charge her full price. So, I drove her there first, then drove her to the dentist. I sat in the dentist office reading New Idea and other Women Magazines. My mtoher had a nice Chinese lady dentist ... I asked her after if she got her phone number for me ... my mother said no. [Chinese Lady Female Dentist ... if you are reading this and are single, give me your phone number ... Please!] :-) We got home after twelve, adn my mother needed soem more gause, as she had a tooth pulled. She needs to go back tomorrow to have another one pulled [guess who is driving her! Yep! Me!] So, I dorve off to get the floorboards and some gause and do some shopping and post letters and do soem business ... blah blah blah. Got home, made a few more phone calls - business related. Going to install broadband for someone and set up a server and stuff. Then got stuck into the floorboards. Finished the room, and also worked on a few little fiddly bits here and there throughout the house. My mother was impressed. As she said, I'd floored almost the entire house. For the first time in twenty two years, most of the house had permanent flooring. I then cleaned the circular saw and work bench to take it back. It's REALLY REALLY clean ... and the saw dust seems to have agrivated my allergies! Waaah! Itchy eyes and itchy nose! Waaaah! Got on the internet. Read, commented blah blah blah ... yeah, maybe I did drop by your site .. maybe I didn't ... maybe you don't have one ... maybe you dont' care ... blah blah. :-) Sepent the afternoon moving stuf back into my room. Took some photo's of it with jsut the BED and WARDROBE in it, so you get a feel for how small the room is (3 x 2.8 m). Then, moved the cupboard in, my chest of draws, the TV cabinet, my HighRise shelving, my book case etc etc ... will take more pictures tomorrow ... but I can SQUEEZE a LOT of stuff in there. I will be so glad when I can afford to move out of here and own my own place (which is main reason I am here ... my brothers and sister all lived here till they could afford their own ... it's a good move to make financially!) Played some guitar ... more surfing the net ... more blah blah ... watched Futurama (Slurm Factory episode) ... ate dinner ... more surfing ... blah blah blah blah ... Aren't you all bored now!? lol I was playing on studying and gettin some of Tokyo Gay Hamster Wars done ... but haven't had time! Waaah! Hopefully Hamster Wars will be back tomorrow!!! OH, Received an E-MAIL regarding my PIPA STRINGS ... I still can't source them! Wahhh! I was told to try - "China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore or Malaysia" for them ... so if ANYONE just happens to duck into a music store and sees some, give em the addy of the music store I can get them from. Thnx!

10 Words - first three stories, two to go!

I never did understand Rule 3 of the 10 words determined essay. After all, as soon as you write the story and put it on your own blog, it's published ... rule 3 sort of implies the story gets published elsewhere ... anyway, in case it means I am supposed to publish the story of those I TAGGED. NOTE: Send your accolades etc to the authors of the stories (ie visit their sites if you think the stories are good and want to praise them). Here are the first THREE of the stories: 1. Here is AngelBlazes (J's):
One day Sharon went to the pub, and came across a drink. She asked the bartender,” Can I know what this drink is called?Could you make me one?”The bartender replied” It’s called the Blowjob.” “Well whip one up.. ” Sharon replied. While waiting Sharon saw a few bottles of red wine made from the finest grapes in a vineyard south of France.She selected a bottle at random and told the bartender to forgo the drink she was waiting for and proceeded to pop the bottle of wine open.As she sipped the wine she felt a sense of control and power overcoming her..She was afterall a successful woman with everything going for her..A fabulous house, a great paying job.. but at the same time, she felt emptiness and loneliness creeping up on her.. She ordered a glass of iced water to sober herself up.. Suddenly, she saw a toy robot holding a single rose approach her.. She looked up and saw a man in a blue suit holding a remote control in his hands…He had the cutest smile she had ever seen..*So that’s how we met!*
2. Here is Viewtru:
The doctor examined him and said, "You have serious blood circulatory disorders." "Is it bad?" "Very bad. Maybe can die also." "Got cure or not?" "Don’t think so. You can try herbs. Fortify with ginger," the doctor suggested. He walked out in a daze, sad and devastated. He didn’t want to die. There was no one he could talk to, and the loneliness got to him. A buxom streetwalker approached. "You walk so stiff like robot. Relax! You want some hanky panky?" "I dunno. What's your name?" "Ginger." "How much for a blowjob?" "Fortify." Fortify with Ginger.....that’s what the doctor said. Good. He handed her four tens and a fiver. She blew him with awesome suction power. He erupted like a machinegun, shooting his liquid load abundantly everywhere at random. Spurt-spurt-spurt-spurt-spurt!!! Everywhere was wet. "You have more juice than a bunch of grapes! Truly amazing!" she remarked. "Nothing amazing,” he explained. “A human being is 90% water." "Why do you wear that ridiculous size XS underwear?" "Small underwear makes me feel sexy!" "It’s too tight for you and will make you blue in the face. And after that your doctor will say that you have blood circulatory disorders!" He was cured.
3. Here is Imran's:

This is a story of a really perverted boy named Narmi. He’s so perverted, he thinks of sex every second of his life. You might say this is normal behaviour for men, but I am not like him. His mum was worried, so she asked me to help her son.

Went over to his Narmi’s house. He was on the internet, reading an article of how to get the perfect blowjob. He was very excited. ‘Did you know, it’s like sucking on grapes?’ he quipped.

Didn’t know. How the hell could he link the two at random? His brain power is amazing.

Was he overcome by loneliness to think of such things? If only he was a robot, then his brains could be short-circuited with a glass of water and curing him from having the sickeningly blue thoughts that is overpowering him.


15 January, 2006

Quick Pimp

Just a quick pimping of CMOS's design skills and stuff. CMOS CHIMOU DECALS

Is Pluto Probe Needed?

I discovered today to my horror, that NASA is getting ready to fire an Altas 5 Rocket with the intent to probe Pluto. One must wonder what this lovable Disney Dog has done to deserve this unpresidented action against itself. Sure, as a dog he probably needs to be de-wormed, but a probe on the end of an Atlas 5 rocket is just plain overkill. Is the action a knee jerk reaction to the Disney marketing machine? Or are geeks at NASA just making a statement on the perpetual copyright Disney seems to have acheived for it's much loved characters? And at the end of the day, why should Pluto be the one to bear the brunt of NASA's ire? After all, as a dumb dog, he obviously has done nothing wrong in order to be treated this way. NASA rocket scientist Reginald 'We love Bugs Bunny ' Dweeble was asked if there was some sort of ANTI Disney thing happening. 'No, no. Not at all.' 'Then why have you painted "Eat This Mickey" on the side of the rocket?' 'Well, it's actually an anagram, so what you are reading isn't what's really being meant.' 'And what does that anagram unscramble to?' 'Eat Sh*t Mickey.' There is a secondary conspiracy theory that NASA is trying to break into Disney's vaults in order to unfreeze Walt Disney and put him in charge of Iraq as a Pro US lead Government. 'We are hoping Iraq will become the second "Happiest Place on Earth". Some of the rides will include the "Abu Ghraib House of Horror", and "Presidential Popularity Rollercoaster ride". The Anthrax flavoured ice cream has proven very bad in the market testing, but we're hoping to make that up with the Camel flavoured souffle', said a representative for NASA's planning and infrastructure Department. 'It will be without a doubt more popular than the moon base fun park, which hasn't had a visitor since nineteen seventy four.'

Tokyo Gay Hamster Wars - Index 1 -15

Tokyo Gay Hamster Wars - Index 1 -15
I thought I'd post the links to the first fifteen episodes of this riveting tale of hentai chikan ganster hamsters fro anyone who may have missed them. These episodes cover the first book - Fellowship of the Hamster ... not to be confused with book two, The Two Flowers ... to book three, Rerun of the King. Oh wait, I'm getting confused with something else ... Anyway, here are links to the first fifteen episodes in case anyone wants to go back and read them before I continue, as I haven't posted an episode for a while and I didn't want to confuse too many people once I post episode sixteen up. Hamsters are not the main ingredient of hamburgers ... but they are in hamsterburgers! Don't get the two confused or you may end up eating minky whale! Have a theatrical day :-( :-)

Yesterday 14 Jan 06

Got up yesterday morning, and before I coul deven shower or have breakfast, my mother was on about me putting floorboards in my bedroom. I wouldn't have minded, but I had already worked out I was one box short of being able to do it ... my mother insisted though, giving me the 'David is sooo lazy' routine and acting all upset and angry at me. So, I moved a heap of stuff out of my room. I sat down and quickly wrote out my post for yesterday ... only I still hadn't had Breakfast or anything ... my mother caught me and gave me an earful of how lazy I am. I told her I was having a quick rest after all that stuff I'd moved out of the bedroom. She told me I'd rested last night, so I shouldn't be stopping. I finished the post and went back to emptying the room. At One in the afternoon I stopped and HAD BREAKFAST! At last ... only now she was complaining that I had moved things out of my bedroom! Waaah! [At least she let me have breakfast]. She also started raving on about how I never do housework ... which is funny, as she ALWAYS uses the 'David Never Does Housework' rant whenever she catches me doing any housework. My room was actually dust free, except where dust had collected under my TV set and stuff. Due to me cleaning under the TV etc after moving them out, she launched into the 'David doesn't do housework' rant ... BUT I WAS CLEANING!!!! AND EVERYTHING ELSE WAS CLEAN ALREADY BECAUSE I DO CLEAN MY ROOM!!!! WAAAH! No wonder I never like to do such things when people are around! There was a lack of space, so I had to leave my Queen Size bed in the room. The room is only 3 metres by 2.8 metres, and the bed takes up most of the room, but I have some highrise constructed wooden things I made where most of my belongings go ... I was also forced to leave the wardrobe in the room. I had previously gone to ask my brother to help me move the Workbench with Circular saw outside, but my mother told me off, telling me that doing my room was something I wanted to do on my own! [I do????] Actually, often my mother gives me the 'This is something you want/have to do on your own', speach. What it actually translates to is she WANTS me to do it on my own. It's usually when she's in her 'David's so lazy' mode. Anyway, I had got to the point that I HAD to ask my brother to move the workbench for me. So we did. Ten minutes later, my brother was back in his room. My mother looked in the room as I was doing it, then knocked on my brother's door and said, 'David needs your help.' HUH???? I had never asked for help. So my brother comes down to my bedroom, 'What do you want?' 'Nothing. I'm fine.' 'Really? Mum said you needed help.' 'Nope!' I think it was because I was succeeding that she did that. My family never likes it when someone [meaning ME] proves they can do things without help. I've always been told off for being too independant ... well, tough luck mum, you give me restrictions and I work around them. Putting the plastic and underlay on the floor was difficult because of the bed and wardrobe, but I did it. I then laid all the floor boards I could, with 1 metre left that I couldn't do because we needed that last box. So, I was unable to put things back in my room, as I had this 1 metre gap in the floor. I just set the bed up again and brought a few clothes etc back in the room. My mother then complained that I had all my stuff everywhere else ... well, DUH! I hadnt' wanted to start the room till I had the last box for the floor boards, but my mother had insisted as she wants the work bench returned to Paul. I got annoyed, as my mother told my sister that I WAS IN A HURRY TO RETURN THE WORKBENCH! I hate it when she twists things like that. It's sort of funny in a way, as my mother ALWAYS does that to me. I often hear her on the phone telling people, 'Oh yeah, David is Soooo excited about that.' When my cousin announced he was having a wedding where everyone had to dress up in Rennaisance costumes, my mother asked me what I thought. I'd said, 'Good.' I think that was all. A few days later I heard her telling my cousin I was, 'So excited about getting dressed up.' She went into great description about all these things I had supposedly said. It's annoying. When I was younger, I always thought she was coving up for what was often my indifference. Or maybe she was doing it to boost the other persons ego. Now I'm really not sure what it is. I do know one thing though, it gives people a very warped view of me and what I actually like. I prefer it when she just tells people I don't speak, I only grunt. At least it doesn't involve making crap up. A more normal conversation would then ensure ... something like this: 'So, what's David think about it all then?' 'He grunted.' 'Great, at least we know he isn't opposed to it. then.' And there we would have it. Too often my mother translates my grunts into something so totally different to my feelings that peopel get really wrong impressions. I'd often get weird conversations like this: 'David, we're really sorry but [X Event] isn't going to be happening anymore.' 'Huh?' Dabido racks brain trying to figure out what the frig [X Event] was all about anyway. 'Yeah, your mother told us how excited you were about it, we thought we'd apologise in person seems as you're going to be so disappinted.' 'Um ... yeah ... thanks.' Dabido stands there still wondering what the frig [X Event] is, was or was going to be! I'd later find out that my mother had told me of some event or something in passing. I'd remember her telling me, but also remember that I wasn't enthused in the least ... but somehow my mother had managed to tell everyone far and wide how excited I was and all the things I was planning to do at said event. Geees, it's annooooying!!! I live in fear of all the crap she tells people. I can't wait for my next conversation with someone: 'What? I am disappointed that the Yak Baking Contest has been cancelled?! ... Oh, my mother told you I was looking foward to killing my own Yak ... well, I guess that's what most vegetarians look forward to doing on their weekends!!!! BAH!' When I was younger, people always used to wonder why my emotions never seemed to coincide with the level my mother had informed them I was experiencing ... well, now everyone knows ... well, everyone who reads this anyway! But, I still have all my stuff outside my bedroom, and my mother is complaining what an inconvenience it is for her (like, if she had of just let me do the lot tomorrow after getting the box of floor boards she wouldn't have this problem ... but she SOOO wanted that work bench returned to my brother ... and, well now, she has to put up with it!)

14 January, 2006

10 words determined essay

Suanie tagged me (Second tag for the year! Wow! Am I popular or WHAT?), with the Ten Word Determined Essay Meme... maybe as pay back for tagging her ... but wait, I haven't seen her do the one I tagged her with! Oh well, doesn't matter! Hee hee! In fact she said, 'If you love me YOU HAVE TO DO IT kthxbai.' Bah! Feel like I am married or something ... thought only GF's / Wives used those sorts of lines!!! Anywat! Here we GOOOOOOOoooooooooooo......... The Golden Rules:

1) write an entry of between 100-200 words, with these words have to be included once, and only once:

- I - me - blowjob - grapes - random - power - loneliness - water - robot - blue

[Only 100 - 200 ... so ... difficult ... to ... keep ... it ... short. WORD COUNT 178 ... all words used and in order!]

2) Out of the 10 words, you can only change 2 words.

[I will change Robot to water, and water to robot. There! Bet you didn't see that coming!]

3) Your essay must make some kind of sense. if it's not cool, then it won't get published… [I have to make sense NOW? Such hard rules!!!]

4) Send to 5 people.

  1. I'll chuck it to J, as I think she might like to do it. (*COUGH* Payback *COUGH*) :-)
  2. And Viewtru as he's pretty good at writing kewl stuff.
  3. Imran, as it might give him more exposure in Blog Land. (I read him, and my shirts are now cleaner and brighter ... you should read him too).
  4. CMOS, because as a great artist I figure he is creative and might enjoy it.
  5. Kyels, because as a kewl poet, she might be able to do it as a poem.

I didn't want to chuck it to Paul, Sarah or James as I just chucked them one [and Kenny refuses to do them, and Suanie chucked it my way]. JoeC just had a meme from someone else, so I didn't chuck it his way either.

Most other's either are listed on other peoples sites (example, Kim's site), or just don't update enough.

I really need to develop a group of 'Go To' people for when I get this stuff. ;-)

=:=My 10 Words Determined Essay=:= [As dictated to the Apostle Thaddeus over a cup of coffee ... he was alseep at the time ... ].

This is the story of a superhero, who's alter ego Dirk Dent worked at a Newspaper called 'The Daily Flush'. It's just down the road from 'The Daily Planet' [Superman] and around the corner from 'The Daily Bugle' [Spiderman]. 'Dirk!' screamed the editor. 'Get down to Mega Park, there is news a spaceship just landed.' 'I will boss,' called Dirk back. 'This sounds like a job for Blowman to me.' 'A blowjob? You must be outta your mind Dirk.' Dirk didn't bother changing into his superhero costume, but leapt out the window. Half way down he realised he couldn't fly. Luckily a truck full of grapes was parked just below that window. That single random event saved his life. Dirk tried to remember what his superhero power was. That's right, it was knitting. Now, to figure out why the spaceship had landed. The loneliness of deep space? Had they run out of water? Maybe a crazed robot was flying the thing? Dirk never found out, as a large blue bus hit him while he was crossing the road.
I know, I know ... sad ending ... I didn't say it killed him though ... he'll be back in another Wool knitting Episode ... maybe ... if we are forced to bring him back to life the same way DC comics bought Superman back! And just think what Bizaro Blowman would be like ... actually effective maybe! :-) And best of all, I kept it clean. :-)