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31 August, 2005

Dabido tidak boleh cakap bahasa Melayu.

(Dabido Cannot Speak Malaysian) Nama saya David. Saya orang Australian. My name is David. I am Australian. Ogos tiga puluh satu, hati hari Kebangsaan Malaysia. (Hati Hari Bloggers juga) August thirst first, Malaysia's national day. (Also, Bloggers day) Saya menung tulis apa? I ponder what to write? Saya tidak boleh cakap bahasa Melayu. Saya cakap sedikit bahasa Jepun. I cannot speak Malaysian. I can speak a little Japanese. Mengapa? Saya, belajar sedikit Bahasa Melayu bila tingall Penang. Tidak banyak perkataan. Why? Well, I learned some Malaysian when I lived in Penang. Not many words. (Or should that be perkataan perkataan???) Aku suka rambutan. Australia, mahal mereka. I like rambutan. In Australia, they are expensive. Sukacita empat puluh lapan hari jadi Malaysia. Happy forty eighth birthday Malaysia. Malaysia Boleh! Malaysia Can!

30 August, 2005

What to say tomorrow?

Tomorrow is Malaysia's Indepenence day! Most of my Malaysian friends/aquaitences/blog's I read etc are going to blog in Bahasa Melayu (Malaysian Language) as a matter of national pride. Cool! If only I could speak a little Malaysian .. oh wait, I can ... but only a little. I might try it a little ... and will include a translation so that my Malaysian friends can laugh at the difference between what I am actually saying, and what I am trying to say! (And so my non-Malaysian friends can also read it!) Have no idea what I'll say though. Anything too difficult, and I won't be able to say anything ... anything too simple, and I'll sound like a baby pointing at things going 'Unta' ... 'that's right dear, it's a camel' ... 'Besar kereta' ... 'that's right dear, it's a big car!' et hoc genus omne! You get the idea! So, I better put some thought into it when I can. Not that I'll have much time. I have an appointment tomorrow at 9am ... followed by me rushing home to drive one and a half hours away to attend an interview for a job I am unqualified for, for an unknown salary, that's going to be too far to travel everyday anyway... and I don't even know if I want the job! So much to do tomorrow. Today was pretty laid back. Did most of my workout (maybe I should include it for those wanting to beef up or just lose weight or something!). Got through the entire yoga routine, which I hope is stretching those muscles out a bit. Got through the walking (as per usual) and the weight training (which isn't too hard). The whole lot is a little time consuming, and is probably why I can't continue it all when I have work to do. It can all take up to three hours to do. (Like today). Normally, I won't get through the lot. On another note. I was going to go to the UK with my mate (Corey) who lives in Sydney. Plans have changed though ... Corey has settled down! Wah! Yes, ol' Corey has got his GF (now partner) pregnant, and they've bought a 3 bedroom townhouse together. Congratulations guys! Hope it all works out and everything. So Corey and family are going to remain in Sydney, while I head off to the UK by myself. I still haven't got any definite plans for heading off just yet. Mainly, as I might still land a job here, and I'm still not 100% sure when I can exit from my managed funds. I know it's Septmeber, which starts in like two days time! I just don't know which DAY in SEPTEMBER I am allowed to exit. I better send anothe e-mail off to my Financial Advisor. I was planning on writing a bit on 'Meta ethics' and 'Applied ethics' tonight ... but I might wait till I'm writing in English (after tomorrow) to do it. The philosophical concepts will be too difficult for my little brain to translate in any way or form into Bahasa Melayu! I spent tonight helping my brother repair the spring on his futon! not much fun with my mother telling me to get in and help, and I'm telling her, I can't he's in the way ... and then she's like, well stop standing there and help him ... I can't he's in the way! I get so frustrated with those circular conversations! Anyway, in the end it was sort of fixed and is taking up heaps of room in the lounge, because he's bought a new bed and matress and doesn't need it! So darn worn out! Think I'll cook myself some dinner!

29 August, 2005

Ultra Sound for my Mother

Took my mother to hospital today. As some of you know, I did the ol' mercy dash with her to hospital the other day. Today, she went in to have an ultrasound done before her operation on Thursday. (I'll have to take half the day off work for that). She was in there for an hour before she came out again. Was a long wait ... another patient in the waiting room wet herself a bit ... like my mother, she was asked to drink a litre of water before visiting the hospital so that she could give a urine sample. Poor ladies bladder couldn't wait any longer. My mother had some more bleeding on the weekend, but didn't go to the hospital. My brother and I just kept checking her every quarter hour and bringing her cups of tea and stuff. She seemed okay. She's been very weak (which is understandable and everything). Hope she goes Okay on Thursday. Like I asked before PLEASE PRAY FOR HER! I'm hoping it'll all go well for her.
Decided to tidy up my brother's stuff here in my front room (study). He had a huge box full of foam and cardbord and other things he's using to make warhammer things with. (Like hills, huts, houses, ruins etc).I got it to fit into seven, forty litre boxes. (We bought ten plastic boxes which can be stacked on Sunday). I still can't get to one of my bookcases. Another two (which were also obscured by his stuff), are now semi accessible. I also cleaned a lot of the stuff up from around my weight bench. It looks a lot cleaner. I'm also planning on selling my running machine. As good as it's been, I find it chaffs me between the legs, as you need to land dead square in the middle of the running mat while using it. I've been walking outside, or around the lounge room instead as part of my daily workout, and there's been no chaffing at all. So, looks like my machine will be on e-bay soon. (Though my mother asked me to keep it so that she can use it when I go to the UK. I think it won't be much use for her though).
A strange thing happened today. I was phoned regarding a job & I have absolutely no idea why. I don't meet the selection criteria at all. They asked me to come in for an interview on Wednesday. I'll go in to see what it's all about, but I have a strange feeling it's a waste of my time. Still, if they want to see me, it might be because no one else meets the criteria they have either. Will be interesting, as the company is in Australia, and South East Asia. Maybe I can get a trip to KL & Penang for free! :-) Anyway, I've read up on the company a little. Seems they have an alarm/event frequency analysis product. Will be interesting to see if they provide training for everything. The job ad did say 'ground floor' position. Maybe it's a really junior position. Anyway, if it gets me some cash for a while before the trip to the UK, then I'll take it. (And you never know, I might like it enough to stay). Still, I have a feeling that someone else will get the position. (I have faith in Perth still being Perth, where they will say to me, 'You've never worked in Perth, so we don't want to hire you!')
Returned to doing some Yoga today. Trying to work it into my exercise regime so that I can do more stretching of muscles and limber up some more. I know more muscular guys than me who are more flexible than I am! I used to be really flexible when I did Jui Jitsu and Karate. I wish I could remember all the exercises I used to do for that. (Other than keeping my feet off the floor for ten minutes while Sensei walked around the room on everyone's stomachs!) Man, was I fit then or what? [Yes, the answer is YES!] :-) Hopefully, I can return to that sort fo physical fitness again (though age is a big factor whcih is making it harder! Darn metabolisim is s l o w i n g d o w n ) :-)

28 August, 2005

What is Dabido Reading Now?

As I wrote previously, just finished reading 'Crime and Punishment'. Then started on 'Flying Solo', which is now finished and returned to the library. As some of my friends can tell you, I do a lot of reading. My ex-wife always used to think I was a bit weird, as I could read an enourmous amount of books simitaneoously without losing what was happening in any of them (or worse still, stop reading a book half way through, then pick it up a year or two later without having forgotten what was happening in it). Here are about eight things I am currently reading (I'm actually reading more ... as well as the usual blogs each day and other internet stuff ... and Cisco Networking stuff ... and language stuff ... and ... well ... just lots of stuff really). Now reading: Encyclodepia Britannica (2002 edition) Actually, I quite often read encyclopedia's. I started that habit when I was about ... um ... maybe eight or nine years old. My mother bought a set of 'World Book Encyclopedia' in 1974. My father also had a set of Brittanica which he left lying around so that people might think he was smart. He forgot that in order to become smart from books, you have to read them. I actually found Brittanica very useful when I was doing my Geology Degree (incomplete - as per all my degrees). Every now and then I set about reading the DVD set of Brittanica on my computer. I'v practically memorised the fact that the Great Schism between the churches occurred in 1054 AD ... yeah, it's the first entry in the encyclodedia! Hope a question concerning it comes up on Who Wants To Be a Millionaire if I ever get on it. Moab is my Washpot
The Autobiography of Stephen Fry (actor, writer, comedian et al).
Very sad in parts. He's an amazing person judging from this book. Those unfamiliar with him, he is one of the actors in Blackadder (Lord Melchett in Blackadder II, General Sir Anthony Cecil Hogmanay Melchett in Blackadder goes Forth, Oscar Wilde in the movie Wilde (1997)). Anyway, I've started his autobiography, and hopefully will finish it soon. Crazy from the heat
Crazy from the heat is David Lee Roth's Autobiography. Full of himself and unapologetically (and I don't think his fans would ahve him any other way). He's larger than life and I dont' think he needs much of an introduction ... but in case you've lived in a dark cave on a distant planet in a different solar system, (whcih I often do), he was the lead singer/frontman for Van Halen for many years (before being replaced by Sammy Hagar). Most die hard VH fans I know lost a lot of interest after Dave left the band. Of course Dave went on to have a brilliant solo career with 'California Girls' and a few other hits. I was surprised to hear he'd gone off to be a paramedic in NY City. Then again, after reading his autobiography, it makes a lot of sense. He's also used to do some crazy stuff (like going adventuring in the Amazon rain forest etc). A good read for anyone who likes a good laugh. It's written as though he's sitting in the same room as you telling you stories. If you were ever a VH fan, it's a must read. Business @ the speed of thought Yeah, I know it's written by everyone's arch nemisis Bill Gates. I thought I'd give it a read anyway! :-) Always interesting to read or listen to anything anyone has to say actually. Anyway, I know a lot of the linux community has a lot of animosity towards this guy (especially with some of the spurious patents Microsoft has for things with Prior Art that they didn't invent). Anyway, love him or hate him, he is an execptional business man, recognising and grabbing opportunites when they've appeared. A lot of other business people missed the boat (like when the writer/owner of CPM didn't jump inot bed with IBM when he had the chance), while Bill saw it for what it was! Not very far through this, but will be interesting to read. I'm thinking of doing a MCSA and a MCSE later this year. It'll compliment my Unix/Linux/Cisco/Nortel skills I believe (making me more marketable than ever!) Memory Pack Memory Pack, by Andi Bell - only a small book, and a lot of fun stuff to help improve peoples memories. Mainly some systems to help get things in order. It also explains how all those 'professional memorisers' remember all those cards from all those decks, or memorise PI to hundreds of decimal places. (You wonderd how Apu from the Simpsons did it ... then maybe this is for you!) :-) I have no idea if this will actually help me remember things, but I'm always on the lookout for differnet learning systems to help me retain as much information as possible in my little brain. Another tool to help me if I ever get on 'Who Wants to be a Millionaire'. :-) The First Time Investor Actually, I've been reading this on and off for the last two months. (told you I can put books down and pick thme up again without any problems). I'm always interested in peoples ideas regarding investing. Lots of people use different strategies and most all think you should follow their strategy. I'll get to my next book in a minute, as it is probably the best strategy to follow. (Warren Buffet's strategy). This book however, goes into a lot of the detail about what the second book is about, but the second book doesn't cover it in the same way. (So they are sort of complimenting each other). Anyway, as they say, if you're going to invest, do your research FIRST, before you EVER commit any money. People who don't know what they're doing lose a lot of money and feel very burned by the stock exchange. Investing is not gambling, but people who don't have a clue what they are doing often turn it into gambling. (After all, if you tried to fly a plane without knowing how it works, that's like gambling with your life ... but if you know how a plane works, then you're being a pilot). So, before you invest, this book is a good one to start with (and I've done the ASX courses on investing which I also recommend to anyone as a good place to start BEFORE you invest your money). Warren Buffet Wealth This wasn't written by Warren, bu is written about him. Part Buffet biography, but mainly about his principles on how to invest. If you dont' know who Warren Buffet is, he's sometimes the richest man in the world (when Bill Gates isn't, or the Sultan of Brunei isn't). He started off from very humble beginnings and made himself a BILLIONAIRE (Forget 'Who wants to be a millionaire', let's play, 'Who wants to be a billionaire'!) :-) As I said, this is a good companion book complimenting 'The First Time Investor' book I'm also reading. This one explains how Warren made his money (US$40+ billion), though he doesn't have a huge salaried job and doesn't rip people off trying to sell them anything. Just good solid investing knowledge. It explains his mistakes (and who hasn't made a few of them investing), and explains why he is able to navigate his way through the tough times and the good. Brilliant Answers to Tough Questions Going to an interview? Well, maybe you should read this book. Actually, I've been reading a lot about interview technique for a good many years now. I've also conducted interviews with people as well. So always good to see both sides of the equation. No use trying to baffle them with bull ... just read this book (and a lot of other's on the subject) and get your interviewing techniques down pat before trying for that all important job. I think one of the important things in a job interview, is knowing what to ask them back. I know I walked into one interview with a set of ten questions I was going to ask back at the interviewer ... only to have them answer all of them during the interview stage. When we got up to the bit where they asked if I had any questsions ... well I didn't! It's always good to have a few extra prepared, and a few that they can't possibly answer before you ask them. Hopefully, this book will give you some amunition so you don't look like your stupid when they ask something hard to answer, or when they want to know if you ahve any questions for them.
I won't bother rattling off any of the other books I am reading at the moment. It'll take me a while to get through these ones! :-)

26 August, 2005

Dabido The Ambulance

As you might remember, last Sunday I drove my youngest brother to hospital because he had an almost fatal asthma attack. Last night I was unable to blog as my mother was bleeding pretty heavily. So off to hospital I went again. This time I was prepared, and I took a book and a bottle of water with me. We got to the hospital, and I dropped my mother and brother off at the emergency ward and then went to park the car. There were a lot of cars there, and I had to park a small distance away, so was a minutes walk to get back. I was surprised when I walked back into Emergency and my mother was still standing there with my brother waiting to get some service. The two triage nurses were busy talking to other patients. I told my mother, 'You're bleeding, you're an emergency, let's get their attention and ask them to get someone." Luckily, a nurse appeared, and I grabbed her, and my mother meekly asked for some assistance. (mentioning of course that she was bleeding) The nurse told her to go straight through. only one person is allowed with the patient, so I told my brother to go with her, while I waited in the triage room. About fifteen minutes later my brother appeared and took a seat next to me. My mother was being examined by a Doctor. About half an hour later we were both allowed through to sit with her. They had her on a drip and she wasn't allowed to leave the bed. (Which ment everytime she needed to pee, we were made to leave the room). I made jokes to make her laugh. I told her she looked like the michelin man dressed all in hospital white. I also said I was going to get a red flashing light and a siren for my car and paint 'Ambulance' backwards on the front of it. The nurse my mother had remembered my brother (from Sunday night). She also overhead my comment about the red light for the car etc. She told me I should do a Saint John's first aid course (seems as I'm the only one not being raced to hospital in the house). After a while, the Doctor came back and told us my mother was going to have to stay in ovenight and be examined by a gynacologist in the morning. We were told if it was very serious, she would be put into theatre straight away. (I made a joke later about hoping a good movie would be playing in the theatre ... and the nurse said it was a good joke ... but I noticed she didn't laugh! Darn! I better work on my hospital material). My brother and I left at about 11:30 PM to go home. Got home just before midnight. Had trouble sleeping all night (wouldn't we all). Probably only got a four hours sleep all up. Then had to go to work. Before I left, I phoned my sister (who loves to dump her three kids on my mother. Usually, all Wednesday, Friday mornings and most weekends ... yeah, when does my sister look after her own kids?!!!). I told her that mum couldn't look after her kids for a while because she needs to rest. When I got home tonight, my mother was at home again. She has to go back on Monday, and again on Thursday as she's going to have some surgury done. Everyone pray or keep fingers crossed for my mother! As you probably can't tell, (because I spent the night making jokes to my mother), I am pretty worried. I made my mother laugh and smile, which is the important thing. I wanted to keep her spirits up. Still, surgury at her age is still very dangerous and she has high blood pressure, so it has an added danger. Like I said, please pray etc. She's the only mum I have!
Went to work yesterday. Was supposed to have ten computers to set up. Had none! Wish I had taken a book with me! Was pretty boring. I did a few simple things ... but nothing difficult. When I got home (before driving my mother to hospital), my mother and brother had emptied the spare room and were cleaning it up BIG TIME! The dust set my allergies off. I went for a walk for an hour and a half while reading a book (yes, I read and walk!) My mother had also bought a new DVD player (to replace my crappy one which often doesn't work). She was a bit upset when she had to go to hospital, as she'd been looking forward to watching a few DVD's on it. (Luckily we got to do that tonight).
Went to work today. Got there and the place was locked up! Half an hour late, Robyn turned up and unlocked the place for me! Robyn wasn't supposed to work today, so she left almost immediately. Kylie eventually turned up (though she was supposed to start at 4PM ... so she came in early to help out). Still no computers! Not much to do! Did what I could, and spent the day bugging Kylie (or more precisely, she was bugging me!) Later in the day, Rene turned up. Kylie and Rene were putting together a presentation on STD's (Sexually Transmitted Diseases). They had some extremely graphic pictures, but I couldn't look at them all (I'm a very squeamish person) Kylie thought that was funny and was going to try to force me to look at the worst ones. I told her, if she showed them to me, I'd chuck up ... and I'd make sure it was on her! She decided not to show them to me! :-) Got home, and like I said before, my mother was home already. She was pretty upset and had a cry. She's very scared. My brother Jeffrey has been very good and spent some of the day doing the housework (washing up etc). Last night, the dogs kept getting up and barking (because my mother wasn't there). They normally sleep in her room. My allergies are still going off because of the dust from the spare room etc. I took a clarinaise, but it made me feel sick. So glad the weekend is finally here. So much to doooooooooooo! (Hope you are all well!) :-)

24 August, 2005

Crime and Punishment (part II)

A while ago I mentioned I'd started reading Crime and Punishment by Fyodor Dostoyevsky. Yes, it is a very long book. Thanks for noticing my efforts to get through it. I've finally finished! (Yes, I phoned my family and told them I was still alive! They wondered where I've been for the last month or two). It starts off setting the scene, building up to the psychological reasons to why Raskolnikov commits the crime (murder in this case). The murder is a little bit far along in the book ... if a hollywood movie went at this pace, you'd never get to the murder (the plot is slow moving, but the book is not slow, it's just very detailed). Eventually, we get to Raskolnikov committing the actual murders. (Phew, it was almost as bad as War and Peace where the first ninty pages are all about a bloody dinner party! Why do Russians write like this? Too much time on their hands.) I kept waiting for the punishment bit to begin. Like, when will Raskolnikov be caught and sent off to Siberia! Alas, I was sorely disappointed. I knew the novel was supposedly taken from Dostoyevsky's own imprisonment (for being a socialist in pre-communist Russia), so I was expecting lots of detail about what Russia's Pre-Communist Prison system was like. It never happened. Instead, the rest of the book is basically about the psychological torment that Raskolnikov goes through. His attempt to hide it from people, a lot of whom he suspects know the truth. Eventually, at the end of the book, he is found out and confesses. He promises Sonia (a girl he is in love with) that he will go and confess it to the police! Then, in the Epilogue, he finally, finally gets sent off to prison. Still, we hear nothing of life in Russian prisons. It's more about how his mother dies while he is away and how things are after his eventual return. I guess Dostoyevsky doesn't want to talk about his days in the Russian prison system. I don't think any of his novels go into that sort of thing. Still, it was a very good book to read. Even though it is quite detailed (as I said, the plot moves along rather slow), it doesn't seem like a slow book. An awful lot happens in young Raskolnikov's mind. So we are never bored with what is happening. Some say it is a book about redemption. Considering the amount of mental anguish and suffering Raskolnikov goes through, and his eventual confession to police for the love of Sonia, maybe it is. It certainly is dark and full of pathos. Even though Raskolnikov is a murderer, we can't help but feel for him in some aspects. I think we wonder how someone like him can have ended up in such a mental state as to commit the crimes he did. Still, I feel that at the end, he still has not forgiven himself, and maybe THAT is why he is redemed. He carries the guilt with him forever. It is certainly a book full of pathos. After finishing Crime and Punishment, I started on this book, 'Flying Solo'. Being a lot shorter, I am almost through it (even though I only started to read it yesterday). It's 166 pages long, and I'm up to page 110, and should have it finished before the end of the night. (Which will include breaks for dinner, and to watch about two hours of TV). This book won't interest all of you, but it will certainly interest anyone who wants to start a business of your own. It's really about leaving the corporate chain gang to become your own boss. I like reading books like this. One thing I have noticed from this book, is my own personality is better suited to being a 'solo flying' type person. Being my own boss. Actually, it wasn't a surprise to me, and I doubt it is for anyone who knows me really well. Ideas have always come easy for me, and most managers find it difficult to motivate me. The stick doesn't work with me (managerial threats etc) and the carrot (money) never gives me incentive! I just don't work on that level. Managers fail to scare me, and I became very jaded after promises of 'cash' never materialise. Many a bad manager made me promises which they could never fulfill (or just never tried to). Anyway, it's once again had me wondering about starting my own IT firm. If I can start one, and then use my spare time to finish one of my many novels, I'll have a dual income coming in. Plus, starting out as my own business and contracting myself out to other firms will also help my move to the UK. Tha tis, start the business her ein Perth, then move to the UK and say, "Yeah, I've been contracting for a while now". (Yeah, I can be earning 500 pounds a day contracting as a Network Engineer!) Do it right, and I'll be on target to what I want to do - write, paint, play music for a living, while living in Europe and travelling all over it site seeing. Anyone want to tag along? Romantic nights in Paris ... admiring the view in Venice ... skiing in Austria/Switzerland/France/Italy ... reinacting the Battle of the Bulge in Belgium (use your imagination on that one!) Dancing Flemenco in Madrid, sailing around the Greek isles, freezing my ass off in Lilliehammer, making american jokes in Moscow, checking out the Van Gogh's in Amsterdam, goosestepping in Berlin. Sounds like FUN! We have a plan!

22 August, 2005

Thinking of Life Meme

Yeah, another Meme I invented myself. This one came about, as I was reading about things you can do to improve ones life. I passed it on to four people, who all ignored it. Obviously it's either too personal, or too stupid. Anyway, I thought it best if I actually got around to doing it myself. In the actual thing I was reading (on improving your life) it didn't actually ask for three things. It actually required you to name ALL THINGS. In a way it is like auditing your life. Even if you don't steal this meme to do yourself, you can always follow the instructions in order to look at what you're up to. It's sort of a way to set goals (removing the chaff from your life and aiming towards what you want). It's sort of ment to stick things in perspective. I should probably add, there is also a difference between needs and wants. This is important. Never place a WANT before a NEED if it is possible. When setting your goals, aim at the needs. When all needs are fulfilled, then you can start aiming at the wants. Use the list to set goals on removing what you don't want/need. Recognising what you don't want but can't get rid of (or can't get rid of just yet). Set goals to achieve you wants and needs. Sometimes, there will be things you can't get rid of if you want to achieve a want or need. Recognise the purpose of these things. (You can't make an omlette without breaking eggs). THINKING OF LIFE MEME: Name three things you have in your life that you don’t want (but for some reason need or can’t remove at present):
  1. My loan. (It's going soon though) :-)
  2. My allergies.
  3. An IT job.
Name three things in your life that you don’t need:
  1. Stress
  2. Stupid idiots (especially those who make decissions for me)
  3. Clutter/mess/dust
Name three things in your life you really don’t have time for:
  1. The Government (well their stupid games anyway)
  2. My ex father
  3. My ex church (Very first church. Not any of the other ones I've attented)
Name three things in life that you want (but don’t have):
  1. A giant plasma TV
  2. A fantastic rock band to play with
  3. A fantastic Girl Friend (any applicants? Didn't think so!) :-)
Name three things in life that you need (but don’t yet possess):
  1. A house would be nice
  2. A career going in the direction I think I need to head in. (Still trying to decide on a real career path - Writer? Musician? Artist? Must choose one soon and stick to it)
  3. A loving family (wife/kids etc)
Name three things in life that you would try to make time for:
  1. Return to doing martial arts (preferably Kendo)
  2. A girlfriend (if I ever get one)
  3. Travel
Name three things in life you would like to achieve (but haven’t yet):
  1. Raise very stable, successful children who go on to do great things for themselves.
  2. Become a millionaire (or at least very rich ... rich enough to donate to poorer people)
  3. Set up a trust fund to keep helping people after I am dead and gone
Name three things in life you are proud that you accomplished: [Okay, I'm going to name more than three ... because I need to do step 3 in the rules a lot when I get depressed! Yeah, this is mainly for my own ego ... so you don't need to read them] :-)
  1. Played on the New South Wales State American Football Team (not easy to make that team either) - sacked the Victorian Quarterback in one game.
  2. Had a poem published in 1980, at age 15. (Yes, I am a published writer).
  3. Was leader of a rock band which was offered five gigs everytime we played one gig. (Which basically means we were good. Lead guitarist ran off to form his own band and that ended it for all of us ... even the lead guitarist. The whole was greater than the parts).
  4. Was a studio musician for a short time.
  5. Had painting hung in Darling Harbour at a Cafe
  6. Was a leader at a school camp and lead my dorm to be the ONLY male dorm to win the prize for best dorm (yes, girls normally win as they are neater and nicer)
  7. Passed IQ test showing I have IQ in top 1% (and getting stupider every day)
  8. Am credited with saving a company I used to work for. (Yes, they would have goe bancrupt without me)
  9. Skydived
  10. Abseiled
  11. White water rafted Grade five rapids (and almost got drowned too!) :-)
  12. Have many, many certificates from work for achievements
  13. Have two theology Certificates
  14. Have a Marketing certificate
  15. Numerous Programming/computer certificates
  16. Was given nickname 'Legend' after getting High Distinction at University while holding down a full time and a part time job and doing all the majority of housework for me and my wife.
  17. Have had four films made (and two entered in Young Film makers awards in Adelaide).
  18. Was in Under 8 soccer team who took out the premiership.
[I'm sure I could add more and more if I stopped to think about it. Just need to use it all to spur myself on to bigger and better things]. Rules: 1. Answer the questions – notice the difference between a NEED and a WANT. Don’t confuse the two as the same thing. 2. Pass on to three people. 3. If you ever feel down or think yourself unworthy, read the ‘accomplishments’ bit. 4. If you ever feel aimless, read the ‘want to achieve’ bit.

Friggin' Allergies!

Totally wiped out today because of my allergies. Started the morning being awoken by my youngest brother. He wanted to know when I was going out. (Actually, he woke me previously at about 4AM and I had trouble getting back to sleep). I asked him where he thought I was going out to. He didn't know. So he borrowed my car. Then, when I did get up, I decided I couldnt' put off mowing the lawn any more. Not that I was putting it off. It rained for days and my mother kept asking when I'd mow it. I'd tell her, on a day it doesn't rain. Then, an hour later she'd ask me why it' snot mowed! It's raining! I'll mow it when it stops! Well, it wasn't going to rain today, so I decided to mow. Was difficult getting through all the long grass, which was also wet. The ground (which used to be a part of the river bed) was also very wet and difficult to push the mower though. On top of that, I was wearing my mask to stop the grass giving me a bad allergy attack. Not that it stops my allergies completely. Just stops it being worse than not wearing it. I almost fainted a few times, as the mask allows the C02 to build up and it's not easy when you're pushing a mower through long wet grass across wet ground. I got the whole place mowed! Believe me, it a LOT of mowing as it's a double block. Immediately had a shower and washed all my clothes to get rid of the grass smells and cut don on the allergic reactions. A few hours later I had to go to sleep for a while, as the allergic reaction was really taking it out of me. So I slept for two or three hours. Got up and decided to look for some contract positions to tie me over for a little while. Just need something to last until September when I can sell the managed funds and move to the UK (via Sydney/Malaysia/Japan/Amsterdam). Feel as sick as can be. My eyes have been burning all day. Completely larthargic and wiped out. My mother tried to tell me something must be bothering me to be so tired. I said, "No, it's my allergies! The same thing happens everytime I mow the lawn!" Weird thing is, we have a similar conversation everytime I mow the lawn. I always wonder why no one ever takes my allergies seriously. Not my family, not anywhere I've worked and not even some of my Doctors (though other Doctors realise the seriousness of it all). I've been pretty friggin' pee'd off by it all. Inspite of the fact that I've been in hospital (and actually had no pulse) due to my allergies (almost dying), my family still think it's a minor thing. The other night I rushed my brother to hospital because of his asthma. He also almost died. (In fact, the Doctors told him that I got him there just in time. Someone else had recently come into the hospital in the same condition and died). My mother takes his asthma seriously (while my family totally ignores the fact that I've had it all my life as well). Do my family just respect me a lot, that they think I can overcome near death without them worrying even a little? Or is it they just don't care? I know when I was younger a lot of it was them not caring. The reason I know this is because of a lot of other things which have happened. Like the time I came off my bike and broke my foot (it was August ... I think 1974 or 1975). My parents refused to take me to the hospital. After whinging about the pain for months, my mother eventually took me to a doctor to shut me up (saw the Doctor in November). X-rays proved the foot had been broken, but it had healed incorrectly. The Doctor said he couldn't be bothered re-breaking it and sticking it in a cast. So, I've had an incorrectly healed right foot all my life. Occassionally it causes pain, but doesn't hurt as much as it used to. Still, it is a good example of my parents ignoring my injuries. I admit I feel tinges of jealousy that my sister and brothers ailments get taken so seriously. The slightest knock and my mother is screaming for a Doctor. With me though, I just get told to shut up and take the pain. No wonder I dont' whinge about much to anyone anymore. (Except the internet! Bwahahahaaa!) Oh well, still very tired ... off to watch TV for a while and go to bed ... again!

21 August, 2005

Psychopaths, Mishima and the Speed of light

Many things to blog about today. First - Lost Mishima Movie found. For all of you who are fans like myself of the author Mishima, then you'll be glad that they have found a copy of this. I dont' like the headline they used, the Noh Play by Mishima and the movie (where Mishima himself acts the main character) had been known for years before his attempted Coup in 1970. After his actual suicide his wife supposedly destroyed all copies of the film. (Actually, I didn't realise the movie was missing. I thought they were selling it on Amazon ... maybe I am confused and it is a different Mishima film I have flagged at Amazon!)
Scientist increase speed of light. So much for Relativity - where the speed of light is a constant which can't be changed! (Scientists have previously slowed it down). Read the article for ideas as to it's uses. (Computing, telecommunications etc). I am left wondering. It was the 100th anniversary of E=MC squared this month ... now it looks like it's wrong! So much for C as a constant! Still, F=MA is incorrect, but still has it's use in science. Will they teach E=MC squared for a long time to come? I think so. It's still useful, and until another theory comes along, we're stuck with it. Super String theory still needs to be proven and Quantum physics (though having had a lot discovered about it), still has many facets to uncover.
I've blogged before on Psychopathic bosses etc. You can check the website, which has a quiz on discovering if your boss is a psychopath. I think I've encountered MANY MANY in my day. I use this quiz against my old flatmates and stuff as well. Too many psychopaths in this world I think. Actually, only one percent of the population. People who meet the psychopathic profile who I've encountered: My Father My Ex-Wife Some of my Ex-Bosses Some of my Ex-Flatmates. Without naming names, out of the thirty one that I can remember off hand (every now and then I remember a few more, I don't know why I forget the others): At least three of them fit the psychopathic profile Another was a pathological liar (and poisoned me) Another was a racist (& member of a racist political party) One had been in a mental instituion (and she wasn't the craziet of them all) One was like a sister to me One was like a brother to me One was my youngest brother (who was like a flatmate to me. Bwahahaaaaaa). Though several others were totally annoying little ... um ... uh ... people (like they wouldn't do housework, or would leave all the washing up for me to do), they didn't fit the psychopath type profile. There were also a few times I lived by myself. Some other flatmates were a joy to live with. Lisa (who was like a sister to me) was probably up there with the best. I flated with her twice. Once when I was living with her and two other guys (Craig and Grant, who were also joys to live with); then the second time it was just the two of us. Paul, was like a brother to me. We also flated twice. Once when I moved in with him (just remembered another flatmate - three of us when I first moved in with Paul ... thirty two flatmates). Then when Christine (my ex), and I decided to live in a share house, we had Paul and my brother Jeff move in with us. That set up was good till Jeff left to return to Perth. Funny how some flatmates are good to live with more than once, and ones who are psycho's or annoying are best left alone. One of those that fits the psychopathic profile had many, many flatmates before I moved in with her. It's funny how she always used to character assassinate all of them. [I have no doubt that she also used to character assassinate me as well.] Anyway, if I find I'm either flatting with a psychopath or working for one, I know the best thing to do is retreat quickly. Either move ASAP or quit ASAP. It's also why I get rid of 'aquaintences' as soon as possible when they begin to display psychopathic behaviour.

Latest in Secret Agent Blogs

I know Terence was trying to look more like Mr Smith (aka Brad Pitt) ... but look at the resemblance to Double Goh Seven!!!! QUEUE: Bond Theme! Austin Powers had better watch out! :-)

Brother in Hospital

Had a bit of a scare tonight. My youngest brother had one of his really bad asthma attacks. As per usual, the stuborn little guy wouldn't go to the hospital and kept insisting he'd be okay. My mother was freaking out, and I was trying to get my brother (and mother) to calm down a little. Eventually, Jeff decided he WOULD go to the hospital (normally, by the time you realise you need to go to a hospital, it's like fifteen minutes AFTER you needed to go!) So I drove him to the hospital. Half way there he suddenly stopped making wheezing sounds, and I asked him if he was Okay. He didn't answer, so I had to look over at him to see that he was fine. Then he started wheezing again, followed by some pretty awful noises (which sounded like he was going to vomit everywhere). I asked him again if he was Okay. This tiem he said he was. We got to the hospital, and because he was so bad, he was taken straight into emergency. I stayed and answered the clerks questions regarding his name and other person details. It's funny, Jeff has blond/light coloured hair and brown eyes. I have blue eyes and dark brown hair. We sort of look different. I had to explain to the clerk we were brothers. (Yes, 100% related by same two parents!) They then left me in the waiting room for an hour and a half. I eventually got to phone my mother after a wait to use the pay phone. I'd left my mobile at home on the recharger. While waiting, lots of other emergency patients came and went. One was a guy covered in blood with cuts on his face and a fat lip. He'd obviously been in a fight of some kind. I heard him off speaking arabic on his phone. I think he was waiting fo someone to pick him up, as he disappeared after an hour. He didn't look like someone from the middle east at all. He looked more Russian/Slav or something. I was reminded of one year of my life when a LOT of people kept dying around me. I mean a lot. I spent a lot of time that year waiting around in hospital waiting rooms then too. Same year also had a lot of weddings and stuff. After an hour and a half, I was allowed to go in and see my brother. Everyone had forgotten I was waiting. (I am so memorable!) He was sitting up in bed, with nothing but a pair of track pants on. I wonder why he wasn't wearing any top. He was still on oxygen. He told me he'd phoned mum and todl her he was going to be in over night. We talked for a while. He told me to go home. Not much else I could do. He was looking fine and breathing fine. I got home at midnight. My mother knew more about what was happening than I did. Apparently, he's going to be off work for a while and will be on steroids for a week. I get to go pick him up again tomorrow. Anyway, I quickly raced around reading everyone's blog (well, not EVERYONE'S ... just my usual twenty or so). Finally got to write this. :-) I'm so tired. Time for bed I think!

19 August, 2005

The Sotong Talisman

As per discussion from Terrence Site (and Sotongs Suggestion of placing her picture up to improve productivity), I have invented the Sotong Talisman to ward off slothfulness and evil spirits from the work place. It also works against mice in the kitchen, and satan and evil spirits in general. How to use: 1. Print off the Talisman 2. Place it in the area you wish to be protected from slothful work habits (to improve productivity) and to keep mice, satan, and evil spirits away from. 3. Repeat this mantra 1080 (one thousand and eighty) times: Soooo toooong dooonoooot kiiiick meeeee iiiiiin daaaaa nuuuuuuts! 4. Send your hard earned cash to Dabido if it works. 5. If it doesn't seem to be working, then you probably said the Mantra either 1079 times, or 1081 times. Learn to count better. Repeat step 3 and 4 until you either run out of money or it works. Cheers and happy prolonged productivity. :-) May you be as rich as this will hopefully make me. (p.s. Don't forget to send you money). :-)

18 August, 2005

Lips can tell sexuality?????

On Minishorts blog she recently posted regarding lips being the way that you can tell how SEXUAL a person is. I wondered how true it is. I just dug up this old photo of myself (okay, it's about a year old or something) and thought I'd have a look. Wonder how Minishorts would rate my lips on this one. [I guarantee 100% that this has not been altered with photoshop!] :-) (Yeah, I had long hair at that stage. Unlike my short hair now). Minishorts give it a rating. :-) On another note, I finally got around to creating a Minishorts button to link to her site. Feel free to steal it if you want it. (As per my other buttons on the side linking to other people's sites as well). This one didn't convert over too well either. I think I'll re-do it later. Anyway Minishorts, if you see this, tell me if you want the colours changed or anything.

17 August, 2005

Dentist Trip

Got to see the Dentist today. I was told to turn up at 8:15 AM to ensure I saw the Dentist. I arrived at 8:05 AM and was the second person there. Didn't seem to matter though. Even though I was second one there, a girl pushed in front of me (making me third). I didn't complain as she seemed to be in absolute agony with her tooth. I was a bit amazed though, that even though I was seen third at reception, I somehow ended up being called sixth or seventh to see a Dentist. This place doesn't take appointments, so I have no idea how people seen after me got in front of me.

Saw the Dentist. She said that all my teeth were fine. No problems. She took an X-Ray of the tooth that I was feeling pain with. She came back, and said the X-Ray showed the tooth was fine. There was a bit where some of the filling had broken off (which is what I'd thought), but she said it didn't matter. The reason I was experiencing pain was that I'd apparently been brushing too hard, and had worn away a little of the tooth near the gum line. She said it wasn't enough to get a filling or anything. It might even repair itself.

She stuck some paste on it (to take the pain away), and sent me on my way. I was very surprised when I was presented with the bill. It was so low, I paid with cash. I had reached to get my Visa card, but when she said the cost, I was amazed. No need to incure an eftpos fee or anything when cash would suffice.

I don't have to see anyone for another nine months now. (Actually, that's their waiting list time). Still, I would have liked to have seen about getting my mercury fillings removed and replaced with plastic ones. I might have to go to another Dental Clinic to see if they'll do it.

On another note, my tooth still hurts!!!!

16 August, 2005


Been trying to stop using my medication again. If I can get off it for seven days straight, then I can do a test. The test might prove that i just need a simple course of anti-biotics which will cure my stomach complaint. Only problem is, it's day three, and I've really nausious. That's better than normal. Usually I will get to day three and be vomitting blood. I've had to take a tablet now. It was too much. Once the nausia starts, it doesn't end ... and then the vomitting starts, and then the vomitting blood. I wish I could make the seven day mark. On another subject, I'm off to see the Dentist tomorrow. As it's an emergency, I can't be booked in, I have to turn up at 8:15 AM tomorrow and wait for an opening or for a patient to cancel. Once of my back teeth has been badly chipped (or part of the filling has fallen out). It's been annoying me for a few days. There is a possibility that my tooth problem may be related to my stomach problem. I was told years ago, that people with a similar condition to mine got their mercury fillings replaced, and their symptoms went away. I've always hoped it was the case, but Doctors and Dentists think it's a stupid theory. Hopefully tomorrow I can convince the dentist otherwise and they'll remove at least one of the fillings. Had another interview today. Was told the same old sad story about Perth. It's very insular industry here, and unless I have worked with someone here, then no one will give me an IT job. It's stupid and it sucks! They wonder why I'm going to leave for the UK very soon. Just waiting for September so I can sell my managed funds, then I'm all cashed up and off to see the world again. Last throw of the dice type stuff. Anyway, let's hope I get to see the Dentist tomorrow and let's hope they will agree to remove all those mercury fillings. It might mean a whole new lease of life for me.

Too Much Sex in Advertising?

Is there too much sex in advertising now? They seem to use it to sell everything. Even those things which have nothing to do with sex, like food, washing powders, detergents. It's haveing a very negative on the country. Want to know why there is a negative population growth in Japan, Australia, in fact all the first world countries? Because everytime we men see a naked woman, we want to do our washing, eat and drink everything in the frigde, then do the washing up! Oh yeah baby, Take it off ... then we'll see if Nappy San really can make it whiter! Wow Babe! Your bodies good enough to eat off. Today, we're trying new Chicken Tonight recipe with our San Remo Pasta and a glass of cooool refreshing Fosters on the side! Feeling a bit like a dirty girl? You need new LUX SOAP, now with moisturiser bult in. Oh yeah baby! I'm feeling mighty sexy ... in my new fluffy slippers and granpa style pyjama's! Give it to me baby! Ah ha ah ha! The cup of smoooth aromatic coffee that is!
And people wonder why I don't have a GF. Bwahahahahahahaaaa!

15 August, 2005

What I Want In A Girl Part II

Before I get into it I'll discuss something else. Someone sent me one of those e-mails with a long list of when you were born and what it means - in this case, it matches you to a colour and the colour is supposed to mean something. In my case it's ... CREAM orCREAM (Depending on which way you prefer your cream) :-) Competitive and sportive. Don't like losing and always cheerful! You are Trustworthy, and very out going. You choose love carefully, and don't fall in love easily. But once you find the right one, you don't let go for a long time. What I want in a Girl Part II Thought I'd get stuck into some more useful details concerning this question. Last time [HERE] a lot was based on very general type stuff. Possibly not useful, as some of it I think was quite normal (like the Fidelity part and the non-violent part). This is a list of more personal type qualities I'd like.

  • Likes to play games (such as Scrabble, Trivial Pursuit etc). Yeah, my family are good at games, and we like to be a little bit competitive and play them against each other. It gives people a chance to interact and ignore the Television for a while.
  • Likes music (preferably can play a musical instrument or willing to learn). I come from a musical type family. I play many musical instruments, and even though some members of the household can't/don't play, I think it might be nice to be in a relationship with someone who can play. My ex forbade me playing music when she was at home (and always wanted to sell my musical instruments for the money). She is also why I stopped being a musician and started working in IT. It also means I need some time alone to practice (or at least fool around on the guitar).
  • Likes travel. I like travelling and experiencing new and unusual things in my life. Hopefully my partner will too.
  • Likes movies. I like going to the cinema to escape reality for a while. Admittedly, Hollywood seems to have forgotten how to make movies (they just keep remaking the same ones with different actors and different names hoping we won't realise). If I am ever rich enough, I'll get my own home theatre.
  • Likes Anime. Yeah, I like a bit of the old Japanese Cartoon characters running around saying and doing crazy things. Actually, I like most adult cartoons (Simpsons, Futurama, Family Guy, King of the Hill). The Japanese just have a knack with their anime though. You have to love it.
  • Likes books. My nose is often stuck deep in a book. In fact, my latest craze is to get the ones at the library on CD or Tape and listen to them while exercising. Makes it easier to get through books with less effort while stopping myself from getting bored while doing constant repetitions on the old weight bench or walking/jogging.
  • Interest in Computers. I spend a lot of my time on the old computer. It's like my best friend after my guitar. If I'm not writing, surfing the net, then I'm tackling space monsters or orcs or taking over the world somewhere.
  • Interest in multitude of things. I have a great and varied interest in almost everything. This includes visiting museums (though most museums you only need to visit once to get a good idea as to what they're about. Second visits usually bore me). Libraries are a fun excursion for me too ... but only because I can't read all those books at once. Once I've read most of the books in one, I get bored with it. Historical places interest me too. (See Travel). I like to absorb as much of a place as I can, so I try to read almost everything they have written somewhere. Zoos, fun. Art Galeries, Fun. Monkey Parks, Fun. New Places, Rome, Venice, Florence, Paris, etc, etc Fun! Fun! Fun!
  • Wants to have children. Two or three would be nice. Okay, maybe I'm strange, but I wanted kids when I was thirteen. Guess my paternal instincts kicked in then. Always wanted to bring them up to have fun and enjoy life. Yeah, that might mean work on my part, but I'd like to give my kids the kind of upbringing they will enjoy, that will make them stable responsible adults. (And rich enough that they won't stuff me and the missus in a retirement village once our use by dates expire!)
  • Financially Responsible. My first wife used to love to spend, spend, spend. In the first three years, she was supposed to save her wage while we lived off mine. After three years, I discovered she'd been spending all hers on herself! Ai Carumba! If she had of saved that, we would have had over AUD$60,000 as a deposit for a house. WOW! That's a lot of money wasted. What did she spend it on? Apparently she used to get her hair done every week! That was over $100 a week on her hair! Then she'd buy her lunch, while I took a packed lunch to work. She was supposed to be eating a packed lunch too! What happened to the rest of the money? The rest is a mystery. I know some went on clothes etc. Short version – we make a financial plan and stick to it as much as possible (some flexibility needs to be built in to the plan). What it means though, is we live below our means in order to save the rest. It isn't rocket science!
  • Someone nice. I don't like people who are mean behind other peoples backs. Some people I know have married people like that (actually, my ex could be mean behind peoples backs!) Okay, admittedly, some people do need to be told to go away in terms you probably would never normally use, but that doesn't mean you treat all strangers like that. Be nice! You never know when you need to build a good relationship with someone, and first impressions do last.
Now all I need is KY to whore me out on his blog, and we'll see how I go! Bwahahahaaaa! Just kidding. :-)

12 August, 2005

Football Anyone?

Well, it's the Perth Derby tonight. My mother's team versus my brother in-laws team. Eagles verus Dockers. Do you think I care? Nope! So WHY? WHY? WHY? does my mother expect me to care? I've tried to ignore the match for most of the night, but my mother insists that I watch it. Eagles are way out in front. But if they win, my brother in-law will be in a BAD BAD BAD MOOD! The previous derby was won by the Eagles, and my mother had to keep her lips tight so as not to brag in front of my brother in-law. Yet, if his team had of won, he would have let my mother hear about it endlessly. Geeeees! It's only a friggin' football game. What's more, it's not like they have any influence over their teams. Watch it or not, the result is probably going to be the same. I hate watching sports! Why is it people feel the need to force me to watch it. It's not like I'm playing in the game. Geees! My team isn't even playing (not that I'd watch if they were!) When I used to play American Football, no one used to come to watch me! not even my wife at the time! I even played for the NSW state team, and she still didn't care! So why should I be forced to watch a game I don't care about, with two teams that aren't mine, in a sport I really dont' follow that closely? Talk about wasting my friggin' time.
ON another note. Today a girl called me PRETTY????? PRETTY???? What the Frig!!!!! Since when did I become Pretty? Or did she mean Pretty Handsome? I better smash myself in the face a few times to stop all this non-sense talk!

10 August, 2005

What To Do?

What to do? What to do? Been depressed for a few weeks straight. Just wondering when I will come out of this one. My mother keeps asking if I am Okay. I always say I'm Okay, but must be very obvious if my mother is asking. Also, been very agro! Have to supress my need to scream at people. Well, I'm used to that sort of thing anyway. Just never abuse people who don't deserve it. Though I get pretty upset very quickly when people start being idiots. Off to the allergy specialist tomorrow. Time to get my Epi-Pen (adrenaline pump) so that I don't die next time I have an allergic reaction. Have to remember to take my allergy test results and food diaries and stuff. That verse from Ecclesiastes keeps reverberating around in my head. Ecc 1:2
"Meaningless! Meaningless!" says the teacher. "Utterly meaningless! Everything is meaningless."
And Ecc 1:8-9
All thing are wearisome, more than one can say. The eye never has enough of seeing, nor the ear its fill of hearing. What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun.
I too feel the burdon that Solomon wrote about. Everything is like chasing the wind. Life seems to be a meaningless pursuit of nothing. What if eventually I do find 'that someone'? Will I be happy? What if I eventually do make a name for myself? Eventually I will be redused to dust, and I will be forgotten. On one hand, I wish so much to contribute and make this world a better place; yet on the other hand, what is the point? Everything is destined to be destroyed eventually. Whether you believe in some religious armageddon, or a scientific running down of the Universe. In the end, what is the point. Eventually everything we've ever done will be for nothing. It's pointless. Yet, we are compelled, either through our religious belief, or through our evolved nature. We are compelled to struggle against this world for survival and what is it for? What is procreation for? Eventually, everyone dies. Our children, and our children's children and so forth, will eventually return to dust and be no more. These are the sorts of things which have been reverberating around in my head since I was a child. Solomon was right. All is meaningless.

Easy Meal

Went for the easy meal tonight. Sliced up some potatoes. Chucked them in a frypan with some Olive Oil.

Some Nick Knacks I have Collected.

After reading Suanie's post about Singapore, I thought I'd do a quick trip down memory lane. Especially regarding some Nick-Knacks I've picked up in my travels. Actually, it was her mention of the Singapore Merlion which sparked it. I have a Merlion Keyring from when I was passing through Singapore in 2000 (twice - once on my way to the UK and then on my way back to Sydney). Here are NikNax off my expensive bookcase. Books ... of course, with a Kurt Cobain Biography and 'Reading and Writing Chinese' on the left. They're sitting on top of some cards I use for memorising things I am studying. Books standing up include a Japanese History book, Pulp Fiction script and a multi-tude of Penguin Classics (mainly ancient Greek writing but some Chinese and Roman thrown into the mix). Actual nik-nax:
  • San Francisco 'tinsel bubble' - you know, you shake it and tinsel inside it makes it look like the city is having a parade. (Usually done with snow).
  • Flowerpot and Love heart with my name on it. The flower pot originally held a yellow rose! Nice thing to receive from someone.
  • A Cisco Juggling Ball. My old Networks Manager gave one Cisco Juggling ball to each of the three members of our network team.
  • Singapore Merlion. Actually, my friend Rizaldy gave this to me. He'd worked in Networks in Singapore and his wife ALSO was working there. He went to visit her during their engagement and brought me backa Merlion! So nice of him.
A little about my families connection to Singapore.
  • During WWII, my Grand Uncle George was on a troop ship which was sunk off Indonesia by a Japanese Submarine. The troops swam to Indonesia and tried to march down towards Australia. They were caught by the Japanese and he was placed in Changi POW camp Singapore. Later he was moved to the infamous Burma Railroad. He survived the war and was the head of the Australian POW's trying to get an apology from Japan for their treatment during the war.
  • My Grandfather Jack Elven was stationed at Changi after the war. He was overseeing the Ghurka's who were being used to remove the last of the Japanese from Malaysia. They'd go out on jungle patrols to locate and remove Japanese soldiers who refused to surrender (or who wouldn't believe the war was over).
  • In 1969, my family arrived in Penang. We visited Singapore a few times. I can remember the Tiger balm gardens and a few other sites. We visited Changi for my mother, as she had memories of her childhood from there. Today, it'd be totally different. There is also some famous park or garden there, where some of the trees and shrubs have been carved to look like animals and things. My Grandfather Jack Elven also had something to do with that, but I'm not one hundred percent sure what it was. I think it had something to do with the clock they have there. My youngest brother used to be able to speak Cantonese (thanks to the ahma). On one trip, I can remember him on the balcony talking to the people passing by, who were amazed that a white two year old could speak Cantonese so well. (He can't remember any now).
  • 2000 I went through Singapore twice - once on way to UK and then on the way back! I didn't get a stop over, which was a pity. I would have liked to have visited to see how much it had changed.
Next set of Niknax. This shelf mainly has my Science Fiction books. There is also James Clavell's Shogun and British Author Kazuo Ishiguro's 'The Unconsoled'. Niknax from left to right:
  • Flute
  • Recorder (hard to see ... it's there at the back in front of the books)
  • Lace Butterfly from Venice
  • Lace Horse from Venice.
Memories of Venice: Venice is a magical city. Basically built in the middle of a lagoon near a River Mouth. I spent an afternoon with Dave (from Edinbough) and Darryl (from South Africa) visiting the Academy Art Gallery. We started out (as most tourists do) visiting Saint Marco's Piazza (where the Church is, the bell tower and the Doge's palace are - plus the Bridge of Sighs etc). We then went on a merry trek up to the Rialto Bridge etc and a brisk walk down the other side of the Main canal through the back streets etc till we got to the Academy. Being Art Buffs we had to go inside. I completely recommend this gallery if you get to Venice. Full of many works of art by Venician artists, it was a great way to spend the afternoon. (Yeah, I did the Gondola ride and stuff earlier in the day and ate plenty of pizza. We also visited a Lace Factory and a Glass Blowing Factory. That's where I bought the lace butterfly and horse, as well as a lace bird keyring. All came with certificates of authentication ... they're expensive). NikNax on top of one of my bookcases. Left to right:
  • Chinese Herb pot. I bought it as I was undergoing accupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine for my stomach problems. Never helped. All I got was that pot, and a nasty burn on my right elbow from where the accupuncturist burnt me! I didn't even get an apology. Hopefully cosmetic surgury will advance enough that I can get it removed on day.
  • Photo of me leading prayers at church!
  • Soccer Trophy! One of many trophies. Most aren't out on display. Somewhere I used to have a medal for when my under eights side took out the premiership. Have no idea where it went. My mother has my old boxing trophies somewhere, though I never liked boxing.
  • Coach of the Year Trophy! This is an American Football trophy! Yeah, it needs polishing! :-)
  • Hanging off the trophy is a little bear keyring. I bought him before leaving Sydney on my way around Europe etc. I bought a Keyring everywhere I went on the way there, and on the way back.
  • Ushi the pinata. Bought him in Sydney. Thought he looked colourful and stuff. Hope no one ever beats the lollies out of him! :-) We were going to stick little army men in him at work and call him the Trojan Bull.
NikNax from left to Right:
  • Teddy Bear - My flatmate bought this for me for Xmas one year! I have NO IDEA why! Seemed like a weird present to me!
  • Ogg the Frog. I made Ogg in year eight sewing class - 1978. He's still holding up!
  • Large Candle with the Chinese symbol for LONGEVITY on it. Hopefully, the candle will last a long time! :-)
  • Egyptian Papyrus picture. Actually, I bought it on holiday in Cairns Australia. Difficult to see, but lying down in front of it are two Egyptian metal plates from Egypt! (Yes, authentic ones you can get for a few dollars almost Anywhere in Egypt!)
  • Bern Flag (in front) - I bought the flag as we stayed in Bern Canton Switzerland. I have fond memories of Switzerland. Especially going up the Jungfraujoch and mucking about under a waterfall at midnight (when the lights went out ... and we had to make our way back down in the dark).

09 August, 2005


Thought I'd quickly add a picture of Dr John Zoidberg to my site. Mainly as I sometimes refer to him and some of the ignorant masses have never heard of Futurama. So, whenever you hear me refer to Zoidberg, this is the guy. Characteristics of Zoidberg you might find familar. Returned to home planet to mate - was unsuccessful. (They die after they mate anyway!) Wants to be famous and popular. Most people ignore him. Is staff Doctor at Planet Express delivery. Why do I think they're be a 'Which Futurama character are you?" quiz one day at 'Hello Cupid' ????

News Headlines for Today

Thought I'd do a 'Glasshouse' headlines today. Those not living in Australia (or who never watch the ABC), the 'Glasshouse' is a show where three comedians and two guests (sometimes comedians, sometimes sports people, other times hobo they dragged off the street) sit around discussing the events which happened during the week. At the end of the show, they normally read off some of the top headlines from Australia and around the world, then attach a second line to it. Today I was sparked by the first headline from Japan, and then decided I might as well put in some more. [I admit it, I read headlines and they sometimes make me laugh at what they might mean]. Japan - Koizumi dissolves lower house. More acid needed if we want to dissolve other politicians. USA - Three landing sites ready for Shuttle return. Two sites selling $12 tuna fish sandwiches but no one to sell them to. UK - SPORTS, Ashes excitement. England team told they don't have to burn their stumps. Australia - CSIRO Scientist create a diet approved by the Government. Starve the poor! USA - NASA vows to land shuttle somewhere. Due to budget cuts, NASA scientist suggests up Bush's ... Venezuela - Chavez warns against US invasion. Ready to drive them into the sea ... just like Saddam did! Israel - Press dismisses Netanyahu move. Voted off Dancing with the stars! Brazil - 'Record' bank robbery in Brazil. Have to do it again, Guiness book of records weren't ready! South Africa - Uranium find brings joy to poor South African farmer. Can now climb walls and spin webs! USA - Alaskan people tell of climate change. Raining polar bears for second time this week. South Korea - BBC News meets cloning expert Woo Suk Hwang. Wants their Hwang Suk'ed Too. I guess that's all for now. Time for Dabido to have his afternoon nap! :-)

08 August, 2005

A Little on Free Speech

'Freedom of Speech', citizens of the US of A supposedly have it. First Amendment of the Bill of Rights: "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances." Other countries say they believe in it, yet when push comes to shove, most of them don't. I remember about ten to twenty years ago, someone pointed out to me, that NO WHERE in Australian law/constitution did we have a guarantee of 'Freedom of Speech'. Yet, so many Australians think they have it. Recently, what 'freedom of speech' we did have was degraded in the name of 'public safety'. Both Australia and the US used terrorism to do this. After all, with terrorists around, apparently being able to freely say what you believe on something might lead to ... um ... people actually thinking about a subject. Don't get me wrong. I am perfectly aware that there are many issues surrounding 'freedom of speech'. It means you get the lunatic fringe speaking their minds just as much as the rational and decent people. At the end of the day though, anyone capable of logical thought will see the lunatic fringe for what they are. Now, some things are NEVER covered under 'Freedom of Speech'. A lot of people don't realise this. That's why LIBEL and SLANDER are against the law. It is when someone either WRITES or SPEAKS untruths about someone in order to cause defamation to them. I know I've run into people from time to time who claim they can say what they like whenever they like about people. It's not true, and never will be. (Unless you happen to be a dictator/despot of some country somewhere where you can do what you friggin' like!) Even on the internet, you CANNOT write nasty untruths about people, just because you don't like them. You are still under the laws of the respective countries that the post affects. (That is, if you are in Australia, and you write something, you are still under Australian law. If the person you are writing about is in another country, then their laws also come into affect). This includes things like threatening behaviour and harrassment. INTERPOL is there for a reason, and if you report something to your local police which is pretty serious (ie like a death threat or something), then you can be sure INTERPOL will look into it. If they find you are not yanking their chain, then they will turn up at that persons door and kick them in da nuts! (Figuratively speaking). Of course, the problem which really worries politicians (and some others), is the ability of people to use words well. (Called Rhetoric). The hypcritical part being, that politicians use it all the time. Combine it with carisma and you have a volitile mix. People like Adolph Hitler, David Koresh and others possessed this ability. Read any of Hitler's war time properganda speeches, and you would probably believe all he ever wanted was peace. (That nasty Poland was picking on him again!) He mentions it again and again. Yet, we see from his actions, that his actions and words did not match. In fact, many people use rhetoric in order to pursuade people to their ideas/way of thinking. Sometimes, they include bits and pieces of what they really want in their speeches. That way, at a future time, they can point out that they were very up front about what they'd said. It's really the ignorant masses as a whole who don't seem to catch on that they're being hoodwinked. The intellectuals have a habit of leaving before things get worse. Other times, I've seen people state one things, and then argue in such a way that it really says the opposite. They might claim that are 'Not against "A"', but then go on to argue "B". When you point out that they are actually against "A", they point back to the bit where they said they weren't. It becomes a tricky thing, becuase it's where a lot of racists/sexist and other 'ists like to hide. Try these on for size: I'm not against, (men/women),gays/straights),(whites/blacks/asians),(cats/dogs)etc BUT ... (insert defamation here). Here is an example: I'm not against Martians, but they roast their children alive, smell like durian and none of them should be allowed into the country. Now, if you accuse me of being racist against Martians, I of course just point to the first bit I said. "I'm not against Martians!", where the frig did you get that idea? Just because I said it, doesn't mean I didn't have another agenda. Reading William Shakespeare's, "Julius Caesar" will give you a good example of this sort of thing. That speech of Mark Antony's that starts famously as: Friends, Romans, Countrymen, lend me your ears; I come to bury Caesar, not to praise him. In it, he claimed he would not speak against Brutus and Cassius (I got to play Cassiu sin this play). Yet, without actually calling them liars, it is exactly what he did. [Note: It's in Act III towards the end if you want to find it. There are plenty of free copies of it on the internet. Just Google for it.] So, where do we all sit on 'Freedom of Speech'? I know a lot of people are for it. Some people are against it. Begin for it means letting the racists/crazies/politicians/religious/etc have their say. On the other hand, it allows you to express your point of view equally. Squashing it will only lead to the racists/crazies etc being driven underground, where they will generate a groundswell of support and sympathy as martyrs to their cause. Keeping speech as free as possible will always allow a person access to all sides of an arguement even if they can't or won't listen to the opposing side. Obviously some things should be kept secret. Police operations against criminals should be secret until after the operation. There are many other examples. Only, the things which are secret, really shouldn't be at the expense of the people. People tend to believe what they want to believe anyway. Like I keep pointing out, people are idiots (the Dilbert Principle). Even some of the greatest minds of our day have been hoodwinked, confused, incorrect and just out right dumb at times. [Myself included]. There are other times though, that people have been one hundred percent right, and yet couldn't get anyone else to believe them. Freedom of speech. Keep it as open as possible, and use it wisely.

Goals in Life - Review

Okay, as most people know, I have three main goals in life:
  • Become a Millionaire
  • Marry a Japanese Girl
  • Save the World.
Let's have a quick review to see how these major goals are going so far: Become a Millionaire: Nope ... no money. Check bank account ... nope empty. Check other bank account ... okay, a little bit of money, but doing a Big O analysis on it will leave it as basically zero. Check Managed funds ... Okay ... tens of thousands in there, but not accessible till September. Not good ... besides, it will get spent on way to UK. Check shares - Nope sold all of those! Zero. %Accomplished: ZERO. Life Game Score: ZERO. Not looking too good for Zoidberg so far. Marry a Japanese Girl Yeah, I cop a lot of flak for this one! Oh well, let's check how this is going. Am I married to a Japanese girl yet? No Am I engaged to a Japanese girl yet? No Am I dating a Japanese girl yet? No Have I ever dated one? Yes. (Phew! But that doesn't get me any closer to my goal). Am I dating anyone at present? No Do I have anyone in mind that I'd like to date? No % Accomplished: ZERO. Life Game Score: ZERO. Okay ... not looking too good. Last goal to check. Save the World Have I saved the world? No Have I even attempted to save the world? No Am I even close to having a CLUE as to how to save the world? No % Accomplished: ZERO Life Game Score: ZERO Hmmm ... not looking too good. Let's just quickly check those scores again to check if I am getting close:
  • Become a Millionaire .................... ZERO
  • Marry a Japanese Girl ................. ZERO
  • Save the World .............................. ZERO
  • ----------------------------------------
  • TOTAL ........................................... ZERO
  • ----------------------------------------
Dabido, in Life Game, you have scored Zero and acheive the rank of Looser! I better keep practicing. :-) Well, I think I am closer than last year! How are you all doing with your life goals?

Women - Know what men are really like!

I know a lot of ladies like to complain that they don't understand men, or they don't understand why they can't get a BF. Well, it's time that you stopped your complaining and worked out a strategy based on this information concerning men I am about to give to you all.
Ladies, everything you need to know to figure out men.
Here we go...
  1. The nice men are ugly.
  2. The handsome men are not nice.
  3. The handsome and nice men are gay.
  4. The handsome, nice, heterosexual men are married.
  5. The men who are not so handsome, but nice, have no money.
  6. The men who are not so handsome, but nice, with money, think we are only after their money. :)
  7. The handsome men without money are after our money.
  8. The handsome men, who are not so nice, and heterosexual, don't think we are beautiful enough.
  9. The men who think we are beautiful (who are heterosexual, somewhat nice, and have money), are cowards.
  10. The men who are somewhat handsome, somewhat nice, have some money, and are heterosexual, are shy & NEVER MAKE THE FIRST MOVE!
  11. The men who never make the first move, automatically lose interest in us when we take the initiative.
NOW... I've given you the low-down on men! Make a plan and go out and capture yourself one! :-) :-) [Not me, I'm made of Teflon!] If you can't get a man after this, pack up, go home and become a nun!

Would You Have Been A Nazi?

Below is the results from the "Would You Have Been A Nazi?" Test. Actually, when I look at WWII, and the great Brain Drain which occurred before the war. If I was in Germany (asa German)I would have possibly done a similar thing as what Thomas Mann & family did. I would have left the country. Worried greatly (as it's extremely difficult fighting the Government over anything. I know, I've done it for real). So I would have done the brave thing, and ran away. *Cue "Brave Sir Robin" song from Holy Grail*
The Expatriate
Achtung! You are 30% brainwashworthy, 18% antitolerant, and 23% blindly patriotic
Congratulations! You are not susceptible to brainwashing, your values and cares extend beyond the borders of your own country, and your Blind Patriotism ("patriotism" for short) does not reach unhealthy levels. In Germany in the 30s, you would've left the country.

One bad scenario -- as I hypothetically project you back in time -- is that you just wouldn't have cared one way or the other about Nazism. Maybe politics don't interest you enough. But the fact that you took this test means they probably do. I'm gonna give you the benefit of the doubt.

Did you know that many of the smartest Germans departed prior to the beginning of World War II, because they knew some evil shit was brewing? Brain Drain. Many of them were scientists. It is very possible you could be one of them, depending on your age.

Conclusion: Born and raised in Germany in the early 1930's, you would not have been a Nazi.

My test tracked 3 variables How you compared to other people your age and gender:
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You scored higher than 36% on brainwashworthy
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You scored higher than 0% on antitolerant
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You scored higher than 27% on patriotic
Link: The Would You Have Been a Nazi Test written by jason_bateman on Ok Cupid

05 August, 2005

Have You Heard of Contraception?

*Hops on soap box* Let's start with some controversy: Perth - Abortion capital of Australia. (They said that on the news) Without wading into the pro-life/pro-choice arguement, it still worries me that so many abortions are carried out when perfectly good methods of contraception are available. Both sides of the abortion debate agree that abortions are things which should be avoided if possible. (At least we have some agreement there - and this area is where we are heading tonight!) The other night on the news, they had the figures (well, a rounded figure) for abortions carried out this year. Let's do some calculations. Last year, 0.6% of the total population of Perth had abortions. That's TOTAL POPULATION. 48% of the Total population are MALE. They can't get pregnant without a lot of medical intervention! Let's suppose that the Male/Female ratio of Perth is normal to that of the rest of the earth. That means 48% Male, 52% Female (yes, we mere males are outnumbered. Better get a BF fast girls, or be prepared to eat carpet!) That leaves us with 1.1% of the total female population who had abortions this year. Hold on, not all females are either old enough to conceive, or are way too old to conceive. I have no idea exactly how many women are in the 'able to conceive' bracket, but let's (just as a rough guestimate) say it is 50%. We now have 2.2% of the Females who are able to conceive having abortions in the last year. I did a quick search on google, and found that 10% of the female population is Lesbian. Now, I'm not sure about you, but I am pretty sure that women with women don't conceive too often. But still, we now have a figure of 2.5% of straight/able to conceive women having abortions in this city. That's being conservative too. With our conservative estimate, what if this figure never changes for this city, and what if every straight/ able to conceive woman only ever had one abortion in a life time. It would take 40 years for all to have had one abortion. Of course, I didn't take into account a lot of factors when working this out. Like religious women who would never have an abortion, or the fact that many women have multiple abortions. (I remember reading about a prostitute who had had seventeen abortions) At the end of the day though, I think both sides of this arguement will agree that 2.5% (conservative estimate) of the straight / able to conceive women having abortions is too much. Now, at the risk of isolating myself from both the Pro-Groups, I am once again going to chuck my opinion into the ring (and beleive me, I have had people on BOTH sides of this argument get very upset at me!) It's a thing I originally called 'Third Wave' about ten or so years ago. (Don't ask me why, I don't know why I called it that except that it was a Third Opinion in an otherwise polarised argument between two groups). The general basis of my 'Third Wave' thinking (in any arguement, not just this one) is to aim for the root cause of the problem. Normally I find that polarised groups have what they believe is the 'better' of the solutions to a problem. By ignoring 'solutions' and looking at the underlying problem, I usually wish to find things which can be done on a more practical level. In the case of this argument, billions of dollars (Yes Billions) are spent each year on both sides lobbying and trying to push each others opinions down the throats of people trying to force them to change sides. The problem is, that in cases like this the groups are normally VERY polarised. Normally so indoctrinated into their beliefs that few ever change their minds. So what is happening to all this money they are spending? Basically, it's wasted. I know I've heard a few peopl eon both sides make comments that if only one person changes their mind, it's money well spent. Sorry, I disagree. A billion dollars to change a persons mind to your belief is money wasted, especially if the other side of the argument is doing exactly the same thing. My solution. Take all that money, and use it to EDUCATE people on good contraceptive methods etc. Part of it has to go to the root of the problem - MENS ATTITUDES TOWARDS WOMEN. I know years ago when I used to do drug rehab, I meet a guy who always refused to use contraception. At fifteen years of age, he'd fathered two children and many of his GF's had had abortions. FIFTEEN! After talking to him, I found his attitude towards women dismal. His belief that the problem was the girls and not his was equally poor. He felt the girls father was the one who should then bring up/take responsibility for the child. Why didn't this fifteen year old believe in contraception? Well, for one, he didn't like the feel of condoms. That was the only contraceptive he'd ever heard of. I felt it was a pity that somewhere along the road of life, he'd never been taught how to take responsibilty for his own actions. (A lot of being adult IS about taking responsibility). It is shameful that in this day and age that proper contraception and responsibility is somehow avoided by youth. The lives he is throwing into turmoil are those of the young girls and his own childrens, yet he walks away without a care to repeat the process somewhere else. A good well funded education program aimed at both him and the girls would have hopefully avoided all the problems. I know there will always be idiots out there, and a lot of them will never listen no matter how much you try to drum the message into them. Still, when 99.95% of all abortions are because people did not bother to use adaquate contraception, you must wonder what would have happened if adaquate education was available. In some places, there is little or no education. I went through the sex education they have in Australian schools, and in year ten, we were given ONE talk on contraception. It lasted about half an hour to an hour. I personally think it probably wasn't enough. Still, I at least caught the message.
Going through an abortion is a lot worse than using some form of adequate contraception. Contraception is NOT a womens problem, it is also an issue for MEN to get involved with. Men are equally responsible for ensure that they do not cause unwanted pregnancies. At least with DNA testing now, we can prove who the father is. It can at least add the ability to place the responsiblity firmly on the shoulders of the correct man. I say, hit them in their wallet! If they don't care about what happens to the woman, at least make them care about what happens to their wallet. While we're at it, make them go around to different schools and inform the guys what happens when you don't care about the woman you're screwing. So message for today - stop wasting money trying to convert people who will never change their minds! Aim to solve the problem at it's root cause! Educate the masses and make sure they KNOW what adaquate contraception means! Make the MALE of the species more responsible for his own actions. Make sure the FEMALE of the species knows the concequences of unprotected sex! Men, care for your partner! Women, care about yourselves. Flame away Pro-choice-life advocates! I fear you not! *Hops off soap box*