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28 December, 2005

Tokyo Gay Hamster Wars Fourteen (The Manga with Chocolate Chips included!)

'Uhuh! Uhuh! James? I think I'm hungry again. Uhuh! Uhuh!' Said George. James looked up from a newspaper he was reading He had found it in the rubbish. 'Well, we are growing rather large George. I have that craving for Misu soup again. We need to capture a human who can cook for us. We also need to find somewhere close to the elixir maker in order to make sure nothing bad happens to him.' 'Uhuh! Uhuh! Maybe, we can find an unused apartment in their building. Uhuh! Uhuh!' 'Good thinking George. Or better yet, we'll find an apartment where someone is always resident, that way, they can become our cook, and we get to live there.' George looked across the street at the apartment building. Both he and James were on the top of the building opposite the street. He had been keeping a careful eye on the comings and goings of the residents. He'd seen Arlo enter. He had also seen the two Vampires climb the outside of the building. It didn't occur to George that this was unusual behaviour for humans. 'Uhuh! Uhuh! Maybe, once we take over the apartment, we can take over the entire block. Then, the city, then the world. Uhuh! Uhuh!' 'That was precisely my thinking Georgie boy. With our new increased intelligence, opposable thumbs, and ability to take in information at an alarming rate, I was thinking, tonight, we do Ninja training.' 'Uhuh! Uhuh! Fantastic James! Uhuh! Uhuh!' 'What is the status on the surveillance George my boy?' 'Uhuh! Uhuh! That strange lady from the top floor has just arrived back. All her neck is bandaged up and she looks really tired. She is going up to the top floor. Arlo still hasn't left. Those climbing girls are still in the elixir's apartment. The elixir and his friend are still in there with Arlo. I think Arlo is trying to get them to make some more. The fat guy on the second floor is still lying naked on the balcony. The man who wears a dress is now in a suit and going down the stairs. The lady on the second floor, well, she's watching television. Uhuh! Uhuh!' 'Brilliant! I think our best target, is the lady on the top floor. Time for operation Daylight Forward Assault, Roof Top Leap!' 'Uhuh! Uhuh!' George and James had planned it the night before. They had set up what they needed, and everything was in place. George flicked a switch on his little remote control. Smoke canisters fired and purple smoke began issuing from the roof to hide what they were up to. A robotic arm flung another smoke cannister across the street onto the opposite roof top. Another robotic arm, hidden in the lawn outside Deib's apartment threw a smoke cannister into his apartment through one of the unbroken windows. Deib's apartment began to fill with purple smoke. George and James, already attired in combat fatigues, now donned plastic helmets and parachutes. They stood on a little platform. 'Pull, George!' cried James. George flicked a switch. The platform thrust them upwards and across the street. Of course, amongst all the purple smoke, it was difficult for anyone to see the two hamsters as they caused two purple smoke streaks across the sky. As they were passing the top of Deib's building, they pulled their rip chords and their parachutes opened. They floated down, landing them directly in the middle of the roof. James ripped his chute off, and raced for the door to the apartments. George ripped his off and ran to the side of the building. He clipped himself onto an abseiling rope and descended onto Tanaka San's balcony. Tanaka san, who had only recently arrived at the front of her apartment, had just opened the door, when a rather large hamster, the size of a corgi, arrived at the door, and pushed her into the apartment. To her shock, there was another one waiting for her inside, that had come in through the balcony door. After the vampire attack from the previous night, Tanaka san's mental state was rather fragile, and she promptly fainted. Not wanting to take a risk, and sticking to their plan, George promptly injected her with a needle to keep her asleep and took her keys. He and James raced out the door, and down the stairs. They got to the front of Deib's apartment and George started to try Tanaka San's keys. She was the landlady, so he knew one of them must fit. One of them did. He opened the door, and purple smoke billowed out of the doorway. George quickly entered followed by James. No sooner had they entered, than George came flying out and smashed into the wall knocking him unconscious. James followed and the two hamsters lay their motionless. 'Mel, why did you kick the doggy?' 'You kicked one too Meg.' 'Only after I saw you kick the first one.' 'Isn't it obvious that when someone smashes a window, chucks smoke into your apartment and races in, that they are trying to steal something?' 'Um ... maybe. Why did you kick the doggy?' 'It's an intruder! Someone is sending vicious attack dogs to kill Deib's and Niku. Let's check the basement for them and make sure they are alright.' 'What will we do with the doggies?' 'Leave them Meg, they'll hopefully come too and run off. I've been programmed not to hurt dumb animals if I can help it.' 'Okay, but I think we need to shut the door.' 'Good idea Meg.' Meg shut the door, leaving George and James lying in the hall. To any passers-by they would just look like two normal small dogs, that some cruel owner had dressed up in Army Uniforms.