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16 January, 2006


I was just talking to my friend Adel (the Angel) who lives in Kota Kinbalu ... I think I just discovered another REASON for VISITING MALAYSIA very soon! The PADAS RIVER!!!!! It has White Water Rafting! It's only grade 3 and 4 rapids (which is tame ... but not many grade 5 around). It's still enough to have fun. Plus, it has an Orangutan park close by (where Adel said I can visit my cousins! lol) I noticed a few other river tours ... but all look too tame ... Grade 1 & 2?? URGH! Translate that as PADDLING A LOT! Then there is the Sungai Selangor near KL in West Malaysia ... grade 2 to 4 ... Urgh, more paddling to get to the good grade 4 bits. Urgh! HATE GRADE 1 & 2 ... 3 is okay as long as most of the rivers are 4 and 5! But, looks like they also have Mountain Biking, Mountain Climbing, Diving, and near some hot springs (ONSEN in Japanese)!!! Why the FRIG am I STILL in AUSTRALIA! Oh that;s right, they have those things here too ... except the hot springs and Orangutans ... but we have Kangaroos ... and man eating sharks ... and snakes ... and killer fish/shells/jellyfish ... BUT ... I think Northern Borneo might be a great place for me to Visit ... meet with Adel and do heaps of crazy stufffff! WOO HOOO!