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17 January, 2006

The Power of Meme

Seems as I wrote this as a Comment (and let's face it, some of my comments are like posts of their own), I decided to post it here. The Power of Meme! [From the sound track, Hack To The Future ... or something ... by some band called Duey Dewis and the Dews or something ... who can remember back that far.] The power of Meme is a curious thing Make a one man weep, make another man sing Gives you something to say, or so it seem, More than a blog post, that’s the power of meme. Tougher than diamonds, rich like cream Stronger and harder than a bad girl’s dream Make a bad one good make a wrong one right Power of meme that keeps you thinking all night Chorus 1 : You won’t get money, won’t get fame Won’t increase traffic or create your a name It’s strong and it’s sudden and it’s cruel sometimes And it might just Blow your mind, That’s the power of meme That’s the power of meme First time you get tagged, it might make you sad Next time you get tagged it might make you mad But you’ll be glad baby when you’re done, Cause some of those Memes make you wanna run. Chorus 2 : And it won’t make money, won’t make fame Won't increase blog traffic or make your name, It’s strong and it’s sudden it can be cruel sometimes And it might even blow your mind. They say that all you post is fair Yeah, but you don’t care But you know what to do When it gets hold of you And with a little help from a primal scream You feel the power of meme You feel the power of meme Can you feel it ? Hmmm Chorus 3 : It won’t make money and it won’t make fame Won’t get you laid or deflect the blame Tougher than diamonds and stronger than steel You won’t feel nothin’ till you feel You feel the power, just the power of Meme That’s the power, that’s the power of Meme You feel the power of meme You feel the power of meme Feel the power of meme