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25 January, 2006

Yeah, I am old - Gilligan Islands Test.

Growing up I used to watch Gilligan's Island a LOT ... here is how I went on a Gilligan's Island test ... Congratulations, you have successfully completed the Gilligans Island Fun test! 87 percent correct! Not bad considering I wasn't sure about the names of some of the episodes. I hate the fact that episodes have names, but they're not usually included as part of the 'titles' in a lot of series. Unless you own the DVD or Video, you don't know them. Anyway, 87% I think is pretty good for an old codger like me. I won't bother linking to the site, as I figure most of you probably have never heard of the show ... or have heard of it, and stick it in the Brady Bunch category of 'Sixties and Seventies' crazy TV Shows. :-)