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26 January, 2006

Australia Day

Today is Australia Day. We celebrate the Federation of Australia. A lot of people think it celerates the arrival of white guys, but it doesn't. Australia Day celebrates us no longer being a Colony, but being a country in our own right ... which is one hundred and a bit years worth of being a Federation of States. White guys were hear over one hundred years before that happened. Like most Aussies, I like Australia, but don't like the Government. Let's face it, we have very few talented politicians. One of the reasons, is all the talented peopel go into Business or move overseas where they become millionaires, billionaires, or just have a nice life style far away from the maddening clods in Canberra. Today, we're going to my sisters place. I've been told to be ready by 2PM ... but we're not eating till 5 PM ... WAH!! 3 hours at my sisters! Waaah! NO, LONGER ... WAAAH! We don't get to eat till 5 ... which means, we'll have to be there at least until 6 or 7 or ... waaaah! This is what will happen - we get there, the cricket will be on TV ... the guys will watch the cricket a bit ... but I dont' like it ... neither does Jeff ... so really, we're all watching it becuase my brother Paul and my Brother in-law like it ... Then, we'll go and play cricket in the back yard a bit to keep the kids entertained and hoep Joshua (my nephew) doesn't beat anyone to death with the cricket bat ... mainly his brother Elijah ... Then, we'll sit around and talk a little. Then, we'll eat ... and talk some more ... and go home. I feel bored already! Can someone shoot me now?