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15 January, 2006

Is Pluto Probe Needed?

I discovered today to my horror, that NASA is getting ready to fire an Altas 5 Rocket with the intent to probe Pluto. One must wonder what this lovable Disney Dog has done to deserve this unpresidented action against itself. Sure, as a dog he probably needs to be de-wormed, but a probe on the end of an Atlas 5 rocket is just plain overkill. Is the action a knee jerk reaction to the Disney marketing machine? Or are geeks at NASA just making a statement on the perpetual copyright Disney seems to have acheived for it's much loved characters? And at the end of the day, why should Pluto be the one to bear the brunt of NASA's ire? After all, as a dumb dog, he obviously has done nothing wrong in order to be treated this way. NASA rocket scientist Reginald 'We love Bugs Bunny ' Dweeble was asked if there was some sort of ANTI Disney thing happening. 'No, no. Not at all.' 'Then why have you painted "Eat This Mickey" on the side of the rocket?' 'Well, it's actually an anagram, so what you are reading isn't what's really being meant.' 'And what does that anagram unscramble to?' 'Eat Sh*t Mickey.' There is a secondary conspiracy theory that NASA is trying to break into Disney's vaults in order to unfreeze Walt Disney and put him in charge of Iraq as a Pro US lead Government. 'We are hoping Iraq will become the second "Happiest Place on Earth". Some of the rides will include the "Abu Ghraib House of Horror", and "Presidential Popularity Rollercoaster ride". The Anthrax flavoured ice cream has proven very bad in the market testing, but we're hoping to make that up with the Camel flavoured souffle', said a representative for NASA's planning and infrastructure Department. 'It will be without a doubt more popular than the moon base fun park, which hasn't had a visitor since nineteen seventy four.'