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22 January, 2006

The Meme I thought I escaped!

I don't mind doing memes - even if Other Kenny hates me doing them ... Other Kenny, ignore this post and read the rest. (It's not hard to do if you try).

Wonder if all the memes have to do with the end of the year of the Rooster?

The Four Thing-a-me Jiggy Meme.

4 jobs you’ve had in your life: - Studio Musician - (Listed first, as it even impresses other musicians.) Graphic Artist/Designer - (My Favourite Job of all time - I actually used to LEAP out of bed to go to work all happy) Network Engineer - (Seems it's sort of what I do now, and was last job I had where someone employed me). System Administrator - (Listed because it was hell trying to explain to management what the problem was - 13 hour days, 12+ machines and only me doing the work. Pttthhhh!).

4 movies you could watch over and over: Seven Samurai - Akira Kurosawa classic flick (actually, I could watch most of his movies) The Big Sleep - Humphrey Bogart classic, from the Raymond Chandler Novel which I also own. Pulp Fiction - Because it's one of the COOLEST movies evar made. (And I own the Script for it too ... do you like how I didn't even have to edit ST's comment!) :-) A Clockwork Orange - Because it was also a great Anthony Burgess book, and the movie should have included the last chapter ... but bloody Kubrik used the American version of the novel which cut the last chapter out ... typical Americans not understanding art!

4 TV shows you love(d) to watch: - TV?? I think I have a vague recollection of it. Futurama (because it's all true) The Simpsons Battlestar Gallactica Mythbusters

4 places you’ve lived: Penang, Malaysia Perth, Australia Sydney, Australia Adelaide, Australia

4 places you’ve been on vacation to: Hawaii Cairns, (North Qld Australia) Paris, (France) Italy

4 places you would rather be: Florence, Italy Japan Sydney, Australia Somewhere I haven't been before (Either in Asia, the Americas, Africa, Europe, Antarctica, Oceania ... anywhere but here! waaah!) :-)

4 of your favourite foods: Pizza Vegetarian Lasagne Vegie Burgers (made in an Aussie way, with egg, and beetroot and pineapple) Pavlova (It's a yummy Aussie cake named after a Russian Ballerina!)

4 websites you visit daily: Suanie's Blog ST's Blog Slashdot MySpace (Because one of my friends always comments or sends me a message)

4 (victims) tagged:

Hmmmmm, for once, I might leave it for the readers to nab off me. First four people to grab it can run with it. Just leave a comment to say you've taken the meme so I can come check it out when you've finished.