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19 January, 2006

Have you heard of ...

... Mike the Headless Chicken? It's true. I only discovered about Mike, because my nephew was over today (and KY will be glad that the one that pointed to FStress Ladybugs and said Elephants the other week, today pointed at them and said, 'Ladybugs'. Unfortunately, that Nephew still thinks everything else is either a Tiger, Monkey, Elephant or Mouse ... oh well, he is only young) Getting back to Mike though, my Nephew Ethan was telling me about it, as he had it in one of his 'TRUE FACTS' type books. Plus, apparently a scientist had spoken about it on TV the other day, so my sister and nephews were telling us all about Mike ... so I looked it up. It disturbed my mother slightly, but if you go to the webpage linked above and click on the button labeled 'Mike's Story', then you can see a picture of him. I'm not including one here in case there are people who might be disturbed by the pictures.
Two weeks ago channel two (ABC) ran a two part documentary on Andy Warhol. Being the artistic type, I watched it. This week, they had another 'Andy Warhol' doco in the same place. It had a different title in the TV Guide to the one which ran over the last two weeks, so I tuned in. I stayed up to watch it ... and discovered they were just repeating the exact same ONE!!!!11111 I watched it anyway. Nothing better than re-inforcing something throguh watching it twice ... and I liked the documentary. I know a lot of people hate Modern Art And Andy's pop art and stuff ... but, everyone is entitled to their own opinons. I find it sort of funny that in real life, the Abstract Impressionists (Jackson Pollock etc) and the Pop Artist (Andy Warhol etc) didn't like each other much, as my mother hates all the art both groups produced. I've often wondered if the type of art produced has anything to do with the type of mental illness suffered by the artist. Rothko with his big squares and his depression which eventually lead to his suicide. Pollock and his internal turmoil abstract impressionism which lead to his self destructive nature and eventual death while driving drunk. Andy with his extreme introversion and obsessive compulsive behavior which lead to his pop art, repetitive soup cans and time capsules. Carravaggio with his perfectionism who had a volitile temper and his tennis partner murdered for beating him in a match. How much do psychologists use art to diagnose peoples illnesses? Can it also tell other things about a persons personality ... their fears maybe ... is that what inkblot tests are for? What might my own art say about me? Food for thought ... Getting back to programs being REPEATED though ... I'm getting tired of what TV Stations are doing now. Not only the re-running of an Andy Warhol documentary back to back. Last night we had the 'ENCORE' performance of Supernatural ... when LOST was first shown they also had an encore performance ... as well as other series. As they are Encored within a week of being shown, we know they're planning these encores ... it's like they dont' ahve enough quality shows being made, that when they get something they think will hook you, the run an encore just to make sure you saw the first episode. I guess to a certain extent they're also hoping that someone you know saw the first episode and said, 'This was great, you need to watch it!' That was what sort of happened last night with me, my mother was confused between the meaning of 'Encore' and 'Premier', tellin gme she saw 'Supernatural' so she couldn't understand how they could have an ENCORE again. I had to explain that you can have as many encores as you like, as they're repeat playings AFTER the first one. The one she'd seen was the Premier. She told me the show was really scarey and stuff, and was good ... so I watched it. I didn't find it scarey at all ... it was okay, but I didn't think it was anything fantastic. It reminded me of when I was young and used to stay awake late at night to watch 'The Night Stalker' which was about a guy who tracked down Vampires, witches etc. One of the first 'occult' type thriller series. Anyway, I think it's one of those TV series I don't have to watch. It didn't capture my imagination that much. Also, the fact they are trying to find their father who has disappeared reminds me a bit of KUNG FU with Cain trying to find his long lost brother.