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15 January, 2006

Yesterday 14 Jan 06

Got up yesterday morning, and before I coul deven shower or have breakfast, my mother was on about me putting floorboards in my bedroom. I wouldn't have minded, but I had already worked out I was one box short of being able to do it ... my mother insisted though, giving me the 'David is sooo lazy' routine and acting all upset and angry at me. So, I moved a heap of stuff out of my room. I sat down and quickly wrote out my post for yesterday ... only I still hadn't had Breakfast or anything ... my mother caught me and gave me an earful of how lazy I am. I told her I was having a quick rest after all that stuff I'd moved out of the bedroom. She told me I'd rested last night, so I shouldn't be stopping. I finished the post and went back to emptying the room. At One in the afternoon I stopped and HAD BREAKFAST! At last ... only now she was complaining that I had moved things out of my bedroom! Waaah! [At least she let me have breakfast]. She also started raving on about how I never do housework ... which is funny, as she ALWAYS uses the 'David Never Does Housework' rant whenever she catches me doing any housework. My room was actually dust free, except where dust had collected under my TV set and stuff. Due to me cleaning under the TV etc after moving them out, she launched into the 'David doesn't do housework' rant ... BUT I WAS CLEANING!!!! AND EVERYTHING ELSE WAS CLEAN ALREADY BECAUSE I DO CLEAN MY ROOM!!!! WAAAH! No wonder I never like to do such things when people are around! There was a lack of space, so I had to leave my Queen Size bed in the room. The room is only 3 metres by 2.8 metres, and the bed takes up most of the room, but I have some highrise constructed wooden things I made where most of my belongings go ... I was also forced to leave the wardrobe in the room. I had previously gone to ask my brother to help me move the Workbench with Circular saw outside, but my mother told me off, telling me that doing my room was something I wanted to do on my own! [I do????] Actually, often my mother gives me the 'This is something you want/have to do on your own', speach. What it actually translates to is she WANTS me to do it on my own. It's usually when she's in her 'David's so lazy' mode. Anyway, I had got to the point that I HAD to ask my brother to move the workbench for me. So we did. Ten minutes later, my brother was back in his room. My mother looked in the room as I was doing it, then knocked on my brother's door and said, 'David needs your help.' HUH???? I had never asked for help. So my brother comes down to my bedroom, 'What do you want?' 'Nothing. I'm fine.' 'Really? Mum said you needed help.' 'Nope!' I think it was because I was succeeding that she did that. My family never likes it when someone [meaning ME] proves they can do things without help. I've always been told off for being too independant ... well, tough luck mum, you give me restrictions and I work around them. Putting the plastic and underlay on the floor was difficult because of the bed and wardrobe, but I did it. I then laid all the floor boards I could, with 1 metre left that I couldn't do because we needed that last box. So, I was unable to put things back in my room, as I had this 1 metre gap in the floor. I just set the bed up again and brought a few clothes etc back in the room. My mother then complained that I had all my stuff everywhere else ... well, DUH! I hadnt' wanted to start the room till I had the last box for the floor boards, but my mother had insisted as she wants the work bench returned to Paul. I got annoyed, as my mother told my sister that I WAS IN A HURRY TO RETURN THE WORKBENCH! I hate it when she twists things like that. It's sort of funny in a way, as my mother ALWAYS does that to me. I often hear her on the phone telling people, 'Oh yeah, David is Soooo excited about that.' When my cousin announced he was having a wedding where everyone had to dress up in Rennaisance costumes, my mother asked me what I thought. I'd said, 'Good.' I think that was all. A few days later I heard her telling my cousin I was, 'So excited about getting dressed up.' She went into great description about all these things I had supposedly said. It's annoying. When I was younger, I always thought she was coving up for what was often my indifference. Or maybe she was doing it to boost the other persons ego. Now I'm really not sure what it is. I do know one thing though, it gives people a very warped view of me and what I actually like. I prefer it when she just tells people I don't speak, I only grunt. At least it doesn't involve making crap up. A more normal conversation would then ensure ... something like this: 'So, what's David think about it all then?' 'He grunted.' 'Great, at least we know he isn't opposed to it. then.' And there we would have it. Too often my mother translates my grunts into something so totally different to my feelings that peopel get really wrong impressions. I'd often get weird conversations like this: 'David, we're really sorry but [X Event] isn't going to be happening anymore.' 'Huh?' Dabido racks brain trying to figure out what the frig [X Event] was all about anyway. 'Yeah, your mother told us how excited you were about it, we thought we'd apologise in person seems as you're going to be so disappinted.' 'Um ... yeah ... thanks.' Dabido stands there still wondering what the frig [X Event] is, was or was going to be! I'd later find out that my mother had told me of some event or something in passing. I'd remember her telling me, but also remember that I wasn't enthused in the least ... but somehow my mother had managed to tell everyone far and wide how excited I was and all the things I was planning to do at said event. Geees, it's annooooying!!! I live in fear of all the crap she tells people. I can't wait for my next conversation with someone: 'What? I am disappointed that the Yak Baking Contest has been cancelled?! ... Oh, my mother told you I was looking foward to killing my own Yak ... well, I guess that's what most vegetarians look forward to doing on their weekends!!!! BAH!' When I was younger, people always used to wonder why my emotions never seemed to coincide with the level my mother had informed them I was experiencing ... well, now everyone knows ... well, everyone who reads this anyway! But, I still have all my stuff outside my bedroom, and my mother is complaining what an inconvenience it is for her (like, if she had of just let me do the lot tomorrow after getting the box of floor boards she wouldn't have this problem ... but she SOOO wanted that work bench returned to my brother ... and, well now, she has to put up with it!)