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22 January, 2006

Slightly Annoyed

I'm slightly annoyed today. Mainly as I've been visiting a Japanese Blog, written in japanese and all, and yesterday I wrote a comment. Today, I went back to the site, and my comment had been removed. I'd love to find out why she removed my comment ... maybe she discovered I was a baka gaijin! Darn! Maybe she realised I was 40 years old and thought I was hitting on her ... which I wasnt ... I'm not hitting on anyone at present ... Well, I decided not to get too annoyed by it. It's not like I was ever going to meet up with her or anything. There are much better Japanese girls around my own age who will give me time of day. But, I thought, rather than linking to her site (as obviously she doesn't want to know us NON-JAPANESE people), I'll link to this other site, so that we can all practice ways to annoy people ... just in case I do meet her in person and decide to annoy her. I've been trying to return my brother's workbench ... but my mother wanted me to put off phoning him till today ... so I phoned and he went out and I was told he'd be home by six ... so I've phoned a few times ... and he still hasn't answered my call or returned my message ... my mother is sort of saying that she knew he wouldn't want it back today ... so why did she make me wait to phone him today ... grrrrr! Slightly annoyed at that. The stupid thing is in the back of my car still ... and everytime I need to go shopping for my mtoher or something I have to remove it to go ... grrrrr! And she won't let me bring it back in the house. Grrrr! Oh well. Doesn't matter! Will be okay once the workbench gets returned!