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18 January, 2006

Poem - the Added Challenge

Decided to do the MEME thing as a poem as well, just as an added challenge. {And to annoy Kenny ... just kidding Kenny}. :-) Also, to add some restrictions, I decided the words MUST end any of the lines they are used in.
TEN WORD DETERMINED POEM 'Open other end', mumbled I, Flipping package addressed to me, Something ordered on-line by, Mistakenly thinking it said, 'Free.' From following a link named, ' blowjob' Hoping to spy naked legs or napes, Only to discover an ugly blob, And cellulite as big as grapes. Clicking mouse button random Promising unlimited power To increase my loving fandom, My popularity turning sour. In battling human loneliness No Girlfriend, wife, or son or daughter Hoping to nab a glimps of supermodel Posed on beach or in some water. Opening the package not forgot, Hoping porn movie or pretty boo, Instead it was a tiny robot Programmed to play the movie Betty Blue.
[Betty Blue is a French Film ... controversial because of it's explicit sex scenes, though it's not considered porn.] THUS Ends the Poem I suggested could be done using the Ten Words ... Next Post 'Tokyo Gay Hamster Wars Part SoxTeen'