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21 January, 2006

Better Learning Methods

I was just ignoring Billy Madison on TV (the Adam Sandler Movie), which just happens to be playing in the background while I'm working away writing. There's a scene where Billy is required to learn, and his GF / Teacher decides that for every question he gets correct, she'll take some of her clothes off. Now, being a nice movie and all, of course she doesn't take anything off ... but I was wondering, with the way most men (and possible women) get horny, is there soem better learnign method we're missing out on. Why not combine strip poker with learning software? I'm surprised someone hasn't done it yet. Men are proven to be more visual than women, but I'm sure a version with hunky men striping might still work for them. I personally believe teenage grades would improve remarkably if this software was incorporated into schools ... and Universities ... and, well, I'm sure Rosetta Stone would sell more Language Learning software if they also had the concept. Of course, not everyone is motivated by someone stripping (let's call it Deadly Sin One - LUST ... it's actually considered seventh, but who cares). So let's face it, we'll need to somehow incorporate some other versions of the software to include chocolate cake dispening (Glutony); real live applause (Pride); cash dispensing (imagine a teenageers allowance being hooked into the machine ... in order to buy ANYTHING they're forced to study!!! ... oh that one's Greed); the machine zaps one of the users enemies (wrath/anger); Or the machine takes away something your enemy owns (envy) ... of course, that enemy can get it restored by passing their studies ... so it sort of evens out. I know, you're probably wondering, what about deadly sin sloth ... sure, I could reward the wayward teeenager with more sleep time in the morning, but the software is really filling people with the zeal to study, so it's sort of counterproductive to allow the student to sleep in when we've just kept them up all night making them study ... they just have to sleep during class like I used to. :-)