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25 January, 2006

Narcissus Post on Kimberlys Site.

I've done the rounds at the normal 33 blogs I visit each day. Actually, there are a few more than that, but they are the 'Personal Ones', not the ones like Slashdot. Some of them I seldom comment on ... because, well, I have nothing to say to them, I just go there for a read. I also did a quick post at Kimberly-cuns site on Narcissus. When I say post, it was converting a draft to a post. I'm not sure how they are decidin who posts when at the moment, but it looks like a new post goes up every twelve hours at present. I quite like guest blogging, as it means someone somewhere thinks I write goodly ... um ... er ... write well. I've been suffering from a ulcer at the back of my throat. It normally means one of my allergies has been set off. normally the allergy to sodium benzoate causes that one ... but, might be something else. I also suffered from a bad headache for about a week, which I thought was going to turn into a migraine (yeah, I get migraines. If you don't know about them go read a medical website about the fun and excitement of those. I'd hate to have lived in the days where they didn't have medication for those things). I'll tell you a funny story about one of my migraines. It came on really bad one weekend, so I took some Mersyndol. In the old days, they only had the stuff which used to knock you out ... and I mean, that stuff used to make me sleep. Now you can get it and it will allow you to remain awake. I like the stuff which knocks you out. Anyway, this migraine came on, and I took the Mersyndol that knocks me out. I slept for eight hours straight. Normally, you wake up and the migraine has gone ... in my case it hadn't. Darn persistant migraine. One of my Doctors has a theory that my vomiting and stomach bleeding problems are related to my migraines. I hope he finds a link and a cure if it is. That reminds me, remember I bloged about a week ago about seeing the Doctor and doig the blood test ... well, I didnt' get a phone call, so obviously I don't have stomach ulcer causing Helicobacteria ... darn! That would have solved a problem very quickly! Darn stomach problems. I wish someone somewhere could work out what was causing my problems! Now, back to studying. I WANT my CCIE!!!!! [Which is a Cisco Certification for those too lazy to click the link.]