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20 January, 2006

Coming Last in the Human Race.

On Monday they're playing a documentary on TV about how there is no such thing as race amongst humans. In fact, Scientists proved years ago that there was no such thing as race ... we're all ONE RACE. HUMAN. I can't remember if I've blogged before on it, but I do know that I've commented before on it. So, where does that leave racists like the KKK, because they obviously can't play the 'RACIAL SUPERIORITY' card any more. Race is no more than pointing out differences amongst our fellow humans, even though for years we've seperated Homo Sapiens into three distinct groups -Caucasion (White arsed chimps with no rhythm), African (Dark skinned people who are born singing the blues and want to eat white folks babies) and Asian (skin sort of between Caucasion and African, and they're all born knowing martial arts and sing off key ... William hung you hero!) Yeah, yeah! I threw some of the racial biasts in the brackets just to add some flavour [stoopid white honky that I am] ... but, I often tell people about how I am mixed race ... btu I guess that isn't true. My Great Grandfather was black, [not sure if it is African or Caucasian - such as Indian], my mothers side has Chinese, my fathers side has Vietnamese ... but it really doesn't matter, as there isnt any race any more. We're all descended from the same group of people from about 10,000 years ago. That's not actually that long ago at all. Maybe the Tower of Babel actually took place. BUT, at the end of the day, person X down the road who is a KKK member, with blue eyes and blonde hair, might actually be more closely related and share more DNA with his Black Panther counterpart down the other road, than he has with his other KKK members. It's funny to think about. We're all more closely related than we think. (Or thought). I know I've spoken on line about it before ... even argued. There are plenty of books out there to show this too, so I'm not making it up ... but, now that we've known about it for at least ten years (cause I remember discussing it with friends - especially after articles in TIMES and other magazines). Finally, they have something on TV which hopefully will offer more insight and more of the latest scientific information. The more they look into human DNA and how we're all interrelated, the more they're finding that we have more in common than we at first thought. But, I am wondering how racism will mutate. Which is the question I was trying to get to after all that meandering. The main reason being the fact that now that they've proven beyond scientific doubt that we're all very much related, what can the racists do? They no longer can create myths or claim one race is better than the other, after all, we're all the same race. So what if Joe down the road has dark hair and brown eyes, so do a lot of other people. So his skin is darker than yours, that's really all it is, is dark skin ... and where else do they have to go? The rest od the DNA might be the same as blonde haired blue eyes KKK'er. My guess on the possible racist mutations will be along these lines: First, the denial group. These are the people who will reject anything proven, and will hide behind either religion or false science in order to maintain their racist beliefs. Second, culture bias. This already happens, but I can see it becoming more prevalent, as the racist will no longer be able to pick on GROUP A because of their race, they will start to pick on them due to cultural differences. I'm not talking a difference in culture between the rich and the poor either (that also happens). A number of years ago, I read an article by a guy of a NON-WHITE background claiming 1000 years ago white people all lived in caves and didn't have written languages. It's a weird claim that's easily disproven, but it was that guys way of attacking whites. It's also stupid as all humans have a common ancestor from10,000 years ago. Any culture which has sprung up whether eastern, western, southern or northern has come from the same race, which is us. All of us. I imagine these sorts of attacks happening more and more though. 'We are better than GROUP A because 100 years ago they were eating fish giblets and we had stopped.' sort of arguements. Any excuse to feel superior. 'They play music that's so primative.' Blah, blah, blah. Third, religious bias group. Finding nothing racial to feel superior about, some will fall back on religion as the easiest way to form an 'Us and Them' type of prejudice. It's been happening for thousands of years, but I imagine it increasing amongst certain groups. Fourth, the scientific group. This group will start to use the scientific discoveries to claim gene superiority over others. Claiming, that the small differences in genes that they possess makes them superior. A lot of it will be along intellectual grounds too. Such as finding a gene which makes the person have 10 points more on IQ tests and such. Mensa membership might actually become more of a badge of superiority than it has been (not that Mensa was intended that way). The Gattaga movie might become more prophetic than it thought. Fifth, the patriot group. Patriotism is nothing new. It's been around for at least ... well, only really as long as nationalism has been around ... which might be about three hundred or so years. Even though certain countries and groups are already using it as reasons to feel superior etc, it will replace the innate racism that some have fought so long for. We'll see people become ultra patriots and start to call normal citizens 'unpatriotic' at a drop of a hat in order to have a reason to look down on their fellow citizens. There is probably a lot more groups that might come about. That's the first five that came off the top of my head. I only saw the ad fr the 'Race' documentary about half an hour ago ... so that's about all I could think of in that short time frame ... any other groups you might be able to think of????