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27 January, 2006

Yesterday, Today.

Yesterday, after I woke up, I was lying in bed and thinking about some of the things Seneca the philosopher said. I had a good think about some of it, and put together this really interesting thing to blog about. Alas, after I got up, had a shower, had breakfast and had my mother give me an earful of crap, I just plain forgot what it was all about. So, I blogged about Australia Day. Well, yesterday, we went over my sisters. The cricket was on. So we watched a little cricket. I played some cricket in the back yard with the nephews and neice. My nephew Joshua decided that it was great fun to run down and bash the bails off the wickets. Whenever we stopped him, he would get upset and cry and stuff. I tried to get him to play by the rules ... nope. I tried to get him to bat ... nope. Nothing was working. Then, my sister (his mother), came over and started yelling at him and told him he would have to go to his room if he didn't behave ... and I suddenly discovered his weakness. The kryptonite like substance that made him weak enough to actually play fair. So, I was able to get him to bat ... able to get him to bowl ... able to get him to play with the rest of us just with this one little phrase ... 'Joshua, do you want to go to your room?' 'Waaaaaaah! No! No! Joshy doesn't want to go room! Waaaah!' 'Hee hee hee hee. Bowl[bat ... whatever] from behind the line Joshy.' I wonder if Socrates was ever sent to his room? Anyway, we also stayed and watched 'The Incredibles'. I hadn't seen it before. I thought it was really good. In fact, I thought it was INCREDIBLE! Woka woka woka! My mother started complaining it was really late towards the end of the movie (translate that as 'I want to go home NOW!') Later in the car she admitted she'd seen 'The Incredibles' half a dozen times, so she didn't care if we hadn't seen it or not. She had just wanted to go home. In fact, she'd even lied to do it. She'd told me it was 10:30 ... at the time she said it, it was only 9:30 ... darn! If it's not Nephews crying to get their own ways, it's mothers lying in order to do so. Crying and Lying ... why do I have these superhero weaknesses! Anyway, I just refused to budge until it ended, and so did my younger brother Jeff. My mother was using him as an excuse as well, 'Jeff has to go to work tomorrow.' 'I'm alright, mum. I want to see the end.' 'No Jeff, you need your sleep. We have to go home!'
Today was productive as well. Spent the afternoon out and about. Had to pay for a few things. Went looking for some mats for my mother. Bought a GIGABYTE of RAM for the newly resurrected old computer ... now it has 1.25 GB of RAM. It's a P4 2GHz machine, so even though it's four years old (I bought the fastest thing available at the time) it is still pretty good. With the extra Gig, it's gonnna fly! With the new Ram it's actually more powerful than the brand new laptop. I'm so happy I bought such a good machine four odd years ago. Well, back to fixing the old computer. Though I've resurrected it, gave it new RAM and everything, it still needs lots of tender love and care to get WinXP running on it properly. Hopefully, I'll have enough space to partition off a Linux section (which will make it TRI-BOOT - Win98, WinXP and Linux). I will be so glad when I get it to 100% well again. :-)