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17 January, 2006

Ten Word Meme

CMOS has finished his Ten Word Determined Essay meme.

Only Kyels left to write hers. (I think NO ONE has done the other meme PLEASE CHECK TO SEE IF IT IS YOU ... not that it matters, as this blog is the meme's graveyard lol)


It's been days since the crash. If only he had not brought that darn rickety Cessna into the air. But the temptation was too great. Freedom's on everyone's mind. And what better way than to fly.

"I could have died if it weren't for forest canopy", Kyle thought to himself. "Why did the dang fuel gauge fail? Laika shouldn't have her life taken away like that... it should have been me instead!" Kyle's dog did not survive the crash.

He looked at the table next to his bed while taking a sip of water. He didn't touch the bunch of grapes his neighbour brought him. Random thoughts overcame Kyle as he tried to make sense of the madness.

He pressed the power switch on the TV. But there's nothing he could do to shake off the feeling of loneliness. Kyle started sifting through the mails instead. Damn. Josh have been subscribing porn on cable again. Blowjob Galore? "That useless son of a gun", Kyle thought of his stepson.

It'll be better if men were more like robots. Cold hard steel, that doesn't need to feel. It was just too painful. The clear blue sky did little to lift Kyle's spirit.