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16 January, 2006

Last Two Days

Sunday - My brother Jeff put all his stuff in my car, as he was going over my sisters to look after her house for a few days. I got in the car to drive him over, adn as his clothes had been in the car for about an hour, it SMELT of his BO!!!! WAAAAH! I didn't realise this at first, as I just thought it was a smell left over from him using the car (similar to a certain Sienfeld episode). It was only when I was helping get his stuff out of the car that I realised it was his stuff that smelt. I stayed at my sisters for an hour while she sorted stuff out ... and one of my nephews, Joshua, wouldn't leave me alone. He calls me Dabid as he can't pronounce a 'V' yet. The eldest nephew, Ethan, wanted to know what it was like to fly in a plane, so itold him a sort of story with an Elephant sitting on the top of a jumbo jet, and alligators on one side, and crocodiles on the other side of the plane. And the pilot was crazy and they had to get the elephant off the top of the plane and squish him into first class ... my nephews thought it was hysterical. The crazy pilot had a couple of catch cries I kept using: 'EVERYBODY OFF THE PLANE!!!!' 'EVERYBODY ON THE PLANE!!!!' My sister and Ethan flew up to Newman to be with my brother in-law for a few days. Kewl. I told her about the Mount Stevenson thing, and the fact it was a hill and not a mountain at all! She laughed. I came home leaving my brother Jeff to look after my sisters house. He has to look after the dog, cats, fish and frogs (they have green frogs now). Monday - My brother Jeff came home this morning as he'd left his work trousers here. My mother found this incredibly funny as she kept asking him to double check he had everything, and he kept saying he had it all ... lol My mother's been whinging for days over a tooth ache she has. She knew I was getting up this morning to go pick up another box of floorboards to finish my room. She told me not to go, as she wanted to go to the dentist. In order to see the dentist though, she needed to go to Welfare to get an 'income statement form' to explain she was a pensioner, else the dentist would charge her full price. So, I drove her there first, then drove her to the dentist. I sat in the dentist office reading New Idea and other Women Magazines. My mtoher had a nice Chinese lady dentist ... I asked her after if she got her phone number for me ... my mother said no. [Chinese Lady Female Dentist ... if you are reading this and are single, give me your phone number ... Please!] :-) We got home after twelve, adn my mother needed soem more gause, as she had a tooth pulled. She needs to go back tomorrow to have another one pulled [guess who is driving her! Yep! Me!] So, I dorve off to get the floorboards and some gause and do some shopping and post letters and do soem business ... blah blah blah. Got home, made a few more phone calls - business related. Going to install broadband for someone and set up a server and stuff. Then got stuck into the floorboards. Finished the room, and also worked on a few little fiddly bits here and there throughout the house. My mother was impressed. As she said, I'd floored almost the entire house. For the first time in twenty two years, most of the house had permanent flooring. I then cleaned the circular saw and work bench to take it back. It's REALLY REALLY clean ... and the saw dust seems to have agrivated my allergies! Waaah! Itchy eyes and itchy nose! Waaaah! Got on the internet. Read, commented blah blah blah ... yeah, maybe I did drop by your site .. maybe I didn't ... maybe you don't have one ... maybe you dont' care ... blah blah. :-) Sepent the afternoon moving stuf back into my room. Took some photo's of it with jsut the BED and WARDROBE in it, so you get a feel for how small the room is (3 x 2.8 m). Then, moved the cupboard in, my chest of draws, the TV cabinet, my HighRise shelving, my book case etc etc ... will take more pictures tomorrow ... but I can SQUEEZE a LOT of stuff in there. I will be so glad when I can afford to move out of here and own my own place (which is main reason I am here ... my brothers and sister all lived here till they could afford their own ... it's a good move to make financially!) Played some guitar ... more surfing the net ... more blah blah ... watched Futurama (Slurm Factory episode) ... ate dinner ... more surfing ... blah blah blah blah ... Aren't you all bored now!? lol I was playing on studying and gettin some of Tokyo Gay Hamster Wars done ... but haven't had time! Waaah! Hopefully Hamster Wars will be back tomorrow!!! OH, Received an E-MAIL regarding my PIPA STRINGS ... I still can't source them! Wahhh! I was told to try - "China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore or Malaysia" for them ... so if ANYONE just happens to duck into a music store and sees some, give em the addy of the music store I can get them from. Thnx!