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18 January, 2006

Kyels - Ten Word Meme

Here is Kyels meme story - she actually broke the rules, my computer says this comes to 308 words ... but, who cares, you have 108 extra words to read! lol



Once there is a girl called Germaine who lived her life in loneliness. She has no one else except her little blue robot called Marty and seedless grapes farm left by her Mother to accompany her. How she wished that she has the power to change her dull life. She wished she could do and see something exciting except of Marty and the farm. But her life consists of nothing but her farm, her soft toy and Karma Sutra books.

As she was serving herself warm water and toast with peanut butter and jam one day, she realised that she has to expand her knowledge about guys and read more Karma Sutra books.

“Oh Marty, why aren’t you a guy and not a toy? Sigh.”

Marty kept quite as it was just a soft toy. And ignored her because he couldn’t comprehend what she was lamenting about. It was lifeless, remember?

After eating her breakfast, Germaine went out for a walk around her farm hoping that a guy will stop by. That was one of her random daily wishes. Suddenly, she heard footsteps and someone calling out for her.


She spun around and she felt bewildered. She just saw a guy and he called her. Though she asked him the stupidest question ever.

“Are you a guy?” She smiled sweetly at him as her mind and pulse were racing.

The guy seemed puzzled by her atrocious question said, “Yes, I am a guy, a man all right.”

Because of the answer, she felt so horny out of a sudden and she remembered what she read in those Karma Sutra books. She opened her mouth and asked him one of the most unbelievable questions a girl would ask a guy.

“Would you like me to give you a blowjob?”

The guy looked at her, puzzled and he nodded.