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22 July, 2006

Superman - Handbag Snatcher [PARTE EIGHT]

A large supersized Gorilla climbed the Empire States building. In his left hand he clutched a blonde woman who screamed with all her might. Kong, the gorilla, finally made it to the top of the building. He placed the woman on the top of the Empire State building and looked to the skies. Some incoming bi-planes were heading towards him. He looked down at the woman. 'Wait a second,' he thought. 'That's not her! Darn it, now I've got to climb all the way back down and find the right one. I've been saving her to eat later, and now I've grabbed the wrong one! Oh, what the hey!' He picked the blonde up, shoved her in his mouth and began the long climb back down. The Bi-planes didn't get to have a shot at him, as he was soon below the New York skyline where it was too dangerous for them to fly. In the meantime, back in Gothopolis, Hulky had calmed down and had returned to his normal mild mannered self. The National guard was in disarray. Inside a half demolished building, which was once a five star hotel, Clarke, Bruce and Harold counted their nights haul. 'Well young Clarke,' said Bruce, his arm once again around Clarkes shoulders. 'Looks like a great night. So many people left in a rush, and that Hulky guy demolished lots of ATM's. So much money. We're back in business.' 'So, now where do we go Mister Wayne?' asked Clarke. 'Well, I'll invest this in some companies and we'll make a fortune. On top of that, I'll buy a few other companies along the way. We'll buy ourselves some lycra suits and run around a bit.' 'I mean, where do we go from Gothopolis. This place is trashed and I think we've stolen all the money.' 'Ah, I have a plan. We'll use Gothopolis as a hide out. Meanwhile, we'll raid Gotham, Metropolis and New York provided they don't get into some sort of weird trouble.' 'I've heard of another city that might be worth raiding,' interjected Harold. 'It's called Blogopolis.' 'Blogopolis?' said Bruce. Both Clarke and Bruce burst out laughing. 'There's no money in Blogopolis. It's poverty striken!' To make matters worse, Tokyo was havign problems of it's own. A giant turtle and a T-Rex ype creature were fighting and pushing over the Tokyo radio tower. 'Ah, could be worse,' said a young Tokyoite. 'It's less damage than the time those EVA units nuked us all to bits.' 'Huh, that's all I ever hear from you, EVA units this, EVA units that,' repied his girlfriend. 'You and your stupid EVA units. You seem to forget the time G-Force totalyl nuked the place too!' 'G-Force. Huh! A bunch of wimps if you ask me! I mean, the EVA units had a much harder tiem than stupid G-Force.' His girlfriend might have made a good arguement in return, except a large T-Rex type foot landed on them squishing them rather flat. 'So,' said another Japanese boy standing a little further down the road. 'Do you think it is worse than when Spaceship Yamato was around?' A shadow moved from out of an alleyway. It was another young boy. 'What are you talking about? I just played a card letting loose my Pickachu, this is a walk in the park!' 'I still think it might be a lot worse!' 'Pttth! You'll do anything to impress me Astroboy!'