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23 January, 2006

Paganini Caprice No.24

I was pretty happy today. I found the sheet music for Paganini Carice No. 24 on line at this site. It's a violin piece (with Paganini being a virtuoso from the Romantic period), who was rumoured to be in league with the Devil as he could so some amazing things on his violin. Like all good publicity seeking individuals, he didn't discredit the rumours, but used them in order to increase his following. I got interested in the piece, as Kenny had a post concerning it. (ie a nice young lady playing the piece). That video is actually available all over the internet. I kept running into it at various sites while looking for the actual music. I've had a look at the piece. (The music is actually for violin ... but that doesn't phase me, as converting it to guitar isn't too hard). Not sure when I will get time to practice the piece. I have previously performed Tarrega's 'Recuerdos De La Alhambra' all the way through once ... but I'd have to practice it again to perform it any good. I mention that one, as it's a guitar piece I often get asked about. The actual piece isn't that difficult to play, I just find it a little long and I hate turning pages in the middle of a piece. I will have to practice it again in case someone eventually asks me to perform it live. Kenny's post put a bit of the old classical guitar spark back in me ... but alas, I am still pretty busy trying to get a lot of other things done (like lesson plans for my business etc). It's pretty sad that they stil haven't figured out a way to slow time down enough for me to get throguh everything I want to get through in a day. BUT, Rome wasn't built in a day ... so I guess I must persist with the human condition that is practice and time and never having enough of either! :-)