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31 January, 2006

Wiped Out!

I got up this mornin and mowed the lawn, which means all my allergies to grass have been set off, and I'll be wiped out for the next 24 hours. I've taken my clarinaise, which reduces the effects of the allergies, but I still come over excessively tired and sick. My chest started to tighten up and I was having some breathing difficulty, and my mother wanted to know what was wrong ... well DUH! It's my allergies. My mother still can't seem to face the reality that my ALLEGIES are REAL and my Asthma is REAL. She won't let my younger brother mow the lawn becasue of his asthma, but when it comes to me, she just completely ignores my asthma and allergies. I really need to earn enough so that I can pay someone to come in here and mow the lawns for me. It's the usual problm of me somehow being seen as Superhuman or Faking it whenever my medical conditions come up, in spite of the fact I've been through the Allergy Unit at RPA in Sydney and all my allergies and intollerances have been proven (and my asthma as well) ... but for some reason, it just won't sink into peoples brains in my family. I'm sure if I lost a leg or something they'd claim I was faking that too!
My mother has become a bit cranky and stuff lately. Partly because my sister and brother think she's a baby sitting service again. She's not happy, but that means it gets taken out on me ... so, she starts arguements, interupts my work or study and goes into her 'David is so lazy routine'. It's funny that she claims I never work or study, but she'll continually interupt me and pull faces at me and stuff when I am trying to do either. I put it down to the fact that she's bored and lonely, btu she won't go out and meet new people. She likes being a recluse. Maybe it's another reason why I need to return to Sydney or move SOMEWHERE! Anyway, she started an arguement with me the other day claiming that I always used to wear school uniforms ... which isn't true. Soem schools never had them (this came about as they are banning denim from school in WA now). So, we had this big arguement, as she claimed we always wore school uniforms to High School in South Australia, which she claimed was GREY. As I pointed out to her, the OFFICIAL school uniform was BOTTLE GREEN for that school and NOT ONE person ever wore it. I also told her I normally wore BLUE Cords to that school. So we argued and I went and got my school photo's. As sure as day is from night, I was right and she was wrong. This caused her to go all quiet and fume for a few hours. She eventually apologised for us arguing, but still wouldn't admit she was wrong. I swear, her memory for history is going. I have a great fear my memory might go the same way one day. Scarey.
On another note, I'm still spending hours repairing the old PC. Who would have thought screwing the BIOS up would stuff other things up on the computer. I've got the registers all fixed now, but it still won't boot into Win98 mode, though the WinXP seems to be going fine.
My readership has halved as well ... I think it is the CNY phenomenon. People have gone on holidays and stuff, and ... well ... only a few of us left in the BlogSphere at present. Hopefully they will return, as I spent ages working on my Animation for CNY, and looks like few have seen it. (Or maybe it just down right offended them all and they've run away! Waaah!) I think there will be a LOT of reading and pictures once everyone returns. Anywat, back to studying for my CCIE (they say this thing takes two years of constant study in every waking moment of your life to get ... hopefully I'll manage it this year ... else I'll do it next year ... or the year after ... or not at all if I go 100% writer or artists or soemthing). My Cello still isn't here ... I'm so excited about that arriving ... one Jaws theme coming up ... followed by the Star Wars theme and Kisses 'I was made for loving you' ... I think that's about all I can remember for my Cello playing ... maybe some other tunes will come back to me! ;-)