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13 January, 2006

TAGGED!!! WAAAH! [Wot's this meme's name?]

My first tag/Meme for 2006!

The Rules: Remove the blog in the top spot from the following list and bump everyone up one place. Then add your blog to the bottom spot.

  1. The Life of An Independent Babe
  2. Helen’s All
  3. My Cozy Corner
  4. Itsy Weensy Bytes
  5. D'Blog - Home of Dabido the Baka One

Then you select five people to pass the love on to.

[Geees, I'm sure this sort of love can get me killed!] 5 tagged people who may kill me! [YOU'VE BEEN TAGGED!!]

Paul Tan (he's the man) Other Kenny James Suanie Sarah Shireen

I think that shares it far and wide with not too many able to swim here and beat me up. :-)

Apologies if you've done it already (or if you didn't want it to begin with ... but, how many people do like these meme things? Not many from the reactions I've seen. I don't mind doing them myself, but I hate dishing them out).

I've done one similar to this before ... but here goes again anyway.

1. What were you doing 10 years ago? 1996 [Year of the flying cow bell or something]

  • Married to Christine. [Also known as the Evil one] :-)
  • Work Wise - Computer Programmer during day & Night Fill at Supermarket at night and weekends.
  • Coaching Junior Team for Sutherland Seahawks (and was offered coaching position for the NSW State Under 21 team - turned down) [The year before I played on the NSW State team ... I just love chucking that one in ... :-)] Um ... sport = American Football.
  • On the internet commonly known as Cyber Bear where ever I went or Bear ...
  • Jobs around the house - Ironing, vaccuuming, lawn mowing, washing up and cooking my own meals. (Christine did the rest - ie bathroom cleaning, washing, cooking for herself, making bed, watching TV ... )
  • Doing Computer Science Degree through University of New England (Achieved High Distinction in every subject ... okay, I only did ONE subject that year hee hee)
  • Was given nickname 'The Legend' due to holding down two full time jobs AND getting the High Distinction at Uni. [No one calls me that now!]
  • Going to Gymea Baptist Church
  • Weight was 62 kg. height was still the same (165 cm) :-)
  • Survived attempted murder by wife who tried to insure me for AUD $1,000,000

The great thing about this year, is I had a great routine and it was easy to stick to. I think I achieved a LOT that year. I earned a HEAP of money too, which my Ex then ran off with ... D'oh! :-)

2. What were you doing 1 year ago?
2005 [So long ago ... how can I remember???]
  1. Single [and no GF that year either if my memory serves me correct]
  2. Work Wise - Started Yama Kuma [Computer Network & Training Facilitator Company]
  3. Internet commonly known as Dabido the Baka one.
  4. Put floorboards in my mother's house (where I am currently residing)
  5. Left University Degree as it was practically meaningless - planning to go back and do Fine Arts degree, but never started it.
  6. Spent a lot of time procrastinating and reading blogs

3. Five snacks you enjoy

  1. Potato Chips
  2. Crystalised Ginger
  3. Watermelon
  4. Banana's
  5. Twisties
4. Five songs to which you know all the lyrics off your head right now:
  1. We Will Rock You - Queen
  2. Smells Like Teen Spirit - Nirvana
  3. Arnold Layne - Pink Floyd
  4. Dirty Little Secret (one of my own songs from 2002 or 2003)
  5. Sunshine of your love - Cream
[Actually, I probably could have included most Queen / Pink Floyd / Nirvana / Foo Fighter and my own songs ... along with some other bands ... and Church choruses and ... as a muso, I know a lot of songs]

5. Five things you would do if you were a millionaire.

  1. Get a GF
  2. Go on vacation to Japan/Malaysia/Singapore/Vietnam/China/Europe/travel around Aussie [All with New GF]
  3. Buy a nice house
  4. Set up Dabido Trust with half of it [*explanation below]
  5. Play guitar and paint more :-)
[Actually, as MILLIONAIRE is one of my three aims in life, I could also have said, 'Complete other two aims.']

6. Five bad habits.

  1. Procrastination
  2. Exageration
  3. Over reaction
  4. Day Dream with my Imagination
  5. Writing words which end in TION

7. Five things you like doing.

  1. Writing
  2. Playing guitar
  3. Drawing
  4. Painting
  5. Sleeping

[I would have said SEX, but can't remember what that was like!]

8. Five things you would never wear, buy, or get new again

  1. A Black Hole [unless I need one for power generation, scientific research or something]
  2. A decomposing cow [ just clashes with my shoes]
  3. A psychopath for a wife [old one was bad enough]
  4. The Elephant Man's Skeleton
  5. Yak Fat in the shape of the Dalai Lama

9. Five favourite toys:

  1. My Guitars
  2. My Computer
  3. My Warhammer Models [literally a toy]
  4. My Brain [it's all squishy on the inside]
  5. My synthesizer when it is working (not working at present)
[If last one is invalid, then my pencils/paints etc if they count as a toy] *Explanation for DABIDO TRUST It's always been my aim to put a LOT of money aside one day, maybe after I am dead or something. Every year the interest is collected, BUT 90% of it is re-invested back into the trust. The other 10% is then used on a worthwhile charity of some kind. The reason 90% is re-invested and not distributed, is it helps the trust grow fast and increases the amount for future distribution. I'm doing it to avoid the devaluation which occurs due to inflation. After all, one hundred years ago one hundred dollars would have been a lot of money, but if a trust had been set up to distribute all it's interest, then today that trust would be practically worthless, because the interest would be something like $5 ... not much by todays standards. ********************* ADDITIONAL (ie added AFTER originally posted!) To everyone I tagged today - nothing in the world SAYS you HAVE to do a meme just 'cause you got tagged. My site is the Elephants Graveyard of Memes - Memes come here to DIE. So if you don't do the meme, I am not going to cry. [If ya kick me in da NUT's then I might cry ... so don't do that]. So, yeah ... no pressure ... I just tagged people 'cause the meme rules were to tag. Anyone else who wants to take it and run with it can. ONEONEONEONEWANWANWAN1111111111111111!!!!!!!!!! Woooops, must be new machine code, eliminates the ZERO bits so that all code is easier and faster to write ... only requires one key, like the Mac has only one mouse button!