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17 January, 2006

Who Will Marry Whom?

Years ago, I used to go to a certain church at Cronulla. Now, at that certain church, as a girl who used to go to school with me. (Actually, there were a LOT of people who went to school with me) BUT, when I was in year twelve, this girl was in year nine. For some unknown reason, she was always hanging around me at school. I thought she was just being friendly (because that's the sort of 'Miss the forest for the trees' sort of guy I am). ANYWAY, I started going to church and I ran into this girl again. TO my shock, she remembered everything abou me, and I had to ask one of my old school friends 'Who's that girl, and how come she knows me?' At which point I was told, and some vague memories of the girl came back to me. The interesting thing about tis girl, is she liked to keep a list of 'Who was going to marry whom', according to her opinion. One afternoon at Church, my lead guitarist Brett and I skipped into the kitchen (no we weren't holding hands or anything ... the band wasn't THAT close), and this girls brother was going through his sisters list of 'Who was going to marry Whom'. The two people he was discussing it with then asked, 'Who does she think she is going to marry?' To which he replied, 'Bear.' [Which was my nickname at the time.] Now, several other people had told me that she liked me LOT'S etc ... I even knew she wanted to be my GF ... but UNTIL that time, I had NO IDEA that she had me pegged for marriage material. ANYWAY, Brett and I did a quick tip toe out the kitchen before her brother could realise we were standing behind him. It's a bit like when the arms fall off your go-cart until you realise your go cart doesn't have arms, and you go to pick the arms up, and realise they're yours (I hate it when that happens) ... BUT, I made another faux pas with the poor girl ... when I did eventually marry Christine, the DATE WE GOT MARRIED was this poor girls BIRTHDAY! Waaaah! [The poor girl]. I didn't find that out till later. Anyway, when eventually Chris and I got divorced, apparently this girls mother told her she had a second shot at me ... by that time I have no idea if she was still interested ... but it doesnt' matter. I wrote an e-mail to her eventually apologising for any heart break etc I may have caused her over the years and she wrote back claiming she never had feelings for me ... which I guess is a face saving exercise on her behalf. ANYWAY, today I asked Suanie whom she thought would make good couples ... and now I'm going to ask everyone here if they have these sorts of 'MARRIAGE LISTS' and stuff. (Or know of them). My experience with couples / marriages etc from church, has shown me that a lot of my friends at church normally married someone from another church or who gets nabbed shortly after they arrive at church. [Which leads me to beleive that any LIST of a group of people is likely to be wrong due to the high percentage of people marrying outside the usual group].
  1. So who has a list?
  2. Are there good matchmakers out there?
  3. How accurate are these peoples lists?
  4. Is there a bloggers list (ie, blogger A to wed Blogger B) etc?
  5. I'm just curious ... and in my experience, it's only been girls with these lists ... any guys have these lists also?
  6. Who in Bloggerdom would make good couples?
  7. - Do they know each other?
This is a little like a meme without a meme ... hmmmm ...