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30 June, 2005

Change of Plan

Quick Change of Plan - Yes, i know I said I was going to Europe - but after more careful consideration I realised something - staying and doing th job will allow me to acheive one of my life long goals - to finish the Arts Degrees (Plural) which I had started a few years back. When I was younger I wasn't allowed to pursue an Arts Degree. My teachers said I was TOO SMART and said I should be a Doctor or Lawyer. My parents said that ART was no good - becuase Art isn't a real job. (GEES! First time I was published was when i was in Year TEN! Well, the book with my poem in it came out when I was in Year 11 ... so I guess technically I was first published when in Year 11) So it's NOT like I was lacking talent at the time. Anyway - four movies, several bands, one published poem and work with theatre companies and as a studio musician ... and FINALLY I can pursue the Arts Degreee I've always wanted! It removes the uncertainty that an Artistic life has (like - what project am I working on next) as I will have a steady income while still pursuing my artistic goals on the two to three days I have off. (As well as studying and still having a weekend!) Woo hoo! It's been a long and weird ride to get to where I am today - my ex-wife never wanted me to pursue art either (having to give up my music career for her - only to have her run off with another guy!) This time - no compromise! Art Degrees all the way! Four Art Degrees and One Genreal Studies Degree coming up! Two years to go provided I don't fail any subjects! Woo hoo~! Best of all, I won't be selling any more equities to make ends meet! So, I have the best of both worlds - a little money - and a little time to myself! I might have to eat a pizza tomorrow night to celebrate! (And I make GREAT PIZZA). Still on the agenda is a couple of quick trips to Sydney and KL (Malaysia) - if I get the chance in the near future a quick trip to Japan ... no make it a LONG trip to Japan will be nice! Hopefully with my art in tow and my own band! Woo Hoo! First Subject I will pursue! Exploring Painting! Have to choose a second subject to do as well! Indonesian and Italian aren't available this semester. Second subject Philosophy, Morality and Society! Don't you love it! ;-)

What to do, what to do?

Today, was offered a part time job, but only on the proviso that I don't go to Europe. The job is only two to three days a week. Assistant Manger - but the problem is, if I take the job, it won't pay enough to be a real job. If I do take it, then I'll have to look for other work, which might lead to me leaving there. In which case, I am better off going to Europe. Even the person who offered me the job said he believed my future was in Europe. My mother on the other hand wants me to take the job and stay. Some reasons for this - one, she's afraid I will leave and she'll never see me again. After all, it was twenty years before I returned from Sydney. Will it be another twenty years before I return from the UK? She also wants me around to help and stuff. As I said to her though, you never know, my going to the UK might be the very thing she needs. If I get there, establish myself, buy a house etc, she might be able to sell up and move to the UK to live. The very thing she has longed to do ever since ... well ever since arriving here! Had a great day at work. I wasn't sure that I would get everything done, but with Kylie's help we did. (Actually, I spent a long time doing something for her, which is why she eventually helped me! That's team work!) :-) We also started planning to re-arrange the office and everything. I drew up a scale representation on paper, and cut out scale representation of the furniture, then we started moving it around on paper. We also completely changed the coaches office around. A lot of junk had been placed in there, and had to be removed. The old bench which we dismantled in there had to have three of us carry it. I also worked on a newsletter for the PCYC. Just working on the format mainly as Chas is going to write most of the articles and stuff. Was a good day all round. Was a bit perplexed. I sent out a giant e-mail to a LOT of friends, and only had three responses to it. I was expecting more peopel to respond. If I count Corey's last e-mail (which arrived BEFORE my e-mail was sent), then I could count it as four responses. I wonder what everyone in Sydney has planned when I get there ... seems like it is to be anywhere except where I am! Bwahahahahahha! Only joking! Anyway, maybe some have ignored the e-mail or will get to read it later on. (Or are waiting for a more solid itinerary before committing!) It is still rather up in the air (except that it will happen - just not 100% sure WHEN!) Only one response on this site too. (Angel - who is also going to the UK as part of her European travels!) Oh well. Looks like I might stay at Wanderers on Kent when I go to Sydney. A Backpacker place in the heart of Sydney. Which reminds me, I've been meaning to look up the prices on the internet (as they do have a website - but it doesn't appear to be the obvious one. I remember seeing it once before. Maybe they sold it). Anyway, i know exactly whre it is, as we used to go there for drinks and stuff when I lived in Sydney. First tiem we ate there, we ordered chips as a side dish - what we didn't know was that chips came with the meal. So we had an enormous meal with chips ... with another BIG bowl of chips! We did our best eating them all. Anyway, the meals there became smaller after a while. Good thing to, it made it possible to order a side dish we could actually get around to eating! (Which reminds me, I really have to eat dinner!) :-) I've been trying to upload pictures over the last few days - only I can't get Picasa to upload them onto this site! Wonder what is wrong. I've also had a little trouble commenting on other Blogger sites - well, only ones with Haloscan. Wonder if they've been having problems. (Maybe that's why no comments have been added to this site! Waaah!) Oh well - I wonder what the accomodatino will be like in Malaysia and Japan! Wondering - KL and Penang I might stay in hotels. Just to feel safer than backpackers! Anyone who has stayed in a Backpackers in Malaysia wish to tell me what they are like? Safe? Clean? Comfortable beds? Japan - hope to find a backpackers there - but might try staying in a Ryokan even. Not a Buddhist Temple though, as they are more expensive than a Backpackers - and they get up at 4 AM to pray! Only time I am up at 4 AM, is to go to bed! :-) UK - easy - head to Earls Court! I paid AUD$90 and got a roomwith a hole in it first time! There were cheaper places around. When I got off the train, guys were there shouting at the trainstation - "Backpacker accomodation! Only ten pounds per night!" and stuff like that. I thought, sounds good to me! Only AUD$25! Cheaper than where I am staying! So I vowed next time, I'll stay somewhere a lot cheaper than were I stayed last time. Actually, Rodger has offered his spare room if I want it. Sounds good - but how long would he put up with me at his place? hee hee Actually, I am not that bad - but Earls Court (so I hear) is a great place ot start as an Aussie as they have most Aussie resources around that area - pubs - job agencies - pubs - accomodation (as in flats and stuff) - pubs - tour groups - pubs - backpacker places when you first arrive - pubs ... actually, I don't drink that much! Wonder what else there is to do in that area! Have to set up a bank account soon after arrival too! Well, I really will go and eat now! Time to ruminate on the trip later! Must study for CCNA and CCNP tonight! :-)

29 June, 2005

Travel Warning!!!

Spent the day re-writing my Resume - adding a Skills Matrix and a little about what I've been up to over the last two and a half years. Just getting ready for my return to IT when I hit the UK (as it will be easiest market to break into when I get there). I'll work on getting into the music/writing/art markets once I get some money behind me. After all, I'm not taking any musical instruments/art stationery with me. It'll be me, my clothes and hopefully a Laptop of some description. (Plus cameras) Anyway, I decided to read the Australian Govenments Travel web site. Apparently, it's telling Australian NOT to travel to Malaysia, as we are likely to get kidnapped or killed ... actually, this is what it says: Australians in Malaysia should exercise a high degree of caution, particularly in commercial and public areas known to be frequented by foreigners. The risk of terrorist attack against Western interests in Malaysia remains. Wow! I guess I better hide in the back alleys where the terrorists can't possibly be hiding! I'll just get mugged and killed by an ordinary street thug instead!!! :-) Anyway, I am sure when I get there, lots of my friends will protect me from evil terrorists which Australia knows lurk under everyones beds with the monsters and the loch ness monster. Here is the travel warning for the UK: Australians in the United Kingdom are advised to be alert to their own security. As you would in Australia, use common sense and be alert to suspicious activities. Yep! Keep your eye out for Pedaphile preists and dope pushing politicians! (Amongst others). The Japanese advice is the same as the UK advice. So I'll just look out for the same but add rogue sumo wrestlers and Yakuza Ninja bitches to the mix. Though Japan is a lot safer than the UK - mainly as I won't know when I am being mugged, as they are so polite over there. "Hajimemashite" "Oh, Konban wa young sir." "Hand over wallet, kudasai!" "Why, you are so polite, I'll just comply with your every request. Here it is." "Doumo Arigato Goazaimasu Baka Gaijin Kimpatsu." "What a nice polite young man. Wonder where he got the scar on his face from? Oh, and now he is playing chasy with that nice young police man! Such a nice country." As I walk off oblivious to the fact I've been robbed blind! But such a polite country! Arigato! Hmmm, reminds me of an article I read in the Japan times. A NHK camera crew were doing a report on the pickpockets in Rome, and warning Japanese travellers to be careful when they go there. While filming, the young pickpockets ran off with all their camera and sound equipment. Good thing they could reshoot with actual evidence and factual detail as to how the pick pockets work! Um ... except they were missing camera and sound equipment. Wonder who's pay that got taken out of!? Actually, part of the Japan warning is this: Incidents of drink spiking leading to sexual assault have occurred in and around the Tokyo area, though appear to be restricted to bars frequented by foreigners, including in the Roppongi district. Guess I'm off to Roppongi to see if it's true. I can do with some sexy Japanese girl spiking my drink and sexually assaulting me! [Megumi, where are you?] I'll just make sure I don't accept any drinks from men. :-) Oh well. I'm still trying to decide whether to Fly into KL, then take a bus to Penang and then fly from Penang to Tokyo (or Nagoya) ...OR... if I should fly to Penang, then bus it down to KL and fly to Tokyo (or Nagoya) from there ... OR ... if I fly to KL, bus to Penang, bus back to KL then fly to Tokyo (or Nagoya). So many decisions. The only real one I've made (and I still have two months left to get it right), is I am flying Perth to Sydney to begin with. After that, to Malaysia, then Japan then UK. Of course, the Bus might be swapped for a flight if my travel agent advises. (After all, I don't want to be kidnapped by terrorist bus drivers ... not unless it is in Japan & they are sexy Japanese bus drivers!) Oh Japan! My beloved Japan! I am coming! Um ... that is I am going there. Not coming as in "iku iku iku", that would be embarrassing. If that does start to happen, I'll have to rush into the aircraft toilets - be the first man to join the mile high club without even wanting too! I better grab an airhostess on the way. (Provided she is willing of course ... but how could they resist me ... oh that's right - a karate chop to the loin area! Darn Japanese Hostesses know their karate!) Wonder if they're into Horizontal Sumo? Actually, I used that phrase in Sydney as a joke with some Japanese friends. They didn't have a clue what I was on about! I had to explain it to them. Apparently, it still wasn't funny. When I pretended to write it down in my invisible note book though, that cracked them up! Oh, and my Japanese is soooo bad still. I always forget to practice and keep forgetting it all! Baka Dabido! How will you ever survive when you get to Tokyo and Nagoya!??? You'll end up eating fish or pork and dying from an Anaphalactic shock! WHERE'S MY EPIPEN!? JAB! Phew! Maybe I need a travelling companion to taste test all the food first and eat all that yummy but evil chocolate that comes my way! Any volunteers? Actually, my local library has a "Japanese presentation" set up with many Japanese books available from the library. I had a look on the way out and almost laughed. Most of the books I own or have read - but the ones which almost made me laugh were the "Kung Fu" ones. For those familiar with the different asian martial arts, Kung Fu (or Gung Fu as it is sometimes known) is from CHINA! Which ever librarian chose that book for the presentation obviously hadn't looked to hard at them. They even have some CHINESE WRITING on them! Bwahahahaha! Wonder if that librarian is writing a book or something. I can see the titles now! - "Shoalin Temple meets Godzilla!" - "The Kyoto Boxer Rebellion for Beginners!" - "The Meiji Reformation in Beijing" Ah yes, what well researched works of art they'll be! One booker prize coming up. Here is the Haiku of the movie of the book: Beijing Buddhist monks, Meet Nagoya Buddhist monks, Confusion ensues. Anyway - back to planning. Another sketch of an Itinerary: Aug ~23rd/24th or 25th - Leave Perth for Sydney Aug ~28th/29th or 30th -Leave Sydney for either KL or Penang Sep ~4th/5th or 6th - Leave KL for Penang or Penang for KL (Yes, all depends) Sep ~11th/12th or 13th - Leave Malaysia for either Nagoya or Tokyo Sep ~18th/19th or 20th - Leave Nagoya for Tokyo OR Tokyo for Nagoya. Sep ~25th/26th or 27th - Leave Japan for London (with possible stop over in Canadia or US of Asparagus) Haiku of the Itinerary: Dabido leaves home Travels to places unknown Nobody knows where!

28 June, 2005

Mulholland Drive

On the weekend, I got a few videos out - and one of them was Mulholland Drive. My mother had asked for me to get some Mystery type movies, so when I saw Mulholland Drive, that I hadn't seen, I decided to grab it. Knowing it was David Lynch, I knew it might be a bit weird/quirky/different. I warned my mother, pointing out it was the guy who did Twin Peaks. My mother told me she was familiar with Twin Peaks - so I thought, Okay, I am safe it is a bit different to normal hollywood mysteries. Well, it got to the Lesbian Love Scene (which I hadn't known about) and my mother freaked . She is really Lesbi-phobic. (Did I just invent a word?) So she was totally freaking out! and telling me off. On top of that, she is freaked out by the fact the movie seems 'weird/quirky/different'. I said to her, "Well, I told you it was from David Lynch. It's quirky like Twin Peaks was." My mother started insisting that she didn't think Twin Peaks was 'weird/quirky/different' ... was she really remembering Twin Peaks, or had she confused it with something else? Anyway, she insisted Twin Peaks was a normal TV series with no weird/quirky stuff in it. WAH! So, the movie continued, and got to the very end - and my mother was very disappointed as it didn't give her an easy Hollywood type resolution! So she insisted that it was just some weirdo's excuse to do Lesbian Porn in the disguise of a Hollywood Movie. I was also to blame, as I wanted to watch this 'weird freaky movie'. I pointed out it had won awards and everything. Anyway, I told her what I thought it was about (with the usual caveat that it was 'my own personaly opinion' and possibly incorrect.) Well, we watched the Cannes Interview with David Lynch, which didn't help my mother much - then the Cannes Press interview - which also was no help in deciphering the picture. Glad I didn't get "EraserHead" out. I still have memories of that women shouting, "YOU HAD INTERCOURSE! DIDN'T YOU!" Imagine how my mother would have taken that film! Well, maybe a bit better than Mulholland Drive, as I don't remmeber a Lesbian scene in it!
Well, had my passport interview - all went well. It says "Ten days" for it to be processed on the application - but the lady behind the counter said Two to three weeks. Should still be enough time to get my Visa's before leaving ... well, have to have the visas, otherwise I can't go! But, plenty of time to get the visas before the day I wish to leave! I bought some new shoes as well. I also sent off the coffee I'd promised Lillian. Hope she enjoys it! :-) Spent the rest of the day looking after mum. Took her to Medicare - then shopping for my sister B'day presents and card - then off to do her food shopping. I had a pretty bad headache coming on - but didn't want to tell her. So, got home - and headache continues. I don't think it will turn into a migraine - at least I hope not! Last thing I need is a friggin' migraine. (Or a migraine with friggin' lasers on it's head! Yeah, another obscure reference!) Thank goodness the Sharemarket (ASX) went up today. I was afraid the downwards trend was going to continue. All of my shares gained today, where as last week they were losing ground. Soon it will be time to sell them and get out of the market - not because I think there will be a correction, but because I need the cash to get to the UK.

How Good is your Enlish ... Anglosh ... oh forget it, let's talk French!

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Oh, I was hoping it said "Evil Genius" - daggnammit! When is it my turn to take over the world! I'll have to talk to my friend Corey (aka Mini Me!) and find out! Where did I leave my sharks with Friggin' lasers on their heads?

27 June, 2005

Back into POBB mode!

Yep! I am POBB once again! Someone was hacking my ***** [Not computer, the ***** represents something easily hacked on the net! I won't elaborate much!] I have run around and changed my passwords everywhere. Why change my passwords? Well, in the first place, any password which might have been similar to my ***** one has been changed - just in case they hacked and got that. I'm not too worried about them reading the logs - as I never ever kept any! However, they are probably reading my address book. Not happy about that. I also know WHY they are reading my address book. They are trying to get the Address of one of my friends who doesn't want to be contacted by them. She's changed her Address three times already to avoid them! So maybe she'll need to do it again! This is really a case of Internet stalking by these people - which is a good enough reason for me to stop talking to them. In the meantime, I am going to change my ***** Address as well. I don't want a similar thing happening again. I just hope they don't contact her.
Anyway - more things happened today. Had a meeting this morning - it went too long and I arrived too late for a passport interview. Rather than wait the three hours, I decided I'd go back tomorrow. After all, tomorrow is another day - as Scarlet O'Hara would say! I did get myself the luggage I need for the UK though. I also had my training request hit on the head (which is what I suspected!) The reason - when I get a job that needs that training, then they'll give it to me! Funny, as you can't get a job which needs a Cert IV unless you have a Cert IV. I was a bit annoyed, as they tried telling me they'd already spent $840 of my training budget on me already. I asked how as I haven't had any training at all! I suspect the worst - that someone has absconded with it! Which means I'll never get to see a cent of it! Friggin' typical - and they wonder why I am leaving for the UK!!!!! Some wonderful news though - I couldn't find the fuse I needed to fix my Video recorder, but I chucked in a glass one - which hopefully won't blow out or anything - and IT WORKS! Woo Hoo! If I find aproper ceramic fuse later on, I'll swap them over - in the meantime, the glass one is working perfectly well. I also bought some coffee for my friend Lillian. She did some translation fo me into Chinese, and I promised her two coffee's whenI got to Malaysia. Unfortunately, I am not visiting Kuching (as my budget is still rather limited), so I have bought some gourmet coffee which I hope I can send to her. I'll do that when I visit the post office tomorrow for the passport interview!
Well, my mother is gloating tonight - on the TV show - Who Wants To Be a Millionaire, they asked the million dollar question - Which director has won the most Oscars - a. Frank Capra - b. John Ford - C. David Lean - D. Billy Wilder. Well, The guy on TV took the money, but he thought it was Frank Capra. WRONG. My mother thought it was John Ford - I didn't think so as I know he was mainly a Western Director, though I did know he'd won an oscar for The Grapes of Wrath (Actually, I also thought he won one for My Darling Clamintine - but I was wrong. At least he'd directed that!) I knew it wasn't David Lean - he'd won an oscar for Lawrence of Arabia - but I didn't know any others (Bridge on the River Kwai was his only other Oscar). I thought it was Billy Wilder, but only because I felt he'd worked in more genres than the other directors. (Though I thought he won an Oscar for Some Like It Hot - but he was only nominated!) Well, no one really knew, that's why the guy on TV took the money (Half a million! Woo hoo!) The answer was B. John Ford - and I haven't heard the last from my mother over it. Yes, the know-it-all in the family was beaten by my mother's guess. (Though she insists it was skill. I aske dher to name one film he'd directed - she couldn't! She didn't even know who it was - she just remembered the name! Geeeees, I knew all th names! I just tried to reason it out as best I could with the small amount of information that I knew!) Well, I got her back when the next contestant was on and she didn't know Japanese Theatre was called Noh Theatre. (As opposed to the other Japanese theatre - Kabuki Theatre! hee hee!) Actually, the answered offered were A. Nah, B. Nix, C. No and D. Nope! If they spelt it with the 'H' that is common in the English spelling of Noh Theatre, it might have been a dead give away. Anyway, I knew it was Noh theatre, with my favourite writer, Yukio Mishima having written and stared in his own Noh Theatre production. Back to trying to save the world I guess. So much to do - so little time to do it in! :-)

26 June, 2005

So Over This Country!!!!

Tomorrow I have my Passport Interview! It better go well. I am so over this country and I'm sick of the bureaucracy involved in getting anything done. At least the queues aren't always long. Just, in my case I am always getting rejections! Daggnammit! Well, I don't anticipate any problems with getting a passport, so it should be good. I'm also going to be buying my much needed luggage, and doinga few other things. One of the things I am going to be glad to leave behind is the power always being turned off. Yes, the Government says that electricity is a privilege and not a right - but they seem to forget that in the old days BEFORE electricity we were allowed to have COAL fires and a Coalman would deliver coal to yur door. If you coul dpay for it, you could heat your home! Yet in a supposedly modern city, we aren't allowed coal fires, nor coal - only electric heaters - which won't work as our power is always being switched off by the FRIGGIN' Government! Yes, in 1850 we would have bene safe, but in 2005 we have to freeze to death because of poor infrastructure planning on behalf of the Government. The other day we had a few power outs, including one when I was at work. Only, the ones we had at home really p***ed me off, as ONE of them BLEW MY VIDEO RECORDER! That's RIGHT! I now no longer have a video recorder as it NEVER CAME BACK ON WHEN THE POWER DID! Of course, the Government isn't going to pay for a new one for me! Apparently owning things like video recorders is a privilege and I should be happy that mine lasted as long as it did!!!!!!! I HATE THIS FRIGGIN' PLACE!!!!! We also had some problems with the oven - but my mother got it working again! All this sudden turning off all the power in the neighbourhood and then turning it back on is friggin' stupid! Either get the problem fixed or sack Western Power and the Government. Not the I think the new Government would be any good either. Their lack of foresight was one of the reasons we got into this situation in the first place! Last week I applied to do a Cert IV course and it was hit on the head. I have to go talk about it in a meeting tomorrow. I have a feeling that they don't want me spending the training credits the Government owe me! I am sick of having everything I try to do friggin' blocked here. How is an artist supposed to make any money if they are restrained from ever doing anything! No wonder the talented ones go overseas to get their projects made ... oh wait, guess what I am doing! Off to the UK! hope the Government is happy with the brain drain they are causing! Of course, once their new industrial relation laws come into effect, slave labour will be the only jobs available. Only the lucky will escape! Reminds me of the Dilbert Principle. In Scott Adams book, he said that the first people out of a company are the smart ones which know the ship is sinking. Guess where I won't be! On this sinking ship! It's a good book if you ever get to read it. A lot of what he talks abou tis what I've seen in real life. In fact, a thing he mentions is that a lot of people comment on his comic strip saying it's just liek their work. As he points out, no matter how ludicrious he tries to make the comic strip, there is a manager out there who has already implimented the ludicriously stupid idea. Oh well. I hoep I can figure out a way to fix the video recorder tomorrow. It still has a tape from the library stuck in it. A Ben Elton one! Very funny - well, half funny till I can liberate it from the machine! I just hope it doesn't need any firmware installed! I don't think it will. I think videos might be more robust ... well, I hope so! My mother had a double dose of Grandkids this week. First my sisters on Saturday morning, and then my brother's on Saturday night. I stayed away and played on the computer for most of it. Plust I have other things I needed to do - liek prepare for tomorrow and organise my trip! Still unsure as to which day is best to leave. Well, so much to do tomorrow - so little time to do it - so much crud to wade through to get out of this friggin' country!

23 June, 2005

Some More Of My Art.

For those who have visited my old website, you might remember some of my old drawings and paintings. I've decided to place some of them here for people to have a perusal of them! :-) Picture of a Daffodil. One of my favourites. Daffodils are great to draw if you haven't tried drawing them before. Very interesting flowers. (They come out better than my roses! Bwahahaha!)

This is one of my NUDE drawings. (No, I didn't get undressed to draw it. You can catch a cold drawing nude!) :-) Anyway, the picture was drawn from a photograph. Any volunteers? ha ha! No one ever volunteers. Actually, that's not true. I have had volunteers before, but in most cases I am too shy to actually draw/paint nude people from real life. I prefer doing it from photographs for four reasons - 1. The light doesn't change on you. 2. The model doesn't develop cramp and suddenly have to move. 3. Less embarrassing for me. 4. Less embarrassing if I really stuff the picture up too! haha! (Fifth secret reason - less embarrassing if model is really UGLY!)

Yes, it's a Bear. Originally drew this as BEAR was a Nickname I got when I was 12 and it stuck with me. Actually, today Kylie said that Bear was a Nickname that suited me. She said she can see why people called me that.! Bwahahahahahahaa! Geeees, makes me feel like I might resemble a nice cuddly old bear in some ways. Recently a friend of mine pointed out that BEAR was a term used for a BIG HAIRY gay guy! Pttthhh! Thanks mate! :-) [NOTE: I am neither BIG, nor HAIRY, nor GAY ... and some people question if I am actually a guy. Last time I looked, I was!] :-)

There is an interesting story behind this painting. One of my old flatmates challenged me to see who could paint this picture first (I had it as a photo to begin with). Well, I finished before she even started. For those who remember my old site, I quite often talk about her, as she liked to put me down all the time. She refered to my art as "blobby people" and a few other put downs she'd thought of. Well, here is a painting which she was sure I'd never get done. She was done like a dogs dinner on that challenge! :-)

Anyway, I take a while to do my drawings and stuff. So if you do volunteer and send me something, like a photo of yourself, or someone, please note, it may take a small amount of time to get to it. Please, if you do want something done though, drop me a line. I also have some other projects in mind which involve modeling for specific things if you are feeling up to it. (NOTE - No, you DON'T have to model nude for me! Most of my projects do not involve nudity of any kind ... nudity is only ever done if YOU don't mind doing it ... and I agree to doing the drawing / painting. Believe me, it will be artistic.) :-)

Nice Day

Yes, it was pouring with rain. My mother got me up at 6:15AM to drive my brother to the bus stop. (Though my brother would have walked - but my mother insisted it was too wet for him!) Got back home, hopped back into bed, but couldn't get back to sleep. 7:30AM Out of bed, and got ready. Off to work at the PCYC. 8:30AM Got to work. Senior Constable Chas wasn't there today. Was supposed to set up the new computer we got but discovered that it didn't have an internal modem, and the internal modem in the old one doesn't fit (to big ... how many times we been told that guys!) :-) Anyway, the day flew. A few other things didn't get completed as we were missing a power board (for the coaches computer and stuff) which I was supposed to attach a new printer to. So that printer isn't set up yet. Not much else to say. The police had a checkpoint set up at the end of the road, just scanning cars for stolen ones with their ARGUS unit. So they and the Salvation Army (who were providing them with coffee and food) kept dropping in to use the toilets and stuff. Another constable turned up to return the BBQ unit. His last name was Stevenson too, but I didn't bother asking if he was relate, as he was pretty tall (and I am from a family of Midgets!) :-) Anyway, it rained pretty heavily all day and Kylie and I basically held the fort at the office. Kylie was working most of the time on a Girls Against Violent Acts (GAVA) program which she runs. I was surprised that there was not a standard program that the police already had set up in order to do this. Kylie was writing it all herself with me giving a little input here and there. Mainly stopping her runaway sentences which never end and keep adding conjunctions and stuff like the word 'AND' and 'BUT' as these are pretty common conjunctions called coordinating conjunctions and if you haven't noticed I am making this a really long runaway sentence using exactly the sort of thing Kylie was doing, but you already knew that, as you are pretty smart ... right? :-) Anyway, I thought it would be a good idea if the Police co-ordinated some effort regarding this sort of program. not all PCYC's run programs, as they like to try to target the local problems themselves. Still, some problems I think can be co-ordinated and should have a standard; after all, relationship problems (including violence towards women), drugs / substance abuse and peer problems are pretty much universal. What I am talking about, is a dug user in a nice neighbourhood is suffering the same sort of problem as a drug user in a worse neighbourhood. Actually, if it's anything like Sydney, they all eventually gather at the same points. (In Sydney it was mainly Kings Cross, though other suburbs had issues). So a standard information pack which can be altered to the local area would be better than every area having to write their own information packs. Maybe it's a target market which someone could approach the Police about. I told Kylie I'd take my Teen Challenge notes in with me (from when I used to do Drug Rehab. in Sydney). I'm not planning on plagiarising the notes (they're copyrighted material), but just use them as a guide to help Kylie with her information pack. She has all the info anyway. She's been running programs for a while. Still, it's a big ask for all PCYC's to write entire programs themselves. Hopefully when they are all connected together off the Internet, they will make some servers available (possible Intranet) which can store this sort of thing, so that they can all beg borrow and steal (share?) information with each other. I feel they are probably continually re-inventing the wheel with totally autonomous programs. Anyway, I blogged on a bit much more about that than I wanted to! I think I over did the weights a little yesterday. Too many reps on my left arm. The poor muscle is hurting. Oh well, must mean it is getting bigger. hee hee! Must do some more tonight! Try to at least look like I have some muscle and not all flab! lol

Which Malaysian Blogger are You?

My Apologies to Jeff Ooi. I doubt I am in the same league as he is. Was interesting to take the test though. Actually, the description sounds pretty accurate of how I see myself. (And how some of my real life friends see me too). I guess the bit I need to add though, (to make it a little more personal), is - Dabido quite often stuffs up and makes a fool of himself. Usually, he will do this when not "acting the clown and making a fool of himself". Dabido tries his hardest, but sometimes his halo is either choking him or lost around his ankles. (He does his best. Be kind to the poor guy.) :-)

Congratulations Dabido, you are...

Jeff Ooi of www.jeffooi.com

You are humble, mild-mannered yet wise. Your knowledge is vast as an ocean, but when confronted with an issue you are passionate about you are tough as a mountain. You have an aura of style, quality, excellence surrounding you that cannot be denied. In a way, you are a rebel, but that's because you are always willing to help out your peers by challenging authority without asking much in return. People respect you. You are a natural born leader, people stop to listen when you speak, and follow you wherever you go. You also have a little bird.

Which Malaysian Blogger Are You?

22 June, 2005

Crime and Punishment

Well, soon the Government will have control of the Senate, and we will crawl back into the days without unfair dismissal laws. Yes, after July first if you work in Australia, you can be sacked just because the employer wants to sack you. Imagine what that is going to be like. It's funny that I saw someone on the TV claiming that our industrial relation laws come from the horse and buggy days, but the proposed changes are returning us to the dark ages. I know from the last place that I worked, that an incident happened from which I was threatened with being sacked if I didn't do something illegal. Basically, to go into more details, I was asked to set it up so that the company could send scanned checks (including peoples bank details) across the internet unencrypted. Both illegal, immoral and stupid. When I refused to do it, I was told the company had the right to tell me to do illegal things and I had no choice. This of course was 100% wrong and I told the manager so. (Make note, this was NOT my manager. My manager at the time backed me to the hilt). Anyway, with the new laws, the company would have sacked me. As it happened, the whole thing ended in a big meeting with HR, the company Lawyer and Management. Guess what. We won! (I include my network team buddies who all backed me up). I was the one the managers had chosen to target, and evenutally when I did leave the company, I was told I was never allowed to work for them again. I find this funny, as I've spoken to other people, and I am the only one who was ever told this. I guess I am special. :-) As I todl them, I wouldn't want to work for them anyway. I used to do long hours, get phone calls on the weekend and at all times of the morning and night when I wasn't on call. My health suffered badly because of the stress, and my Doctor kept telling me to quit! In fact, my Doctor spent six years telling me to quit, as my stomach was vomitting blood and stuff. Somethig I still haven't recovered from. Of course, with the new laws coming in, what would have happened to me in that same situation. Well, if I refused to do it, I would have been sacked with no way to appeal and get my job back! If I had of done it, te thing which came out of the meeting, was I would have gone to jail (and in theory so would the managers!) Only, I know the managers wouldn't have, because at that company previously, I'd been ordered to do things, and after I'd done them the managers had denied any involvement. So, what would have happened. I would have gone to jail, and the managers would have been there saying, "Oh, we never knew anything about it." This is the reason why I think the laws are going to cause all sorts of havoc in Australian Industry and will probably send a lot of them down the gurgler! After all, the ones making the illegal decisions are the ones who will be covering their arses and NOT going to jail. The poor workers who are in a "do it or get sacked" position are the ones going to jail. That means the idiots are left free and in charge of making other stupid decisions. Mayeb it's fitting that I am in the middle of Fyodor Dostoyevsky's "Crime and Punishment". A very large book which takes a lot of reading. I can say this though, I am enjoying it immensely. When I say I am in the middle of it, I'm actually only a quarter of the way through it. Though I can say, it's been like an entire story so far anyway. When I got to the end of Part I, I thought, gees, he could have left it there, and it would have been a complete book. Well, in it a student, who is very poor, ends up murdering an old woman (and her sister) whom he is in debt to. A lot of people are in debt to her, as she is loaning money in return for gold watches. Similar to a pawn broker would today. Well, he kills her and takes all the money and gold watches etc. He also escapes. In the second part of the book (which I'm not through yet) he gets arrested and sent to life in prison. This experience (being sent to prison) is based on his own life. He'd been arrested for being a socialist and sentenced to death, whcih was later changed to life imprisonment in Siberia. Later he was released and made to become a common soldier. Anyway, a lot of the book deals with the psycology of the main character, really getting into his head. The confusion in situations, and other things. Well, I can see Australia following what Russia did! Can't wait to be arrested for not being a Right Winged Nazi! Didn't we fight World War Two to keep these bastards out of our country! Now we've elected them. (An old phrase about putting the C**t back into Country comes to mind ... but i won't spell it out here!) Anyway, some of this is already happening. They had an article on the news tonight about a refuge who has been in mandatory detention for seven years here! YEP! Locked up in jail for seven years just because they escaped persecution in their own country in order to try to go somewhere else. SEVEN YEARS! No Crime Commited! Of course, one of the arguements the Government uses is it stops other refugees coming here if they know they'll just get locked up! I really hope this Government is one day forced to flee to another country as refugees! Get those prison cells ready New Zealand! I watched that "King Arthur" movie today. I am wondering why it got made! I really didn't feel an affinity with the characters, and most of all, I didn't see the point of the movie. Sure, there was the occassional expression of, "All men are free" and such, but that is really coming across as a cliche for having battles in movie now! Though I liked the cinematography and stuff, I still couldn't grasp the whole point of the movie. It really seemed to me to be a way to cash in on the popularity of the "Lord Of The Rings" battle scenes and stuff. (Maybe to a lesser extent Gladiator's battle scenes). In the end, I felt it was a waste of my time. Hope I don't accidently see it again. Oh well, that's enough ranting from me now! Time to get back to doing something constructive!

21 June, 2005

How I Once Lost 2 kg each week.

Well, I commented on someone else's blog regarding losing 2 kg a week. Back in 1996 I did exactly that. It was during my allergy testing, and I'm going to quickly go through some of the diet. First of all, they call it an elimintion diet, I've also heard of it being called a TOTAL EXCLUSION DIET. Sound ominous ... well it should. First of all, I did this with a dietitian. I am not a dietition, so if you try this diet, please consult one. I am NOT in any way advising you to do this. If you choose to do this, then you do so at your own risk. I might add, that I got to keep my meal diary, as I was the ONLY person the dietitian said had ever completed it without cheating. I was pretty happy about it. The reason I didn't cheat on the diet is due to the THREE DAY SYMPTOM free period needed between testing each allergy. I knew that I'd have to start waiting for 'Three symptom free days' after cheating. Apparently, other people used to cheat as they'd go to weddings or birthdays or something, and they'd think, "Um, I'll jast have a litel piece of cake" or something. They'd behave as though the food was unavoidable. I just used to turn up at parties and go, "NOPE! Cant eat it!" Well, here is a very quick and dirty version of the diet: First of all, all dairy products are OUT, so you need to take some calcium tablets to ensure you don't get a deficiency. Also, take a multi vitamin to suppliment your intake too. When doing it for allergy reasons, I had to have specific brand (with allergy free capsules and stuff). If you're just doing this to lose weight, then take any. Next - Rice is permitted, but NOT Wild, Jasmine or Basmati Rice! All out! Rice Bubbles are in, along with all other rice products - plain rice cakes, rice noodles etc etc. (No falvours with the noodles though) Wheat is also in - along with weet bix, special K and other wheat cereals. BUT out are any with fruit in them (such as Sultana Bran etc). Spaghetti and Pasta is in. Breads are in - provided there are no dried fruit, corn, or preservatives etc. Fruit - only SKINNED PEARS - these can be canned, provided they are in sugar syrup NOT natural juices. Vegetables - Potatoes (WHITE OR BROWN), Choko, Swedes, Brussel Sprouts, Cabbage, Celery, Lettuce (Ice berg only), Green beans, mungbean sprouts, bamboo shoots, leeks, shallots, chives, parsley (no tabouli), Garlic, Canned or drid legumes. If you eat meat (which I don't) then you are allowed, Beef, Veal, Lamb, Rabbit, or skinless chicken (How do they grow them without the skin?) :-) White fish, Crab, Lobster, Calamari, Sea Scollops. Fresh eggs. Tofu, soya milk, Vanilla tofu ice cream. Any plain water - includes soda, mineral, spring etc as long as it is PLAIN. Also, tonic water, one 250ml glass of lemonade a week, soy milk, rice milk, decafinated coffee, gin, vodka, whisky. Milk free anti oxidant free margarines from sunflower, safflower, or canola oil. Canola, soy, sunflower, safflower oils. Salt, baking powder, bicarbinate of soda, citric acid, cream of tatar, gelatine, vanilla essence, bakers yeast, poppy seeds, saffron., sugar, golden syrup, maple syrup, malt extract, home made pear jam, Cashew nut paste, carob, SOME marshmellows and four white jelly beans a day. Raw Cashews - plain potato chips (only a little) THAT'S IT. Anything on that list, or anything you can make using ingredients on that list are allowed. You can eat as much as you like. After a while I got into a routine where I was making the same thing for breakfast, lunch, dinner etc. Remember, I've stuck this here as it was the diet I lost 2kg a week on. Try it at your own risk, but if you do, and you lose weight, then please tell me about it. (Don't use this if you are already thin or trying to gain weight! If you are trying to gain weight, eat MORE JUNK FOOD! but consult a dietitian!) :-) When my weight got down to 63kg, it stabilised. I started off at 85kg, so I lost 20kg in ten weeks. Not bad for a diet which wasn't about losing weight at all. Oh, and pear jam - this is a quick recipe I used to use - 1 x 1kg of sugar - 1 x 850g tin of pears - chuck them in a saucepan and boil and mash them till it starts to thicken and look like jam (well, mashing will only take a short while). I used to give this stuff away (so it might have even been good ... no one ever complained about it!) :-) If you're not on the diet, and you want to make jam, that might be a good way to make your favourite flavour ... like, chuck a Durian in with 1kg of sugar and boil! Durian flavoured jam ... and what an aroma! :-) Oh, I forgot to mention, keep your exercise up as well. I was coaching American Football at the time, and I used to go to training with my old team and do all the training exercises. Plus I was still lifting weights. So, I was really only exercising one day a week ... still, I got to lose 2kg a week. Hmmm, makes me want to go back and do it all again ... except I have two pizzas in the freezer still! :-)

20 June, 2005

One of My Own Creations. A Dabido Burrito

The Dabido Burrito Let me introduce you to some innovative cooking. You'll have to bear with me, but this creation is actually quite tasty. It's sort of Western/Eastern/Mexican style. I'll explain. First let's start with ...
The Ingredients. The list includes - left over rice from an Eastern/Western creation I often cook. I cook this in a normal rice cooker. It includes rice, vegetables, turmeric, Oregano, and "medium all purpose spice mix". I go heavily on the turmeric, which gives it a sort of Indian flavour I think. I then chuck it in a fry pan, with some olive oil in it. To this I added the Mexican part of the meal. Refried Bean, HOT mexican Salsa, and some mushrooms ... because us vegetarians need all the vitamin B we can get. I normally add a cup of water too. [Ingredients we'll get to in a second include - cheese, sour cream, burrito wraps, salad]. How to Cook it I then fry them all up together. I use a mild heat. See how clean the cooking area is - no nasty splaters anywhere. Just enough heat to make it bubble and to get rid of excessive amounts of water. Towards the end of the heating phase, I add some cheese which I melt through the mix. Chuck it in a Burrito Now we grab the Burrito wraps, and stick our rice/bean mix on top. We mix in some salad to give it some nice colour, and some sour cream to give it more flavour. All Wrapped Up Then, we wrap it all up and EAT IT! Yum! Normally I like to ensure it has nicely layered flavours. You can taste the Turmeric, but you can also taste the Hot Salsa. The Sour cream takes the edge off it a bit (so you don't burn your tongue out of your mouth). It's funny, as it still has an Eastern/Mexican flavour, along with the added Western type of thing happening. The cheese is not allowed to be too over powering (It has to be there, but make it come across as a hint of cheese, not a hunk of cheese - if you get what I mean).

The Sleep Deprivation Conspiracy Continues!

Waaaah! I'll say that again in case you missed it - WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! Ah, that's better. Well, went to bed at about midnight last night (just after). Was awoken at 2 AM by my brother doing stuff ... then 4 AM (though my mother says it was 3 AM, as that's when she was woken up!) Then at 7 AM as my brother had missed his bus. Not sure how he missed it. He was out the door at 6:30 AM and was back just before 7 AM. Anyway, he then decided he was going to drive his small car to work. To get it out, he had to park my mother's car and mine on the front lawn! My mother quickly got me up in order to stop him driving in his car (which last time he used it had blown a gasket!) in order to get me to drive him after his bus. Well, I got to the front lawn, and my car had been left unlocked! [Thanks Jeff!!!!!] Jeff soon followed, but insisted that I didn't need to drive him up the road. I told him it was okay. I was driving him to the Carousel shopping centre where he could catch plenty of busses. It was 15 minutes up the road. Anyway, as we're driving along, and he's telling me I didn't have to drive him, he suddenly offers me twenty bucks to drive him to the city. I turned it down. I told him he'd be at the bus stop in plenty of time. We got to Carousel, and we saw his bus coming down the other road (I took a quicker route to the shopping centre). So he was able to get on and go to work okay. I then drove home. My mother then spent the next two hours complaining to me about the rest of the family. [Believe me, there are plenty of issues there!] I then had to have a quick shower and head down the road for a quick meeting. Got there, had the meeting, headed over the road to the shopping centre (yes, Carousel! Second time in one day, and all before lunch!) I went in search of some new shoes. My good ones are falling apart. Bloody $200 shoes! They actually started splitting shortly after I bought them ... now, three years later, they have really fallen apart. Got home, and my mother insisted that I watch "The Perfect Storm" with her. I'd seen it before at the movies. In all the excitement, I forgot to do a number of things today:
  1. Send out my resume to two job agencies [Have to update it first]
  2. Organise my passport interview
  3. Organise the Certificate IV course
  4. Everything else in my life!
  5. Exercise
  6. Take my stomach medication!
Well, I better get some things done. Other things I want to write about, but have to do some things first. Will probably write a second post tonight.

18 June, 2005

Second Attempt to write Yesterdays post.

I'm going to make a second attempt to finish yesterdays post of events over the last two days. Well, on Thursday night I had an e-mail regarding a Network Engineering job. I e-mailed the agency back saying I was workign at the PCYC, and I'd get back to them if I could. Anyway, next morning, before I could get out of the door, the agency phoned back. I had an interview over the phone and they were going to put me forward for the position. Later that day, I also received a call from another agency regarding a different position. Same result. They're putting me forward for the position. Actually, I'm not going to go into anywhere near as much detail as I had originally written. A pity in many respects. Probably better for you readers anyway! lol Anyway, a lot of it revolved around my mother and brother not letting me sleep much. They keep getting up at 4 AM and making heaps of noise. This morning I'm sure it was deliberate! Actually, my brother has a habit of coming to my door and asking if I am awake! Like, I AM NOW!!!! :-) Well, we've had a mouse infestation. We discovered that the mice had a hole outside underneath the airconditioner. My mother found a heap of dirt underneath the airconditioner inside. What had been happening, is the mice were burrowing into their little hole, and when they come up, their is a hole in the bottom of the airconditioner, so they just kept sticking the dirt in there. Eventually, there was so much dirt in the airconditioner that it started falling out the front, and that's when my mother discovered it. Well, we'd seen these mice running under the airconditioner and the dogs were always sniffing around that area. So this morning, my mother and brother invetigated. They pulled the airconditioner out and found the mouse hole in the ground outside. They tipped heaps of rat sack down the hole and plugged it up with cement. My brother asked if I wanted to watch American Pie the Wedding today. So I agreed, (seems I got it out from the video library). My mother critisised the movie greatly, and suddenly he didn't want to watch it. So I watched it alone! Some good bits in it. Didn't seem to be as funny as the original one though. Well, it has to go back to the video store tomorrow. Other movies I've watched are Garage Days (Seems as I am a member of the Australian Writers Guild and a member of the Western Australian Music Industry, I thought I should watch it). Brought back memories of Sydney. Always nice to watch movies shot in Sydney and remember all the old haunts! Actually, I'll just flash back to Thursday work. They're offereing a "Certificate IV in Assessment and Workplace Training" course. They're trying to get me on board to do it. I'm not sure if I have a use for it. They tell me it's the one most Police want (even more than their Degrees and Diplomas!) Well still, if I don't have a use for it, it will just be another piece of paper to add to the ones I already have! I have a folder full of them! Part of the reason they asked me to take it, is they want me to run some courses at the PCYC. I don't want to do it. I actually WANT to go to the UK. I think I am mentally prepared to go as soon as I have everything organised! So, better for me to go I think. Anyway, I know the issue is really effecting my mother. She keeps starting arguements. This morning she kept pretending I was trying to start and arguement, and I just kept being civil and treated it like a joke. I think it annoyed her that she couldn't make it seem like I was a fault. This I think is because she's really worried about me going to the UK. She's also arguing with my younger brother a lot as well. Admittedly, he's done some stupid things lately, but I think he falls into that when he's under pressure, and he's under pressure because my mother keeps starting arguments. I just hope he doesn't return to his old ways of locking himself in his room all the time. (Which is what he used to do before I returned to Perth). Well, on Friday he needed a lift to the bus stop at 5:45 AM. He asked me Thursday night if he could wake me up at 5 AM. I asked him when his bus was coming. He said, 5:50 AM. I said, then get me up just before you need to go. Sure enough, him and mum woke me at 4 AM arguing over something. By the time 5:40 AM came around (when he knocked on my bedroom door), I was already pretty much wide awake. When I go home, my mother tried to keep me up by talking to me. I just went back to bed. She got angry and started making a lot of noise in the laundry (which is opposite my bedroom). Then she stuck her washing on. No matter where I live, there always seems to be something or someone who makes noise to keep me awake! No wonder my health suffered so much. I'm never allowed to sleep! It's a form of brainwashing - sleep depreivation! FAR OUT!!!! Anyway - I can't wait till August. I can leave Australia, and go travelling again and go to the UK and get a job and hopefully feed myself! :-) I have a weight problem to maintain! :-)

17 June, 2005

Beyond Belief (POBB)

I've often stated that I have two emotions - P***ed Off Beyond Belief & Bored Beyond Belief! Tonight it is POBB! I just spent over an hour typing a FRIGGIN' post in, and then the stupid computer didn't post it! Yes, it was a Friggin' long post! It was all about yesterday and today ... told in painfully minute detail! So, maybe my computer was saving you all from a fate worse than Death. I'm not going to have time to type it all in again - but here goes attempt number two. Yesterday - Got up early, drove to work. On the way, some stupid woman in front of me didn't move when the Green Arrow came on to say we could turn right. I beeped at her, then the guy behind me, then the next person etc etc, till a long line of cars wanting to turn right were all beeping at her. (Actually, my car goes more 'er ... er' rather than beep. It's not a very exciting horn!) Well, eventually she got the hint and actually got her car moving. Had a good day at work. (I can't be bothered typing all the detail in again! That's something lost to the ages now! Stupid computer!) Got home. My mother tried telling me that my brother Jeff was scared about me going to the UK. Yet, as she talked, she kept talking about herself and her fears. So I mentioned to her that it seemed to me that she was talking about herself. Well, I did a one and a half hour run, and I had to stop. I thought I'd develped a blister on one of my toes. Instead, when I eventually took my shoe off, I'd ripped part of my toe nail out. Anyway, I can't be bothered typing this all out again (even if it was going to be a shodow of it's former self!) I'll continue tomorrow. Too cold to be sitting up at this hour, when I know I'm going to be woken up early tomorrow morning whether I want to be or not! bed time!

15 June, 2005

A Little About Journalism.

A while ago I started an Arts Degree, but was unable to continue it due to pressure from work, my Computer Science Degree studies, the Government telling me I “was doing too much study”, and wanting me to pay exorbitant amounts to continue. Let's face it, my hobby of starting degrees and never finishing them is very expensive.

Anyway, as part of this degree, I was going to try a three way Major – Visual Art, Philosophy and Literary Studies. I started on the literary studies part, but was unable to fit my exams into my tight schedule. The study did teach me a few things though. These will be included below if you have the will to read on (knowing that it may be verbose and hypersomnia inducing!) :-)

On Kimberlycun's blog, (and several other peoples blogs) recent articles have been written basically decrying the poor journalism of a couple of hacks who had the audacity to bring blogging into disrepute. I will not go into details, you can read the articles on each persons blog. My article is not about that newspaper article. It is more about journalism in general and some questions S-Kay asked on Kimberly's blog.

What happened to journalism ethics? They don't exist anymore do they? What happened to publishing news based on concrete facts. And I thought journalism emphasized on looking at one scenario from not only one side of it but two (or more).

The point I made when I commented on Kimberly's blog, was that journalism is NOT about telling the truth, or anything else. It is about SELLING newspapers. First and foremost, if we understand this, we will see why the truth often falls by the wayside, and integrity is more of a grey area included in newspapers.

Let me tackle S-Kay's first question: What happened to journalism ethics? They don't exist anymore do they?

Nope. They never existed. They are like most things in modern society. They are little white lies told to keep people from knowing the truth. This one also stops people from questioning what is written, and after all, is that not what most of the world is about. Stopping people from thinking, and stopping people from asking questions that someone, somewhere along the line will have to answer.

This does not mean that there is not media people or journalists out there who are not ethical. I am sure most journalists go out everyday with their own set of ethics and social values. A journalist will only be as ethical as anyone else.

They have a saying in show business. “We don't care if you won't do it. We can always find someone else who will.” Actually, from personal experience, I think this is most businesses.

The problem with this, is it means most companies will let you resign and just hire someone willing to do the dirty illegal things you and I would not do. Ethics is something which is forced onto businesses through laws. (Businesses are neither ethical nor unethical by default. It is the people who work for them who will fall into the ethical and unethical departments). We can only hope that the laws of the land force enough ethics into a businesses to make us feel safe to compete and work.

So, with this in mind, what business is the Newspaper Publisher in? It is in the SELLING Newspapers business. If it cannot sell newspapers, then it will cease to exist. The actual writing of the paper is a secondary thing for the business, which it must do in order to fill its paper with content. If people would buy the same newspaper everyday, then they would not be bothered writing new articles. They would just reprint the same paper everyday and sell them.

On the ethical side, papers have been successfully sued for libel before. If they do wish to lean towards a falsehood, they will just tell enough truth to avoid a law suit, while still leaning towards what they want you to believe. Obviously the successful lawsuits are those when they crossed the line.

With this in mind, do papers have agendas?

Yes, that is why they hire editors and writers. Most of the time, a writer will always err towards their own bias! Most people on the planet have a bias (whether they think so or not) and will err towards it either consciously or subconsciously. In the case of the media, it is almost always conscious. Why? Well, they need to sell papers.

Part of my Literary studies course was to get to the crux of what was actually being said, and (hopefully) to see through the deception of the writers to what is a fact, and what is in fact editorial. Most writers, whether they will admit it or not, editorialise. Yes, even me, but hey, I am not pretending this is anything other than my personal opinion based on what I know and have learnt.

Notice this line I wrote, “...decrying the poor journalism of a couple of hacks who had the audacity to bring blogging into disrepute.” Yep, that was ME EDITORIALISING. I am not hiding it. Actually, this entire thing is an editorial but, that is what most blogs are. [Keep that in mind as you read this].

Face it, most of us do lean on what we have learnt while living in this world. Some of it we learn through experience, and other things we learn through reading or hearing about in some way.

Let's put it another way. If you read a paper published by socialists, what do you think it's bias would be? If it is published by right winged Nazi's, what would you think their bias would be? Do you think they will report the same incident in the same way?

What is the point of the media if they do not tell the truth?

Well, I am glad you asked. We have already discussed their reason for existing (to SELL SELL SELL). Their relevance to us is, it still behaves to spread the news. In exactly the same way as rumours we would have heard if we were living in a non-media world. Just, in this case, the rumours can be spread more rapidly. They are also more believable as they can include photos, or accounts of eye witnesses.

Let's get to S-Kay's other questions: What happened to publishing news based on concrete facts.

Concrete fact is something which is hard to define. As such, journalists do not stick to it much. After all, what happens if a journalist arrives at a scene, and does not know the complete story. They cannot stand there like dumb asses and say, “Hi, this is Kent Brockman. I'm at the scene of a terrible something which I don't know! I was just asked to come here and report!” That makes no sense. They just run with what they know, embellish it a little and later change what they can confirm or deny.

How many times have you seen the news change from what it was reported as to something else as “more news comes to hand”. This does not mean that the journalist is being a “bad journalist”. After all, the facts are second to actually getting you to read or watch.

S-Kay's last question: (or comment) And I thought journalism emphasized on looking at one scenario from not only one side of it but two (or more).

Nope! The normal meme of journalism is that they do not look at both sides or more. The normal meme they wish you to believe is included in the previous question from S-Kay – they want you to believe they are giving you “just the facts”. This is so you do not think they have a bias. When a story does have 'two sides' they will normally show you people from both sides making comments or answering questions, but it does not mean that both sides are equally being represented, nor does it mean they are getting to the facts.

One of my old Football coaches was interviewed on Television once. (The interview involved his Union, of which he was a Union Official) When the interview came on that night, to his shock, the questions that he had been asked had been edited out. New different questions were used. To make it seem even worse, his answered has been edited to make it say things he had not said. Sound ethical? Sound like they were getting to the facts? Sound illegal? Well, the TV station owns the rights to the interview, which includes editing it to say what they like.

(Remember Oprah being sued recently for editing out a persons comments which would have changed the entire bias of her show. In the court case, she argued that her show was for “Entertainment” NOT “for enlightening the public on issues”. Are you getting an idea of what the media is about? Oprah won the case. This is of course, no criticism of Oprah. Next time you watch her show though, remember what her show is about. If you are watching to get all the information on an issue, then you are a very sad person.)

A recent example of Journalism showing bias, is the “Schapelle Corby is innocent” media coverage in my country at the moment. Is she innocent? I have no idea. I have not seen all the facts. If you believe the Australian media, then she is. If you believe the Indonesians who are protesting and demanding she get the Death Penalty, then she is guilty.

My mother is one of the people in Australia who believes Schapelle was framed and needs to be set free. Why? Was my mother there? Did she see any of what actually happened? No, she was not. She has only seen what the media has allowed her to see. I would not mind seeing what the Indonesian media has said about her. After all, when we see Indonesians on our news demanding the death penalty for her, I wonder what they have been told.

If anyone from Bali is out there, please tell me how the media has portrayed her? It will be interesting to compare. I have resisted writing about Schapelle on my blog previously because, as I have already stated, I do not know if she is guilty or innocent. I DO NOT HAVE ALL THE FACTS. I am sure there are people out there who think they do. If there are, then please do not send them here, send them to the relevant authorities, so that the courts in Indonesia can do their jobs. I am not a judge, or jury. I will most be suspicious of anyone trying to sway me either way.

Similarly, the Michael Jackson trial was recently on. In the US, apparently the population was split as to whether he was guilty or innocent. The main bias I see in the media here, is a slant towards the 'guilty' opinion. Yet, once again, I do not posses all the facts.

Do you feel manipulated yet? I hope so.

Here is one of the things I studied in my literary studies. Part of the course was called “Inventing Australia”. It went into details of things which occurred and were reported in newspapers of the times. It also included writings of people from the times,and their records of what actually happened. It was interesting to see how the newspapers said one thing, and the people on the ground said the opposite. Yet, a lot of the media reports are what eventually went into Australian folklore and helped shape Australia's image. (Mainly as people doing research look at what was written in the papers of the time).

It has been said that, “The victors write history”. In today's media, even the vanquished get their say.

When the US lead troops were in Baghdad in the recent Iraq war. It was funny to watch the Iraqi propaganda minister on TV saying that they were winning the war. He said the US were no where near them. In the meantime, the news was also showing the US soldiers in firefights a few blocks from the very studio that the Iraqi minister was making that announcement. As they say, “The first casualty in war, is the truth.” How true that is!

I could continue adding more examples that I know of, but I'll end it otherwise this will get even bigger than four A4 sized pieces of paper.


Newspapers are about selling newspapers, NOT about reporting the news. A journalist is as ethical as they would be in any other job. (i.e. an ethical journalist would be ethical as a doctor or a car sales man – while an unethical one would probably be an unethical doctor or cars sales man) etc. The Media in and of itself is neither ethical nor unethical – it is the people within it who set the ethical standard. Concrete facts in most cases are neither concrete, nor facts. (Even courts have trouble with that some times) Papers have their own agendas and if you already know their agenda, it helps to sift some of the chaff from the facts. Journalism is not about looking at all sides to a story. There are often as many sides as there are people on the planet.

Your homework - read some newspaper articles and figure out what they are trying to MAKE you beleive. :-)

Feedback both positive and negative welcome.

Five Questions Game - Episode VIII - Return of Jabba the Blog

Five Questions Game - Episode VIII - Return of Jabba the Blog Questions from Nic-a-rino ... um, I mean Nic: 1: You're stranded in a remote jungle and you're hurt. Help is on the way but you are dieing of starvation. There is no available food source that you can reach. Which part of your body do you start eating first? (You will survive if you eat part of yourself) I think I'd starve actually. Two reasons: First, I am allergic to most fats and oils, and Pig meat in particular sends me into annaphalactic shock. Human meat is very similar to pig meat (even being called Long Pig in New Guinea where they still sometimes eat people, depending on how bad your jokes are. I wouldn't last five minutes!) So eating myself is akin to a normal person eating cyonide (oh no, someones poisoned our arsnic!) [Yes, my trip to the UK is based upon me getting my epi-pen before travelling just in case some idiot does feed me something like pig ... or human ... ) Second, even if by chance, I discovered that I wasn't allergic to me, then I probably couldn't bring myself to eat meat anyway. It's sort of become something psychological now. (aka, if Doctor's cured me of my meat allergy tomorrow, I'd still be a vegetarian). BUT - in keeping with the spirit of the question, if by chance none of the above was true, and I was in fact in the situation in the question - then I'd probably start on my stomach fat (Plenty for all!) and then move on to my butt checks. The arms are needed to play guitar - they get eaten LAST! :-) 2: Hamira is a village in India. But what is your favourite number and why? 31 - it's the date of my birth (May 31st) and also the reverse of 13. If 13 is unlucky, then 31 must be really lucky ... right? :-) I googled for Hamira, but it gave me no insite into my lucky number! :-) 3: You can save John Lennon's life - but you have to kill one of the other Beatles. Which one would it be and why? George Harrison, because he's already dead! (And so is Paul McCartney, but who believes "Revolution number 9" backwards anyway!) Which means that Ringo is the only surviving Beatle! :-) 4: Choose your demise. Burning to death, freezing to death, falling to your death. Falling to death. Nice view on the way down, and you can wave to the passing people! Of course, dying of exhaustion from twenty Japanese girls would beat all three of the above! :-) 5: Frank Sintra once said, "When lip service to some mysterious deity permits bestiality on Wednesday and absolution on Sunday, cash me out", but how many M&M's can you fit in your mouth? Oh dear. You know, we'll never know. Due to my allergy to chocolate (Yes, I can see people breaking down in tears over this allergy), I can't actually eat too many M & M's without vomiting blood! So sticking them in my mouth could be like sticking my head into a lion jaw. I do know that I once stuck over half a large Chip Butty into my mouth (for a bet) and was still able to chew and eat it. The chip butty was made from a 6 inch roll, so about four inches of that was in my mouth (along with a large quantity of chips). One of my old fellowship leaders at church could stick his fist in his own mouth. I can't do that ... plus dangerous for a guitarist to try ... might swallow my hand. Then what will I play with!
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- As per the rule 4 ... here are the rules: The Official Interview Game Rules (copied to be passed on) 1. If you want to participate, leave a comment below saying “interview me.” 2. I will respond by asking you five questions - each person’s will be different. 3. You will update your journal/blog with the answers to the questions. 4. You will include this explanation and an offer to interview others in the same post. 5. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions. If you have played this, and I didn't happen to see your blog and ask for 5 questions, then please point this out to me. I would love five questions from you. :-)

14 June, 2005

You And That Rifle

Actually, I'm sticking this poem on here tonight, as it came up yesterday night with my mother and brother Jeff about my elder brother Garry. Actually, it started when the Super Nanny advert came on, and my mother made a comment that "kids shouldn't get that bad". Then the subject switched to us kids, and how bad/good we supposedly were. I mentioned my elder brother, as there were times when he'd get my father's rifle and point it at us [other kids] in order to try to force us to do stupid things. My father taught us that a gun is always loaded, so we always assumed it was loaded. [Apparently it never was ... and that was my elder brothers excuse for years]. The incidents would always happen when my parents were away, and we were left alone. The gun at one stage was left in my father's cupboard ... but after the first incident, he'd locked it in a metal footlocker in the roof of the house. Still, my elder brother somehow got into the footlocker, which involved getting my fathers keys and stuff. Well, this poem might shock some of you, as it has some swear words that I've "*"ified. My mother still tries to get me to talk to my elder brother, but after all the crap he'd pulled when we were kids, and the time as adults he tried to con me out of $10,000, I really have no time for him! The guy apparently is doing good with his job, family and stuff, but I don't care. He can become a millionaire & really important in the world, and I'd still never give him the time of day. Mainly as I know the sort of person he really is. Sometimes I wonder if this sort of thing is why I have no fear leaping out of planes (sky diving), swimming with sharks and stuff. If you get used to a gun being pointed at your head, then some days you can do anything! [Actually, I've always found doing scarey crap easy than talking to strangers! Go figure!] Anyway, as per usual, all my childhood angst and fear has turned into a poem or song somewhere along the line. So here is the poem from those incidents & some other things regarding my elder brother (like when he used to drive like an idiot to prove his "manhood")
You and That Rifle Pump it, From you to me, Put a bullet in it, Shove me to the floor, Ignore my cries, You are nothing to me. Sleeper, Awakened shock, Shootin' star, Blinding arc, Across my eyes, Nothin' but space! Gun it, Floor it baby, Tear up the street, Turn it up! Louder and Louder, Nothing but SHOCK VALUE! In your hands, Stars and comets, Blind me still, Your violet hair, Your nature unveiled, Your VIOLENCE REVEALED! Nothing! Nothing but stars, It's all I see, When my eyes clear, My head might see, The dizziness fades. You and that F*cking RIFLE, Always pointed at me, Always you demanding, Always trying to demean us, You're a f*ck wit, You are nothing to me! Loaded kryptonite, Thinking you're cool, You think you're dynamite When you act so cruel, I'd hate to be you, Nobody likes you. Pump it, Put it in my face, See if I care, Pull the trigger, You worthless ass, You and that f*cking rifle.

13 June, 2005

Must Stay On Target!

Yes, today I was p****ed off at the Government again! More b******t wasting my time with *********************! Um ... okay, hard to follow that as it was all autocensored! hee hee Well, I did have some good news. The photo I'd sent back to my friend Gregory to sign for my passport has arrived today. Time to make an appointment to get my Passport Interview done! :-) Never lose site of the GOAL! Which in this case is to get to the UK. :-) Get to the UK ... get an IT job, then slide into music and art once established. Or fall asleep every night. :-) Phase one for my plan to complete my three objectives in life. Actually, I think it's part of phase 2 ... which is to become millionaire. Phase one is marry Japanese Girl. lol (Or any asian girl who writes on a piece of paper that she is Japanese ... well, actually, any cute girl who might write that ... well, any girl ... oh who am I kidding) :-) Well, phase three is the hard part ... saving the world. Still not sure how to accomplish that bit. Let's chuck it into bullet point form for those who can't be bothered reading a lot:
  1. Marry Japanese Girl
  2. Become Millionaire
  3. Save the World
Phase two is the easy part I think. I've already been down to NUTHIN' three times ... which is like beinga millionaire in the wrong direction! So I am sure I can make it, as I've always clawed my way back from oblivion before. Anyway, best thing to remember is the game isn't over till some fat chick hits some high notes to signal the end of the opera ... and um ... must be Wagner! Bloody Germans! At it again! [As opposed to every one else! Bloody everyone else! At it again!] So ... getting back to phase two, the easy bit ... must get my CCNA, CCNP before I leave for UK ... as well as the visa's and passport and luggage etc. I'm seriously thinking about getting an MCSE as well. Not because i think I'll ever need it, bnut because occassionally it may give a boot over the edge of any other CCNP I might have a competing interview against. Anyway, there is still the hope of rescuing [resurrecting] my old music career. Will need money from a good paying job (or a miracle to help get me onto the stage again!) Be nice to own some equipment ... In the meantime, now that I'm over 40, I'm still waiting for that Mid-Life Crisis to start! When do I get to chase the young girls? Most of them still seem too young and immature to me! When does the attraction start? Well, hopefully I'll meet a nice Japanese girl before then! I hope! Still, there is that fear of marying someone who is only after my money (which I have none of ... so that won't happen any time soon!) :-) So bloody cold here! Must be God getting me used to bloody freeeeeezing UK. Must check brass monkey. Must ensure it is still intact! :-) I had a 10 AM meeting this morning ... so only got to do a few Km on the treadmill. Have to get back down to a normal size before I travel ... can fit more clothes into a suitcase then! :-) I did a big food shop ... which hopefully won't impact on my suitcase too much! Still, I just hope the stockmarket rises enough for me to pull my hard earned cash out of it and afford to go to the UK and set myself up! In the meantime, I better finish typing up these poems! :-)

11 June, 2005

Last Face To Face Investment Course EVER!

I went to my last fortnightly investment course toay. They announced at the beginning that it was also the LAST ONE EVER to be conducted face to face. From now on, you have ot do the ASX investment courses online. I guess it saves a lot of money. No need to book a room, serve food or pay a lecturer. People just log onto your site, and voila! instant cash flow! :-) Was interesting coming home. Was a day of Japanese encounters and car accidents. Okay, the accidents are probably predictable, as it is wet. We passed TWO accidents on the bus. Not often you see one accident, but today TWO! Amazing. Also, when sitting at the bus depot, a cute girl wandered past ... then wandered past the other way. Then, another one wander past in the direction the first one went. Then, right in front of me they ran into each other! Yes, they were wandering around trying to find each other! Then, they sat next to me, and started speaking Japanese! I tried eaves dropping, but they were speaking WAY too fast for me. I was trying to think of something incredibly witty to say in Japanese in order to get into the conversation. Couldn't think of anything! Then, when I was on the bus, a group of Japanese sat RIGHT in front of me! One of the small girls must be the leader, [Let's call her Alpha] as she was chucking English into her conversation left right and centre. [Oh so kewl!] She seemed to be the dominant person in the group. Her BF [Beta] wasn't too vocal. She also flirted a little with one of the other guys [Delta] and made him embarrased. Meanwhile, he [Delta] was hitting on the other girl in the group who was the obvious Omega. Once again, I tried thinking of something incredibly witty to say in Japanese. Nope! Brain unplugged, try again later! Later was too late. They got off a short time later. The way Omega kept staring at me, I knew that she knew that I spoke Japanese. (Or maybe she just thought I was a freak or something!) Anway, I was watching Beta write some Hirigana/Kanji text message and stuff. Alpha also played with her phone, which she took some photographs with and played a quick movie of one of her friends. Might have been her BF Beta actually. Anyway, was a good time by all, except for me who couldn't think of anything to say. Only thing which came into my head was "Osaka Ben Ga Wakara Hen". Like, that'd make me sound real Baka if none of them was from Osaka! Well, got home and I'm cold. nothing on TV worth watching. Nothing on the internet worth reading as so few people have updated their blogs and stuff. Guess I'll get back to reading and playing computer games for the weekend. Shogun Total War - Here I come! :-)

10 June, 2005

Nerds are Better Lovers?

Do Nerds Really Make better lovers? I really don't care. A few years ago they said FAT GUYS made better lovers. As a Fat Geek, I must be pretty close to being the best thing to hump on a Friday night ... add to this my longer than usual tongue and Tantra sex, and gees, you'd wonder why I ain't getting any! Doesn't matter. I ain't worried. Then again, the sexually frustrated nerd going off is an old cliche. Marilyn Monroe prefered her nerds (Arthur Miller et al), so the news that nerds are in, isn't really too surprising. Nerds are more inventive anyway, so who you going to take to bed, the "minute man jock", or the "I've just installed twenty gadget's to the bed to improve your orgasms" nerd? Well, that's enough raunchy stuff to keep the punters happy. Today, had another good day doing vounteer work at the PCYC. Spent this afternoon at an interview. Was walking out the door and decided to get an umbrella just in case. Was a good thing too, while waiting for the bus, it started to pour. Interview was good. Was with an employment agency. I think I talked Karmen's [the poor girl interviewing me] ears off. Last thing I asked, was if they had an agency in the UK. I still have every intension of going to the UK. She said they did, and I should check them out when I get there. During the interview my stomach kept rumbling. Then, it suddenly went: GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR! And I turned red with embarrassment. Karmen said, "Don't worry, I'm hungry too." Lucky it wasn't misheard. I've had my stomach rumble before where people mistook it for releasing of wind. That's doubly embarrasing, as you know it's going to be coming out later, and then it WILL be a releasing of wind! Was so tired on the way home, I fell asleep on the bus. I had some girl sit next to me, and I was a bit perplexed as to why she didn't move after the bus started emptying. There we places she could have moved to where she'd have her own seat. Well, I fell asleep, (being the old man that I am) and my hand was resting on my umbrella. Well, as I nodded off, my hand slipped on the umbrella, and I jumped. This made the girl in the seat next to me almost jump out of her skin. I can't help but laugh at that. :-) Got home, and told my mother about my day ... and then I've just been doing the rounds reading blogs and stuff. Going to keep typingmy poetry into the old computer now, and tomorrow is the last day of my investment course. Should be good I hope ;-)

09 June, 2005

This week

Well, had one of my bad turns earlier this week. Was vomiting on Monday. Tasted like Salt water. Tuesday, it degenerated to me vomiting blood again. My stomach was pretty badly upset. I haven't had that happen for a while. I was feeling really sick on Tuesday night, so I placed a bucket next to my bed just in case. Wasn't needed. Even though I spent hours on Monday and Tuesday night having trouble sleeping because of the reflux, sometime while I was asleep, it seemed to fix itself again. So I awoke feeling pretty good. Wednesday was an Okay day, but all this week, I wake up feeling Okay, and later in the day I start to feel really depressed. Spent some time typing my poetry into the computer. Ready to send to the publisher eventually. Hope they like poems to slit your wrists by. lol Actually, it's not all depressing. Anyway, went & did some voluntary work at PCYC today. Was a pretty slow day, till Kylie locked us out of the office (well, she left her key's in the office, I actually shut the door). That was pretty funny. Was phone dup by Hays IT and asked to come in for an interview tomorrow. We'll see how that pans out. Got home, and my mother had parked her car in the garage. I knocked on the door and asked her to move it forward, so I could reverse in. My mother came out, and instead of going forward, REVERSED! ARRRGGGHH! As I saw her car come hurtling towards mine, I screamed, "MUM! STOP!" Of course, she couldn't hear me! The other thing I did, was took my car out of reverse (I was ready to reverse up the driveway), and tried to get it into Drive before I was hit. Alas, I forgot I had the handbreak on!
Yes, my mother hit my car! She was apologising a lot for a few hours over it. There wasn't any damage done to either car. So it was okay. My mother told me not to tell my brother Jeff, as he might freak over it. She also thought that next time he scratches the car, he'd try to blame it on this incident. As I said to my mother, the important thing is nobody got hurt. (Not even my little Proton this time!) Phew! :-)

Yep! Nail on the Head! I am a Romantic. (Unlike my Sado-Nypho Ex Wife)

You scored as A Romantic. You're a romantic through and through. You may not ever have very many partners, but it's ok. You know that it's about the person who you're having it with, and that the sex is more of a fun biproduct - a very fun biprodict. You know how to make your partner happy, and that's what it's all about.

A Romantic


Sex God


A Slave To BDSM



How are you in bed created with QuizFarm.com How are you in bed? Truthful answer - Sleeps like a baby! :-)

08 June, 2005

How to Make a David-Lee & a Dabido

How to make a David-Lee Ingredients: 3 parts success 3 parts self-sufficiency 5 parts beauty Method: Layer ingredientes in a shot glass. Serve with a slice of lustfulness and a pinch of salt. Yum! How to make a Dabido Ingredients: 1 part friendliness 3 parts silliness 5 parts intelligence Method: Stir together in a glass tumbler with a salted rim. Add a little curiosity if desired!