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25 January, 2006

ZERO TO HERO!!! w00t!

Yes, w00t! (We Own the Other Team)!!! You might remember a few months ago I completely STUFFED my old PC by screwing around with the Bios and everything. Today I finally got it working correctly again! From a machine which just tried to start the CD and DVD and then stopped dead (nothing on the monitor or anything ... like NO SIGNAL blah blah blah), I FINALLY flashed the Bios back to a normal sort of healthy state and the computer HAS STARTED! w00t!WooT!w00t!WooT! [Yes, I am happy, why do you ask?] Ah ... I feel GOOOD!!! [Insert Saxaphone part here!] Now, to try and get all that other software and crap working on the machine correctly! To think, I gave up trying to fix the thing till I ran into some info when researching new Motherboards ... in fact, I had my old Pentium II machine out in order to try to canibalise the parts and the bios for the Pentium 4 ... BUT, I got it working. PARTY TIME! Now ... to try to overclock the CPU in it again ... and this time, if it freaks out, I know how to recover! hee hee! [Will us noobs never learn???] Bwahahahaa [evil laughter]