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22 August, 2005

Thinking of Life Meme

Yeah, another Meme I invented myself. This one came about, as I was reading about things you can do to improve ones life. I passed it on to four people, who all ignored it. Obviously it's either too personal, or too stupid. Anyway, I thought it best if I actually got around to doing it myself. In the actual thing I was reading (on improving your life) it didn't actually ask for three things. It actually required you to name ALL THINGS. In a way it is like auditing your life. Even if you don't steal this meme to do yourself, you can always follow the instructions in order to look at what you're up to. It's sort of a way to set goals (removing the chaff from your life and aiming towards what you want). It's sort of ment to stick things in perspective. I should probably add, there is also a difference between needs and wants. This is important. Never place a WANT before a NEED if it is possible. When setting your goals, aim at the needs. When all needs are fulfilled, then you can start aiming at the wants. Use the list to set goals on removing what you don't want/need. Recognising what you don't want but can't get rid of (or can't get rid of just yet). Set goals to achieve you wants and needs. Sometimes, there will be things you can't get rid of if you want to achieve a want or need. Recognise the purpose of these things. (You can't make an omlette without breaking eggs). THINKING OF LIFE MEME: Name three things you have in your life that you don’t want (but for some reason need or can’t remove at present):
  1. My loan. (It's going soon though) :-)
  2. My allergies.
  3. An IT job.
Name three things in your life that you don’t need:
  1. Stress
  2. Stupid idiots (especially those who make decissions for me)
  3. Clutter/mess/dust
Name three things in your life you really don’t have time for:
  1. The Government (well their stupid games anyway)
  2. My ex father
  3. My ex church (Very first church. Not any of the other ones I've attented)
Name three things in life that you want (but don’t have):
  1. A giant plasma TV
  2. A fantastic rock band to play with
  3. A fantastic Girl Friend (any applicants? Didn't think so!) :-)
Name three things in life that you need (but don’t yet possess):
  1. A house would be nice
  2. A career going in the direction I think I need to head in. (Still trying to decide on a real career path - Writer? Musician? Artist? Must choose one soon and stick to it)
  3. A loving family (wife/kids etc)
Name three things in life that you would try to make time for:
  1. Return to doing martial arts (preferably Kendo)
  2. A girlfriend (if I ever get one)
  3. Travel
Name three things in life you would like to achieve (but haven’t yet):
  1. Raise very stable, successful children who go on to do great things for themselves.
  2. Become a millionaire (or at least very rich ... rich enough to donate to poorer people)
  3. Set up a trust fund to keep helping people after I am dead and gone
Name three things in life you are proud that you accomplished: [Okay, I'm going to name more than three ... because I need to do step 3 in the rules a lot when I get depressed! Yeah, this is mainly for my own ego ... so you don't need to read them] :-)
  1. Played on the New South Wales State American Football Team (not easy to make that team either) - sacked the Victorian Quarterback in one game.
  2. Had a poem published in 1980, at age 15. (Yes, I am a published writer).
  3. Was leader of a rock band which was offered five gigs everytime we played one gig. (Which basically means we were good. Lead guitarist ran off to form his own band and that ended it for all of us ... even the lead guitarist. The whole was greater than the parts).
  4. Was a studio musician for a short time.
  5. Had painting hung in Darling Harbour at a Cafe
  6. Was a leader at a school camp and lead my dorm to be the ONLY male dorm to win the prize for best dorm (yes, girls normally win as they are neater and nicer)
  7. Passed IQ test showing I have IQ in top 1% (and getting stupider every day)
  8. Am credited with saving a company I used to work for. (Yes, they would have goe bancrupt without me)
  9. Skydived
  10. Abseiled
  11. White water rafted Grade five rapids (and almost got drowned too!) :-)
  12. Have many, many certificates from work for achievements
  13. Have two theology Certificates
  14. Have a Marketing certificate
  15. Numerous Programming/computer certificates
  16. Was given nickname 'Legend' after getting High Distinction at University while holding down a full time and a part time job and doing all the majority of housework for me and my wife.
  17. Have had four films made (and two entered in Young Film makers awards in Adelaide).
  18. Was in Under 8 soccer team who took out the premiership.
[I'm sure I could add more and more if I stopped to think about it. Just need to use it all to spur myself on to bigger and better things]. Rules: 1. Answer the questions – notice the difference between a NEED and a WANT. Don’t confuse the two as the same thing. 2. Pass on to three people. 3. If you ever feel down or think yourself unworthy, read the ‘accomplishments’ bit. 4. If you ever feel aimless, read the ‘want to achieve’ bit.