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22 August, 2005

Friggin' Allergies!

Totally wiped out today because of my allergies. Started the morning being awoken by my youngest brother. He wanted to know when I was going out. (Actually, he woke me previously at about 4AM and I had trouble getting back to sleep). I asked him where he thought I was going out to. He didn't know. So he borrowed my car. Then, when I did get up, I decided I couldnt' put off mowing the lawn any more. Not that I was putting it off. It rained for days and my mother kept asking when I'd mow it. I'd tell her, on a day it doesn't rain. Then, an hour later she'd ask me why it' snot mowed! It's raining! I'll mow it when it stops! Well, it wasn't going to rain today, so I decided to mow. Was difficult getting through all the long grass, which was also wet. The ground (which used to be a part of the river bed) was also very wet and difficult to push the mower though. On top of that, I was wearing my mask to stop the grass giving me a bad allergy attack. Not that it stops my allergies completely. Just stops it being worse than not wearing it. I almost fainted a few times, as the mask allows the C02 to build up and it's not easy when you're pushing a mower through long wet grass across wet ground. I got the whole place mowed! Believe me, it a LOT of mowing as it's a double block. Immediately had a shower and washed all my clothes to get rid of the grass smells and cut don on the allergic reactions. A few hours later I had to go to sleep for a while, as the allergic reaction was really taking it out of me. So I slept for two or three hours. Got up and decided to look for some contract positions to tie me over for a little while. Just need something to last until September when I can sell the managed funds and move to the UK (via Sydney/Malaysia/Japan/Amsterdam). Feel as sick as can be. My eyes have been burning all day. Completely larthargic and wiped out. My mother tried to tell me something must be bothering me to be so tired. I said, "No, it's my allergies! The same thing happens everytime I mow the lawn!" Weird thing is, we have a similar conversation everytime I mow the lawn. I always wonder why no one ever takes my allergies seriously. Not my family, not anywhere I've worked and not even some of my Doctors (though other Doctors realise the seriousness of it all). I've been pretty friggin' pee'd off by it all. Inspite of the fact that I've been in hospital (and actually had no pulse) due to my allergies (almost dying), my family still think it's a minor thing. The other night I rushed my brother to hospital because of his asthma. He also almost died. (In fact, the Doctors told him that I got him there just in time. Someone else had recently come into the hospital in the same condition and died). My mother takes his asthma seriously (while my family totally ignores the fact that I've had it all my life as well). Do my family just respect me a lot, that they think I can overcome near death without them worrying even a little? Or is it they just don't care? I know when I was younger a lot of it was them not caring. The reason I know this is because of a lot of other things which have happened. Like the time I came off my bike and broke my foot (it was August ... I think 1974 or 1975). My parents refused to take me to the hospital. After whinging about the pain for months, my mother eventually took me to a doctor to shut me up (saw the Doctor in November). X-rays proved the foot had been broken, but it had healed incorrectly. The Doctor said he couldn't be bothered re-breaking it and sticking it in a cast. So, I've had an incorrectly healed right foot all my life. Occassionally it causes pain, but doesn't hurt as much as it used to. Still, it is a good example of my parents ignoring my injuries. I admit I feel tinges of jealousy that my sister and brothers ailments get taken so seriously. The slightest knock and my mother is screaming for a Doctor. With me though, I just get told to shut up and take the pain. No wonder I dont' whinge about much to anyone anymore. (Except the internet! Bwahahahaaa!) Oh well, still very tired ... off to watch TV for a while and go to bed ... again!