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12 August, 2005

Football Anyone?

Well, it's the Perth Derby tonight. My mother's team versus my brother in-laws team. Eagles verus Dockers. Do you think I care? Nope! So WHY? WHY? WHY? does my mother expect me to care? I've tried to ignore the match for most of the night, but my mother insists that I watch it. Eagles are way out in front. But if they win, my brother in-law will be in a BAD BAD BAD MOOD! The previous derby was won by the Eagles, and my mother had to keep her lips tight so as not to brag in front of my brother in-law. Yet, if his team had of won, he would have let my mother hear about it endlessly. Geeeees! It's only a friggin' football game. What's more, it's not like they have any influence over their teams. Watch it or not, the result is probably going to be the same. I hate watching sports! Why is it people feel the need to force me to watch it. It's not like I'm playing in the game. Geees! My team isn't even playing (not that I'd watch if they were!) When I used to play American Football, no one used to come to watch me! not even my wife at the time! I even played for the NSW state team, and she still didn't care! So why should I be forced to watch a game I don't care about, with two teams that aren't mine, in a sport I really dont' follow that closely? Talk about wasting my friggin' time.
ON another note. Today a girl called me PRETTY????? PRETTY???? What the Frig!!!!! Since when did I become Pretty? Or did she mean Pretty Handsome? I better smash myself in the face a few times to stop all this non-sense talk!