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21 August, 2005

Brother in Hospital

Had a bit of a scare tonight. My youngest brother had one of his really bad asthma attacks. As per usual, the stuborn little guy wouldn't go to the hospital and kept insisting he'd be okay. My mother was freaking out, and I was trying to get my brother (and mother) to calm down a little. Eventually, Jeff decided he WOULD go to the hospital (normally, by the time you realise you need to go to a hospital, it's like fifteen minutes AFTER you needed to go!) So I drove him to the hospital. Half way there he suddenly stopped making wheezing sounds, and I asked him if he was Okay. He didn't answer, so I had to look over at him to see that he was fine. Then he started wheezing again, followed by some pretty awful noises (which sounded like he was going to vomit everywhere). I asked him again if he was Okay. This tiem he said he was. We got to the hospital, and because he was so bad, he was taken straight into emergency. I stayed and answered the clerks questions regarding his name and other person details. It's funny, Jeff has blond/light coloured hair and brown eyes. I have blue eyes and dark brown hair. We sort of look different. I had to explain to the clerk we were brothers. (Yes, 100% related by same two parents!) They then left me in the waiting room for an hour and a half. I eventually got to phone my mother after a wait to use the pay phone. I'd left my mobile at home on the recharger. While waiting, lots of other emergency patients came and went. One was a guy covered in blood with cuts on his face and a fat lip. He'd obviously been in a fight of some kind. I heard him off speaking arabic on his phone. I think he was waiting fo someone to pick him up, as he disappeared after an hour. He didn't look like someone from the middle east at all. He looked more Russian/Slav or something. I was reminded of one year of my life when a LOT of people kept dying around me. I mean a lot. I spent a lot of time that year waiting around in hospital waiting rooms then too. Same year also had a lot of weddings and stuff. After an hour and a half, I was allowed to go in and see my brother. Everyone had forgotten I was waiting. (I am so memorable!) He was sitting up in bed, with nothing but a pair of track pants on. I wonder why he wasn't wearing any top. He was still on oxygen. He told me he'd phoned mum and todl her he was going to be in over night. We talked for a while. He told me to go home. Not much else I could do. He was looking fine and breathing fine. I got home at midnight. My mother knew more about what was happening than I did. Apparently, he's going to be off work for a while and will be on steroids for a week. I get to go pick him up again tomorrow. Anyway, I quickly raced around reading everyone's blog (well, not EVERYONE'S ... just my usual twenty or so). Finally got to write this. :-) I'm so tired. Time for bed I think!