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26 August, 2005

Dabido The Ambulance

As you might remember, last Sunday I drove my youngest brother to hospital because he had an almost fatal asthma attack. Last night I was unable to blog as my mother was bleeding pretty heavily. So off to hospital I went again. This time I was prepared, and I took a book and a bottle of water with me. We got to the hospital, and I dropped my mother and brother off at the emergency ward and then went to park the car. There were a lot of cars there, and I had to park a small distance away, so was a minutes walk to get back. I was surprised when I walked back into Emergency and my mother was still standing there with my brother waiting to get some service. The two triage nurses were busy talking to other patients. I told my mother, 'You're bleeding, you're an emergency, let's get their attention and ask them to get someone." Luckily, a nurse appeared, and I grabbed her, and my mother meekly asked for some assistance. (mentioning of course that she was bleeding) The nurse told her to go straight through. only one person is allowed with the patient, so I told my brother to go with her, while I waited in the triage room. About fifteen minutes later my brother appeared and took a seat next to me. My mother was being examined by a Doctor. About half an hour later we were both allowed through to sit with her. They had her on a drip and she wasn't allowed to leave the bed. (Which ment everytime she needed to pee, we were made to leave the room). I made jokes to make her laugh. I told her she looked like the michelin man dressed all in hospital white. I also said I was going to get a red flashing light and a siren for my car and paint 'Ambulance' backwards on the front of it. The nurse my mother had remembered my brother (from Sunday night). She also overhead my comment about the red light for the car etc. She told me I should do a Saint John's first aid course (seems as I'm the only one not being raced to hospital in the house). After a while, the Doctor came back and told us my mother was going to have to stay in ovenight and be examined by a gynacologist in the morning. We were told if it was very serious, she would be put into theatre straight away. (I made a joke later about hoping a good movie would be playing in the theatre ... and the nurse said it was a good joke ... but I noticed she didn't laugh! Darn! I better work on my hospital material). My brother and I left at about 11:30 PM to go home. Got home just before midnight. Had trouble sleeping all night (wouldn't we all). Probably only got a four hours sleep all up. Then had to go to work. Before I left, I phoned my sister (who loves to dump her three kids on my mother. Usually, all Wednesday, Friday mornings and most weekends ... yeah, when does my sister look after her own kids?!!!). I told her that mum couldn't look after her kids for a while because she needs to rest. When I got home tonight, my mother was at home again. She has to go back on Monday, and again on Thursday as she's going to have some surgury done. Everyone pray or keep fingers crossed for my mother! As you probably can't tell, (because I spent the night making jokes to my mother), I am pretty worried. I made my mother laugh and smile, which is the important thing. I wanted to keep her spirits up. Still, surgury at her age is still very dangerous and she has high blood pressure, so it has an added danger. Like I said, please pray etc. She's the only mum I have!
Went to work yesterday. Was supposed to have ten computers to set up. Had none! Wish I had taken a book with me! Was pretty boring. I did a few simple things ... but nothing difficult. When I got home (before driving my mother to hospital), my mother and brother had emptied the spare room and were cleaning it up BIG TIME! The dust set my allergies off. I went for a walk for an hour and a half while reading a book (yes, I read and walk!) My mother had also bought a new DVD player (to replace my crappy one which often doesn't work). She was a bit upset when she had to go to hospital, as she'd been looking forward to watching a few DVD's on it. (Luckily we got to do that tonight).
Went to work today. Got there and the place was locked up! Half an hour late, Robyn turned up and unlocked the place for me! Robyn wasn't supposed to work today, so she left almost immediately. Kylie eventually turned up (though she was supposed to start at 4PM ... so she came in early to help out). Still no computers! Not much to do! Did what I could, and spent the day bugging Kylie (or more precisely, she was bugging me!) Later in the day, Rene turned up. Kylie and Rene were putting together a presentation on STD's (Sexually Transmitted Diseases). They had some extremely graphic pictures, but I couldn't look at them all (I'm a very squeamish person) Kylie thought that was funny and was going to try to force me to look at the worst ones. I told her, if she showed them to me, I'd chuck up ... and I'd make sure it was on her! She decided not to show them to me! :-) Got home, and like I said before, my mother was home already. She was pretty upset and had a cry. She's very scared. My brother Jeffrey has been very good and spent some of the day doing the housework (washing up etc). Last night, the dogs kept getting up and barking (because my mother wasn't there). They normally sleep in her room. My allergies are still going off because of the dust from the spare room etc. I took a clarinaise, but it made me feel sick. So glad the weekend is finally here. So much to doooooooooooo! (Hope you are all well!) :-)