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28 August, 2005

What is Dabido Reading Now?

As I wrote previously, just finished reading 'Crime and Punishment'. Then started on 'Flying Solo', which is now finished and returned to the library. As some of my friends can tell you, I do a lot of reading. My ex-wife always used to think I was a bit weird, as I could read an enourmous amount of books simitaneoously without losing what was happening in any of them (or worse still, stop reading a book half way through, then pick it up a year or two later without having forgotten what was happening in it). Here are about eight things I am currently reading (I'm actually reading more ... as well as the usual blogs each day and other internet stuff ... and Cisco Networking stuff ... and language stuff ... and ... well ... just lots of stuff really). Now reading: Encyclodepia Britannica (2002 edition) Actually, I quite often read encyclopedia's. I started that habit when I was about ... um ... maybe eight or nine years old. My mother bought a set of 'World Book Encyclopedia' in 1974. My father also had a set of Brittanica which he left lying around so that people might think he was smart. He forgot that in order to become smart from books, you have to read them. I actually found Brittanica very useful when I was doing my Geology Degree (incomplete - as per all my degrees). Every now and then I set about reading the DVD set of Brittanica on my computer. I'v practically memorised the fact that the Great Schism between the churches occurred in 1054 AD ... yeah, it's the first entry in the encyclodedia! Hope a question concerning it comes up on Who Wants To Be a Millionaire if I ever get on it. Moab is my Washpot
The Autobiography of Stephen Fry (actor, writer, comedian et al).
Very sad in parts. He's an amazing person judging from this book. Those unfamiliar with him, he is one of the actors in Blackadder (Lord Melchett in Blackadder II, General Sir Anthony Cecil Hogmanay Melchett in Blackadder goes Forth, Oscar Wilde in the movie Wilde (1997)). Anyway, I've started his autobiography, and hopefully will finish it soon. Crazy from the heat
Crazy from the heat is David Lee Roth's Autobiography. Full of himself and unapologetically (and I don't think his fans would ahve him any other way). He's larger than life and I dont' think he needs much of an introduction ... but in case you've lived in a dark cave on a distant planet in a different solar system, (whcih I often do), he was the lead singer/frontman for Van Halen for many years (before being replaced by Sammy Hagar). Most die hard VH fans I know lost a lot of interest after Dave left the band. Of course Dave went on to have a brilliant solo career with 'California Girls' and a few other hits. I was surprised to hear he'd gone off to be a paramedic in NY City. Then again, after reading his autobiography, it makes a lot of sense. He's also used to do some crazy stuff (like going adventuring in the Amazon rain forest etc). A good read for anyone who likes a good laugh. It's written as though he's sitting in the same room as you telling you stories. If you were ever a VH fan, it's a must read. Business @ the speed of thought Yeah, I know it's written by everyone's arch nemisis Bill Gates. I thought I'd give it a read anyway! :-) Always interesting to read or listen to anything anyone has to say actually. Anyway, I know a lot of the linux community has a lot of animosity towards this guy (especially with some of the spurious patents Microsoft has for things with Prior Art that they didn't invent). Anyway, love him or hate him, he is an execptional business man, recognising and grabbing opportunites when they've appeared. A lot of other business people missed the boat (like when the writer/owner of CPM didn't jump inot bed with IBM when he had the chance), while Bill saw it for what it was! Not very far through this, but will be interesting to read. I'm thinking of doing a MCSA and a MCSE later this year. It'll compliment my Unix/Linux/Cisco/Nortel skills I believe (making me more marketable than ever!) Memory Pack Memory Pack, by Andi Bell - only a small book, and a lot of fun stuff to help improve peoples memories. Mainly some systems to help get things in order. It also explains how all those 'professional memorisers' remember all those cards from all those decks, or memorise PI to hundreds of decimal places. (You wonderd how Apu from the Simpsons did it ... then maybe this is for you!) :-) I have no idea if this will actually help me remember things, but I'm always on the lookout for differnet learning systems to help me retain as much information as possible in my little brain. Another tool to help me if I ever get on 'Who Wants to be a Millionaire'. :-) The First Time Investor Actually, I've been reading this on and off for the last two months. (told you I can put books down and pick thme up again without any problems). I'm always interested in peoples ideas regarding investing. Lots of people use different strategies and most all think you should follow their strategy. I'll get to my next book in a minute, as it is probably the best strategy to follow. (Warren Buffet's strategy). This book however, goes into a lot of the detail about what the second book is about, but the second book doesn't cover it in the same way. (So they are sort of complimenting each other). Anyway, as they say, if you're going to invest, do your research FIRST, before you EVER commit any money. People who don't know what they're doing lose a lot of money and feel very burned by the stock exchange. Investing is not gambling, but people who don't have a clue what they are doing often turn it into gambling. (After all, if you tried to fly a plane without knowing how it works, that's like gambling with your life ... but if you know how a plane works, then you're being a pilot). So, before you invest, this book is a good one to start with (and I've done the ASX courses on investing which I also recommend to anyone as a good place to start BEFORE you invest your money). Warren Buffet Wealth This wasn't written by Warren, bu is written about him. Part Buffet biography, but mainly about his principles on how to invest. If you dont' know who Warren Buffet is, he's sometimes the richest man in the world (when Bill Gates isn't, or the Sultan of Brunei isn't). He started off from very humble beginnings and made himself a BILLIONAIRE (Forget 'Who wants to be a millionaire', let's play, 'Who wants to be a billionaire'!) :-) As I said, this is a good companion book complimenting 'The First Time Investor' book I'm also reading. This one explains how Warren made his money (US$40+ billion), though he doesn't have a huge salaried job and doesn't rip people off trying to sell them anything. Just good solid investing knowledge. It explains his mistakes (and who hasn't made a few of them investing), and explains why he is able to navigate his way through the tough times and the good. Brilliant Answers to Tough Questions Going to an interview? Well, maybe you should read this book. Actually, I've been reading a lot about interview technique for a good many years now. I've also conducted interviews with people as well. So always good to see both sides of the equation. No use trying to baffle them with bull ... just read this book (and a lot of other's on the subject) and get your interviewing techniques down pat before trying for that all important job. I think one of the important things in a job interview, is knowing what to ask them back. I know I walked into one interview with a set of ten questions I was going to ask back at the interviewer ... only to have them answer all of them during the interview stage. When we got up to the bit where they asked if I had any questsions ... well I didn't! It's always good to have a few extra prepared, and a few that they can't possibly answer before you ask them. Hopefully, this book will give you some amunition so you don't look like your stupid when they ask something hard to answer, or when they want to know if you ahve any questions for them.
I won't bother rattling off any of the other books I am reading at the moment. It'll take me a while to get through these ones! :-)