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16 August, 2005


Been trying to stop using my medication again. If I can get off it for seven days straight, then I can do a test. The test might prove that i just need a simple course of anti-biotics which will cure my stomach complaint. Only problem is, it's day three, and I've really nausious. That's better than normal. Usually I will get to day three and be vomitting blood. I've had to take a tablet now. It was too much. Once the nausia starts, it doesn't end ... and then the vomitting starts, and then the vomitting blood. I wish I could make the seven day mark. On another subject, I'm off to see the Dentist tomorrow. As it's an emergency, I can't be booked in, I have to turn up at 8:15 AM tomorrow and wait for an opening or for a patient to cancel. Once of my back teeth has been badly chipped (or part of the filling has fallen out). It's been annoying me for a few days. There is a possibility that my tooth problem may be related to my stomach problem. I was told years ago, that people with a similar condition to mine got their mercury fillings replaced, and their symptoms went away. I've always hoped it was the case, but Doctors and Dentists think it's a stupid theory. Hopefully tomorrow I can convince the dentist otherwise and they'll remove at least one of the fillings. Had another interview today. Was told the same old sad story about Perth. It's very insular industry here, and unless I have worked with someone here, then no one will give me an IT job. It's stupid and it sucks! They wonder why I'm going to leave for the UK very soon. Just waiting for September so I can sell my managed funds, then I'm all cashed up and off to see the world again. Last throw of the dice type stuff. Anyway, let's hope I get to see the Dentist tomorrow and let's hope they will agree to remove all those mercury fillings. It might mean a whole new lease of life for me.