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29 August, 2005

Ultra Sound for my Mother

Took my mother to hospital today. As some of you know, I did the ol' mercy dash with her to hospital the other day. Today, she went in to have an ultrasound done before her operation on Thursday. (I'll have to take half the day off work for that). She was in there for an hour before she came out again. Was a long wait ... another patient in the waiting room wet herself a bit ... like my mother, she was asked to drink a litre of water before visiting the hospital so that she could give a urine sample. Poor ladies bladder couldn't wait any longer. My mother had some more bleeding on the weekend, but didn't go to the hospital. My brother and I just kept checking her every quarter hour and bringing her cups of tea and stuff. She seemed okay. She's been very weak (which is understandable and everything). Hope she goes Okay on Thursday. Like I asked before PLEASE PRAY FOR HER! I'm hoping it'll all go well for her.
Decided to tidy up my brother's stuff here in my front room (study). He had a huge box full of foam and cardbord and other things he's using to make warhammer things with. (Like hills, huts, houses, ruins etc).I got it to fit into seven, forty litre boxes. (We bought ten plastic boxes which can be stacked on Sunday). I still can't get to one of my bookcases. Another two (which were also obscured by his stuff), are now semi accessible. I also cleaned a lot of the stuff up from around my weight bench. It looks a lot cleaner. I'm also planning on selling my running machine. As good as it's been, I find it chaffs me between the legs, as you need to land dead square in the middle of the running mat while using it. I've been walking outside, or around the lounge room instead as part of my daily workout, and there's been no chaffing at all. So, looks like my machine will be on e-bay soon. (Though my mother asked me to keep it so that she can use it when I go to the UK. I think it won't be much use for her though).
A strange thing happened today. I was phoned regarding a job & I have absolutely no idea why. I don't meet the selection criteria at all. They asked me to come in for an interview on Wednesday. I'll go in to see what it's all about, but I have a strange feeling it's a waste of my time. Still, if they want to see me, it might be because no one else meets the criteria they have either. Will be interesting, as the company is in Australia, and South East Asia. Maybe I can get a trip to KL & Penang for free! :-) Anyway, I've read up on the company a little. Seems they have an alarm/event frequency analysis product. Will be interesting to see if they provide training for everything. The job ad did say 'ground floor' position. Maybe it's a really junior position. Anyway, if it gets me some cash for a while before the trip to the UK, then I'll take it. (And you never know, I might like it enough to stay). Still, I have a feeling that someone else will get the position. (I have faith in Perth still being Perth, where they will say to me, 'You've never worked in Perth, so we don't want to hire you!')
Returned to doing some Yoga today. Trying to work it into my exercise regime so that I can do more stretching of muscles and limber up some more. I know more muscular guys than me who are more flexible than I am! I used to be really flexible when I did Jui Jitsu and Karate. I wish I could remember all the exercises I used to do for that. (Other than keeping my feet off the floor for ten minutes while Sensei walked around the room on everyone's stomachs!) Man, was I fit then or what? [Yes, the answer is YES!] :-) Hopefully, I can return to that sort fo physical fitness again (though age is a big factor whcih is making it harder! Darn metabolisim is s l o w i n g d o w n ) :-)