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18 August, 2005

Lips can tell sexuality?????

On Minishorts blog she recently posted regarding lips being the way that you can tell how SEXUAL a person is. I wondered how true it is. I just dug up this old photo of myself (okay, it's about a year old or something) and thought I'd have a look. Wonder how Minishorts would rate my lips on this one. [I guarantee 100% that this has not been altered with photoshop!] :-) (Yeah, I had long hair at that stage. Unlike my short hair now). Minishorts give it a rating. :-) On another note, I finally got around to creating a Minishorts button to link to her site. Feel free to steal it if you want it. (As per my other buttons on the side linking to other people's sites as well). This one didn't convert over too well either. I think I'll re-do it later. Anyway Minishorts, if you see this, tell me if you want the colours changed or anything.