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21 August, 2005

Psychopaths, Mishima and the Speed of light

Many things to blog about today. First - Lost Mishima Movie found. For all of you who are fans like myself of the author Mishima, then you'll be glad that they have found a copy of this. I dont' like the headline they used, the Noh Play by Mishima and the movie (where Mishima himself acts the main character) had been known for years before his attempted Coup in 1970. After his actual suicide his wife supposedly destroyed all copies of the film. (Actually, I didn't realise the movie was missing. I thought they were selling it on Amazon ... maybe I am confused and it is a different Mishima film I have flagged at Amazon!)
Scientist increase speed of light. So much for Relativity - where the speed of light is a constant which can't be changed! (Scientists have previously slowed it down). Read the article for ideas as to it's uses. (Computing, telecommunications etc). I am left wondering. It was the 100th anniversary of E=MC squared this month ... now it looks like it's wrong! So much for C as a constant! Still, F=MA is incorrect, but still has it's use in science. Will they teach E=MC squared for a long time to come? I think so. It's still useful, and until another theory comes along, we're stuck with it. Super String theory still needs to be proven and Quantum physics (though having had a lot discovered about it), still has many facets to uncover.
I've blogged before on Psychopathic bosses etc. You can check the website, which has a quiz on discovering if your boss is a psychopath. I think I've encountered MANY MANY in my day. I use this quiz against my old flatmates and stuff as well. Too many psychopaths in this world I think. Actually, only one percent of the population. People who meet the psychopathic profile who I've encountered: My Father My Ex-Wife Some of my Ex-Bosses Some of my Ex-Flatmates. Without naming names, out of the thirty one that I can remember off hand (every now and then I remember a few more, I don't know why I forget the others): At least three of them fit the psychopathic profile Another was a pathological liar (and poisoned me) Another was a racist (& member of a racist political party) One had been in a mental instituion (and she wasn't the craziet of them all) One was like a sister to me One was like a brother to me One was my youngest brother (who was like a flatmate to me. Bwahahaaaaaa). Though several others were totally annoying little ... um ... uh ... people (like they wouldn't do housework, or would leave all the washing up for me to do), they didn't fit the psychopath type profile. There were also a few times I lived by myself. Some other flatmates were a joy to live with. Lisa (who was like a sister to me) was probably up there with the best. I flated with her twice. Once when I was living with her and two other guys (Craig and Grant, who were also joys to live with); then the second time it was just the two of us. Paul, was like a brother to me. We also flated twice. Once when I moved in with him (just remembered another flatmate - three of us when I first moved in with Paul ... thirty two flatmates). Then when Christine (my ex), and I decided to live in a share house, we had Paul and my brother Jeff move in with us. That set up was good till Jeff left to return to Perth. Funny how some flatmates are good to live with more than once, and ones who are psycho's or annoying are best left alone. One of those that fits the psychopathic profile had many, many flatmates before I moved in with her. It's funny how she always used to character assassinate all of them. [I have no doubt that she also used to character assassinate me as well.] Anyway, if I find I'm either flatting with a psychopath or working for one, I know the best thing to do is retreat quickly. Either move ASAP or quit ASAP. It's also why I get rid of 'aquaintences' as soon as possible when they begin to display psychopathic behaviour.