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15 August, 2005

What I Want In A Girl Part II

Before I get into it I'll discuss something else. Someone sent me one of those e-mails with a long list of when you were born and what it means - in this case, it matches you to a colour and the colour is supposed to mean something. In my case it's ... CREAM orCREAM (Depending on which way you prefer your cream) :-) Competitive and sportive. Don't like losing and always cheerful! You are Trustworthy, and very out going. You choose love carefully, and don't fall in love easily. But once you find the right one, you don't let go for a long time. What I want in a Girl Part II Thought I'd get stuck into some more useful details concerning this question. Last time [HERE] a lot was based on very general type stuff. Possibly not useful, as some of it I think was quite normal (like the Fidelity part and the non-violent part). This is a list of more personal type qualities I'd like.

  • Likes to play games (such as Scrabble, Trivial Pursuit etc). Yeah, my family are good at games, and we like to be a little bit competitive and play them against each other. It gives people a chance to interact and ignore the Television for a while.
  • Likes music (preferably can play a musical instrument or willing to learn). I come from a musical type family. I play many musical instruments, and even though some members of the household can't/don't play, I think it might be nice to be in a relationship with someone who can play. My ex forbade me playing music when she was at home (and always wanted to sell my musical instruments for the money). She is also why I stopped being a musician and started working in IT. It also means I need some time alone to practice (or at least fool around on the guitar).
  • Likes travel. I like travelling and experiencing new and unusual things in my life. Hopefully my partner will too.
  • Likes movies. I like going to the cinema to escape reality for a while. Admittedly, Hollywood seems to have forgotten how to make movies (they just keep remaking the same ones with different actors and different names hoping we won't realise). If I am ever rich enough, I'll get my own home theatre.
  • Likes Anime. Yeah, I like a bit of the old Japanese Cartoon characters running around saying and doing crazy things. Actually, I like most adult cartoons (Simpsons, Futurama, Family Guy, King of the Hill). The Japanese just have a knack with their anime though. You have to love it.
  • Likes books. My nose is often stuck deep in a book. In fact, my latest craze is to get the ones at the library on CD or Tape and listen to them while exercising. Makes it easier to get through books with less effort while stopping myself from getting bored while doing constant repetitions on the old weight bench or walking/jogging.
  • Interest in Computers. I spend a lot of my time on the old computer. It's like my best friend after my guitar. If I'm not writing, surfing the net, then I'm tackling space monsters or orcs or taking over the world somewhere.
  • Interest in multitude of things. I have a great and varied interest in almost everything. This includes visiting museums (though most museums you only need to visit once to get a good idea as to what they're about. Second visits usually bore me). Libraries are a fun excursion for me too ... but only because I can't read all those books at once. Once I've read most of the books in one, I get bored with it. Historical places interest me too. (See Travel). I like to absorb as much of a place as I can, so I try to read almost everything they have written somewhere. Zoos, fun. Art Galeries, Fun. Monkey Parks, Fun. New Places, Rome, Venice, Florence, Paris, etc, etc Fun! Fun! Fun!
  • Wants to have children. Two or three would be nice. Okay, maybe I'm strange, but I wanted kids when I was thirteen. Guess my paternal instincts kicked in then. Always wanted to bring them up to have fun and enjoy life. Yeah, that might mean work on my part, but I'd like to give my kids the kind of upbringing they will enjoy, that will make them stable responsible adults. (And rich enough that they won't stuff me and the missus in a retirement village once our use by dates expire!)
  • Financially Responsible. My first wife used to love to spend, spend, spend. In the first three years, she was supposed to save her wage while we lived off mine. After three years, I discovered she'd been spending all hers on herself! Ai Carumba! If she had of saved that, we would have had over AUD$60,000 as a deposit for a house. WOW! That's a lot of money wasted. What did she spend it on? Apparently she used to get her hair done every week! That was over $100 a week on her hair! Then she'd buy her lunch, while I took a packed lunch to work. She was supposed to be eating a packed lunch too! What happened to the rest of the money? The rest is a mystery. I know some went on clothes etc. Short version – we make a financial plan and stick to it as much as possible (some flexibility needs to be built in to the plan). What it means though, is we live below our means in order to save the rest. It isn't rocket science!
  • Someone nice. I don't like people who are mean behind other peoples backs. Some people I know have married people like that (actually, my ex could be mean behind peoples backs!) Okay, admittedly, some people do need to be told to go away in terms you probably would never normally use, but that doesn't mean you treat all strangers like that. Be nice! You never know when you need to build a good relationship with someone, and first impressions do last.
Now all I need is KY to whore me out on his blog, and we'll see how I go! Bwahahahaaaa! Just kidding. :-)