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16 August, 2005

Too Much Sex in Advertising?

Is there too much sex in advertising now? They seem to use it to sell everything. Even those things which have nothing to do with sex, like food, washing powders, detergents. It's haveing a very negative on the country. Want to know why there is a negative population growth in Japan, Australia, in fact all the first world countries? Because everytime we men see a naked woman, we want to do our washing, eat and drink everything in the frigde, then do the washing up! Oh yeah baby, Take it off ... then we'll see if Nappy San really can make it whiter! Wow Babe! Your bodies good enough to eat off. Today, we're trying new Chicken Tonight recipe with our San Remo Pasta and a glass of cooool refreshing Fosters on the side! Feeling a bit like a dirty girl? You need new LUX SOAP, now with moisturiser bult in. Oh yeah baby! I'm feeling mighty sexy ... in my new fluffy slippers and granpa style pyjama's! Give it to me baby! Ah ha ah ha! The cup of smoooth aromatic coffee that is!
And people wonder why I don't have a GF. Bwahahahahahahaaaa!