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30 August, 2005

What to say tomorrow?

Tomorrow is Malaysia's Indepenence day! Most of my Malaysian friends/aquaitences/blog's I read etc are going to blog in Bahasa Melayu (Malaysian Language) as a matter of national pride. Cool! If only I could speak a little Malaysian .. oh wait, I can ... but only a little. I might try it a little ... and will include a translation so that my Malaysian friends can laugh at the difference between what I am actually saying, and what I am trying to say! (And so my non-Malaysian friends can also read it!) Have no idea what I'll say though. Anything too difficult, and I won't be able to say anything ... anything too simple, and I'll sound like a baby pointing at things going 'Unta' ... 'that's right dear, it's a camel' ... 'Besar kereta' ... 'that's right dear, it's a big car!' et hoc genus omne! You get the idea! So, I better put some thought into it when I can. Not that I'll have much time. I have an appointment tomorrow at 9am ... followed by me rushing home to drive one and a half hours away to attend an interview for a job I am unqualified for, for an unknown salary, that's going to be too far to travel everyday anyway... and I don't even know if I want the job! So much to do tomorrow. Today was pretty laid back. Did most of my workout (maybe I should include it for those wanting to beef up or just lose weight or something!). Got through the entire yoga routine, which I hope is stretching those muscles out a bit. Got through the walking (as per usual) and the weight training (which isn't too hard). The whole lot is a little time consuming, and is probably why I can't continue it all when I have work to do. It can all take up to three hours to do. (Like today). Normally, I won't get through the lot. On another note. I was going to go to the UK with my mate (Corey) who lives in Sydney. Plans have changed though ... Corey has settled down! Wah! Yes, ol' Corey has got his GF (now partner) pregnant, and they've bought a 3 bedroom townhouse together. Congratulations guys! Hope it all works out and everything. So Corey and family are going to remain in Sydney, while I head off to the UK by myself. I still haven't got any definite plans for heading off just yet. Mainly, as I might still land a job here, and I'm still not 100% sure when I can exit from my managed funds. I know it's Septmeber, which starts in like two days time! I just don't know which DAY in SEPTEMBER I am allowed to exit. I better send anothe e-mail off to my Financial Advisor. I was planning on writing a bit on 'Meta ethics' and 'Applied ethics' tonight ... but I might wait till I'm writing in English (after tomorrow) to do it. The philosophical concepts will be too difficult for my little brain to translate in any way or form into Bahasa Melayu! I spent tonight helping my brother repair the spring on his futon! not much fun with my mother telling me to get in and help, and I'm telling her, I can't he's in the way ... and then she's like, well stop standing there and help him ... I can't he's in the way! I get so frustrated with those circular conversations! Anyway, in the end it was sort of fixed and is taking up heaps of room in the lounge, because he's bought a new bed and matress and doesn't need it! So darn worn out! Think I'll cook myself some dinner!