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17 August, 2005

Dentist Trip

Got to see the Dentist today. I was told to turn up at 8:15 AM to ensure I saw the Dentist. I arrived at 8:05 AM and was the second person there. Didn't seem to matter though. Even though I was second one there, a girl pushed in front of me (making me third). I didn't complain as she seemed to be in absolute agony with her tooth. I was a bit amazed though, that even though I was seen third at reception, I somehow ended up being called sixth or seventh to see a Dentist. This place doesn't take appointments, so I have no idea how people seen after me got in front of me.

Saw the Dentist. She said that all my teeth were fine. No problems. She took an X-Ray of the tooth that I was feeling pain with. She came back, and said the X-Ray showed the tooth was fine. There was a bit where some of the filling had broken off (which is what I'd thought), but she said it didn't matter. The reason I was experiencing pain was that I'd apparently been brushing too hard, and had worn away a little of the tooth near the gum line. She said it wasn't enough to get a filling or anything. It might even repair itself.

She stuck some paste on it (to take the pain away), and sent me on my way. I was very surprised when I was presented with the bill. It was so low, I paid with cash. I had reached to get my Visa card, but when she said the cost, I was amazed. No need to incure an eftpos fee or anything when cash would suffice.

I don't have to see anyone for another nine months now. (Actually, that's their waiting list time). Still, I would have liked to have seen about getting my mercury fillings removed and replaced with plastic ones. I might have to go to another Dental Clinic to see if they'll do it.

On another note, my tooth still hurts!!!!