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19 August, 2005

The Sotong Talisman

As per discussion from Terrence Site (and Sotongs Suggestion of placing her picture up to improve productivity), I have invented the Sotong Talisman to ward off slothfulness and evil spirits from the work place. It also works against mice in the kitchen, and satan and evil spirits in general. How to use: 1. Print off the Talisman 2. Place it in the area you wish to be protected from slothful work habits (to improve productivity) and to keep mice, satan, and evil spirits away from. 3. Repeat this mantra 1080 (one thousand and eighty) times: Soooo toooong dooonoooot kiiiick meeeee iiiiiin daaaaa nuuuuuuts! 4. Send your hard earned cash to Dabido if it works. 5. If it doesn't seem to be working, then you probably said the Mantra either 1079 times, or 1081 times. Learn to count better. Repeat step 3 and 4 until you either run out of money or it works. Cheers and happy prolonged productivity. :-) May you be as rich as this will hopefully make me. (p.s. Don't forget to send you money). :-)