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18 June, 2005

Second Attempt to write Yesterdays post.

I'm going to make a second attempt to finish yesterdays post of events over the last two days. Well, on Thursday night I had an e-mail regarding a Network Engineering job. I e-mailed the agency back saying I was workign at the PCYC, and I'd get back to them if I could. Anyway, next morning, before I could get out of the door, the agency phoned back. I had an interview over the phone and they were going to put me forward for the position. Later that day, I also received a call from another agency regarding a different position. Same result. They're putting me forward for the position. Actually, I'm not going to go into anywhere near as much detail as I had originally written. A pity in many respects. Probably better for you readers anyway! lol Anyway, a lot of it revolved around my mother and brother not letting me sleep much. They keep getting up at 4 AM and making heaps of noise. This morning I'm sure it was deliberate! Actually, my brother has a habit of coming to my door and asking if I am awake! Like, I AM NOW!!!! :-) Well, we've had a mouse infestation. We discovered that the mice had a hole outside underneath the airconditioner. My mother found a heap of dirt underneath the airconditioner inside. What had been happening, is the mice were burrowing into their little hole, and when they come up, their is a hole in the bottom of the airconditioner, so they just kept sticking the dirt in there. Eventually, there was so much dirt in the airconditioner that it started falling out the front, and that's when my mother discovered it. Well, we'd seen these mice running under the airconditioner and the dogs were always sniffing around that area. So this morning, my mother and brother invetigated. They pulled the airconditioner out and found the mouse hole in the ground outside. They tipped heaps of rat sack down the hole and plugged it up with cement. My brother asked if I wanted to watch American Pie the Wedding today. So I agreed, (seems I got it out from the video library). My mother critisised the movie greatly, and suddenly he didn't want to watch it. So I watched it alone! Some good bits in it. Didn't seem to be as funny as the original one though. Well, it has to go back to the video store tomorrow. Other movies I've watched are Garage Days (Seems as I am a member of the Australian Writers Guild and a member of the Western Australian Music Industry, I thought I should watch it). Brought back memories of Sydney. Always nice to watch movies shot in Sydney and remember all the old haunts! Actually, I'll just flash back to Thursday work. They're offereing a "Certificate IV in Assessment and Workplace Training" course. They're trying to get me on board to do it. I'm not sure if I have a use for it. They tell me it's the one most Police want (even more than their Degrees and Diplomas!) Well still, if I don't have a use for it, it will just be another piece of paper to add to the ones I already have! I have a folder full of them! Part of the reason they asked me to take it, is they want me to run some courses at the PCYC. I don't want to do it. I actually WANT to go to the UK. I think I am mentally prepared to go as soon as I have everything organised! So, better for me to go I think. Anyway, I know the issue is really effecting my mother. She keeps starting arguements. This morning she kept pretending I was trying to start and arguement, and I just kept being civil and treated it like a joke. I think it annoyed her that she couldn't make it seem like I was a fault. This I think is because she's really worried about me going to the UK. She's also arguing with my younger brother a lot as well. Admittedly, he's done some stupid things lately, but I think he falls into that when he's under pressure, and he's under pressure because my mother keeps starting arguments. I just hope he doesn't return to his old ways of locking himself in his room all the time. (Which is what he used to do before I returned to Perth). Well, on Friday he needed a lift to the bus stop at 5:45 AM. He asked me Thursday night if he could wake me up at 5 AM. I asked him when his bus was coming. He said, 5:50 AM. I said, then get me up just before you need to go. Sure enough, him and mum woke me at 4 AM arguing over something. By the time 5:40 AM came around (when he knocked on my bedroom door), I was already pretty much wide awake. When I go home, my mother tried to keep me up by talking to me. I just went back to bed. She got angry and started making a lot of noise in the laundry (which is opposite my bedroom). Then she stuck her washing on. No matter where I live, there always seems to be something or someone who makes noise to keep me awake! No wonder my health suffered so much. I'm never allowed to sleep! It's a form of brainwashing - sleep depreivation! FAR OUT!!!! Anyway - I can't wait till August. I can leave Australia, and go travelling again and go to the UK and get a job and hopefully feed myself! :-) I have a weight problem to maintain! :-)