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23 June, 2005

Nice Day

Yes, it was pouring with rain. My mother got me up at 6:15AM to drive my brother to the bus stop. (Though my brother would have walked - but my mother insisted it was too wet for him!) Got back home, hopped back into bed, but couldn't get back to sleep. 7:30AM Out of bed, and got ready. Off to work at the PCYC. 8:30AM Got to work. Senior Constable Chas wasn't there today. Was supposed to set up the new computer we got but discovered that it didn't have an internal modem, and the internal modem in the old one doesn't fit (to big ... how many times we been told that guys!) :-) Anyway, the day flew. A few other things didn't get completed as we were missing a power board (for the coaches computer and stuff) which I was supposed to attach a new printer to. So that printer isn't set up yet. Not much else to say. The police had a checkpoint set up at the end of the road, just scanning cars for stolen ones with their ARGUS unit. So they and the Salvation Army (who were providing them with coffee and food) kept dropping in to use the toilets and stuff. Another constable turned up to return the BBQ unit. His last name was Stevenson too, but I didn't bother asking if he was relate, as he was pretty tall (and I am from a family of Midgets!) :-) Anyway, it rained pretty heavily all day and Kylie and I basically held the fort at the office. Kylie was working most of the time on a Girls Against Violent Acts (GAVA) program which she runs. I was surprised that there was not a standard program that the police already had set up in order to do this. Kylie was writing it all herself with me giving a little input here and there. Mainly stopping her runaway sentences which never end and keep adding conjunctions and stuff like the word 'AND' and 'BUT' as these are pretty common conjunctions called coordinating conjunctions and if you haven't noticed I am making this a really long runaway sentence using exactly the sort of thing Kylie was doing, but you already knew that, as you are pretty smart ... right? :-) Anyway, I thought it would be a good idea if the Police co-ordinated some effort regarding this sort of program. not all PCYC's run programs, as they like to try to target the local problems themselves. Still, some problems I think can be co-ordinated and should have a standard; after all, relationship problems (including violence towards women), drugs / substance abuse and peer problems are pretty much universal. What I am talking about, is a dug user in a nice neighbourhood is suffering the same sort of problem as a drug user in a worse neighbourhood. Actually, if it's anything like Sydney, they all eventually gather at the same points. (In Sydney it was mainly Kings Cross, though other suburbs had issues). So a standard information pack which can be altered to the local area would be better than every area having to write their own information packs. Maybe it's a target market which someone could approach the Police about. I told Kylie I'd take my Teen Challenge notes in with me (from when I used to do Drug Rehab. in Sydney). I'm not planning on plagiarising the notes (they're copyrighted material), but just use them as a guide to help Kylie with her information pack. She has all the info anyway. She's been running programs for a while. Still, it's a big ask for all PCYC's to write entire programs themselves. Hopefully when they are all connected together off the Internet, they will make some servers available (possible Intranet) which can store this sort of thing, so that they can all beg borrow and steal (share?) information with each other. I feel they are probably continually re-inventing the wheel with totally autonomous programs. Anyway, I blogged on a bit much more about that than I wanted to! I think I over did the weights a little yesterday. Too many reps on my left arm. The poor muscle is hurting. Oh well, must mean it is getting bigger. hee hee! Must do some more tonight! Try to at least look like I have some muscle and not all flab! lol