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10 June, 2005

Nerds are Better Lovers?

Do Nerds Really Make better lovers? I really don't care. A few years ago they said FAT GUYS made better lovers. As a Fat Geek, I must be pretty close to being the best thing to hump on a Friday night ... add to this my longer than usual tongue and Tantra sex, and gees, you'd wonder why I ain't getting any! Doesn't matter. I ain't worried. Then again, the sexually frustrated nerd going off is an old cliche. Marilyn Monroe prefered her nerds (Arthur Miller et al), so the news that nerds are in, isn't really too surprising. Nerds are more inventive anyway, so who you going to take to bed, the "minute man jock", or the "I've just installed twenty gadget's to the bed to improve your orgasms" nerd? Well, that's enough raunchy stuff to keep the punters happy. Today, had another good day doing vounteer work at the PCYC. Spent this afternoon at an interview. Was walking out the door and decided to get an umbrella just in case. Was a good thing too, while waiting for the bus, it started to pour. Interview was good. Was with an employment agency. I think I talked Karmen's [the poor girl interviewing me] ears off. Last thing I asked, was if they had an agency in the UK. I still have every intension of going to the UK. She said they did, and I should check them out when I get there. During the interview my stomach kept rumbling. Then, it suddenly went: GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR! And I turned red with embarrassment. Karmen said, "Don't worry, I'm hungry too." Lucky it wasn't misheard. I've had my stomach rumble before where people mistook it for releasing of wind. That's doubly embarrasing, as you know it's going to be coming out later, and then it WILL be a releasing of wind! Was so tired on the way home, I fell asleep on the bus. I had some girl sit next to me, and I was a bit perplexed as to why she didn't move after the bus started emptying. There we places she could have moved to where she'd have her own seat. Well, I fell asleep, (being the old man that I am) and my hand was resting on my umbrella. Well, as I nodded off, my hand slipped on the umbrella, and I jumped. This made the girl in the seat next to me almost jump out of her skin. I can't help but laugh at that. :-) Got home, and told my mother about my day ... and then I've just been doing the rounds reading blogs and stuff. Going to keep typingmy poetry into the old computer now, and tomorrow is the last day of my investment course. Should be good I hope ;-)