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30 June, 2005

Change of Plan

Quick Change of Plan - Yes, i know I said I was going to Europe - but after more careful consideration I realised something - staying and doing th job will allow me to acheive one of my life long goals - to finish the Arts Degrees (Plural) which I had started a few years back. When I was younger I wasn't allowed to pursue an Arts Degree. My teachers said I was TOO SMART and said I should be a Doctor or Lawyer. My parents said that ART was no good - becuase Art isn't a real job. (GEES! First time I was published was when i was in Year TEN! Well, the book with my poem in it came out when I was in Year 11 ... so I guess technically I was first published when in Year 11) So it's NOT like I was lacking talent at the time. Anyway - four movies, several bands, one published poem and work with theatre companies and as a studio musician ... and FINALLY I can pursue the Arts Degreee I've always wanted! It removes the uncertainty that an Artistic life has (like - what project am I working on next) as I will have a steady income while still pursuing my artistic goals on the two to three days I have off. (As well as studying and still having a weekend!) Woo hoo! It's been a long and weird ride to get to where I am today - my ex-wife never wanted me to pursue art either (having to give up my music career for her - only to have her run off with another guy!) This time - no compromise! Art Degrees all the way! Four Art Degrees and One Genreal Studies Degree coming up! Two years to go provided I don't fail any subjects! Woo hoo~! Best of all, I won't be selling any more equities to make ends meet! So, I have the best of both worlds - a little money - and a little time to myself! I might have to eat a pizza tomorrow night to celebrate! (And I make GREAT PIZZA). Still on the agenda is a couple of quick trips to Sydney and KL (Malaysia) - if I get the chance in the near future a quick trip to Japan ... no make it a LONG trip to Japan will be nice! Hopefully with my art in tow and my own band! Woo Hoo! First Subject I will pursue! Exploring Painting! Have to choose a second subject to do as well! Indonesian and Italian aren't available this semester. Second subject Philosophy, Morality and Society! Don't you love it! ;-)