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28 June, 2005

Mulholland Drive

On the weekend, I got a few videos out - and one of them was Mulholland Drive. My mother had asked for me to get some Mystery type movies, so when I saw Mulholland Drive, that I hadn't seen, I decided to grab it. Knowing it was David Lynch, I knew it might be a bit weird/quirky/different. I warned my mother, pointing out it was the guy who did Twin Peaks. My mother told me she was familiar with Twin Peaks - so I thought, Okay, I am safe it is a bit different to normal hollywood mysteries. Well, it got to the Lesbian Love Scene (which I hadn't known about) and my mother freaked . She is really Lesbi-phobic. (Did I just invent a word?) So she was totally freaking out! and telling me off. On top of that, she is freaked out by the fact the movie seems 'weird/quirky/different'. I said to her, "Well, I told you it was from David Lynch. It's quirky like Twin Peaks was." My mother started insisting that she didn't think Twin Peaks was 'weird/quirky/different' ... was she really remembering Twin Peaks, or had she confused it with something else? Anyway, she insisted Twin Peaks was a normal TV series with no weird/quirky stuff in it. WAH! So, the movie continued, and got to the very end - and my mother was very disappointed as it didn't give her an easy Hollywood type resolution! So she insisted that it was just some weirdo's excuse to do Lesbian Porn in the disguise of a Hollywood Movie. I was also to blame, as I wanted to watch this 'weird freaky movie'. I pointed out it had won awards and everything. Anyway, I told her what I thought it was about (with the usual caveat that it was 'my own personaly opinion' and possibly incorrect.) Well, we watched the Cannes Interview with David Lynch, which didn't help my mother much - then the Cannes Press interview - which also was no help in deciphering the picture. Glad I didn't get "EraserHead" out. I still have memories of that women shouting, "YOU HAD INTERCOURSE! DIDN'T YOU!" Imagine how my mother would have taken that film! Well, maybe a bit better than Mulholland Drive, as I don't remmeber a Lesbian scene in it!
Well, had my passport interview - all went well. It says "Ten days" for it to be processed on the application - but the lady behind the counter said Two to three weeks. Should still be enough time to get my Visa's before leaving ... well, have to have the visas, otherwise I can't go! But, plenty of time to get the visas before the day I wish to leave! I bought some new shoes as well. I also sent off the coffee I'd promised Lillian. Hope she enjoys it! :-) Spent the rest of the day looking after mum. Took her to Medicare - then shopping for my sister B'day presents and card - then off to do her food shopping. I had a pretty bad headache coming on - but didn't want to tell her. So, got home - and headache continues. I don't think it will turn into a migraine - at least I hope not! Last thing I need is a friggin' migraine. (Or a migraine with friggin' lasers on it's head! Yeah, another obscure reference!) Thank goodness the Sharemarket (ASX) went up today. I was afraid the downwards trend was going to continue. All of my shares gained today, where as last week they were losing ground. Soon it will be time to sell them and get out of the market - not because I think there will be a correction, but because I need the cash to get to the UK.