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13 June, 2005

Must Stay On Target!

Yes, today I was p****ed off at the Government again! More b******t wasting my time with *********************! Um ... okay, hard to follow that as it was all autocensored! hee hee Well, I did have some good news. The photo I'd sent back to my friend Gregory to sign for my passport has arrived today. Time to make an appointment to get my Passport Interview done! :-) Never lose site of the GOAL! Which in this case is to get to the UK. :-) Get to the UK ... get an IT job, then slide into music and art once established. Or fall asleep every night. :-) Phase one for my plan to complete my three objectives in life. Actually, I think it's part of phase 2 ... which is to become millionaire. Phase one is marry Japanese Girl. lol (Or any asian girl who writes on a piece of paper that she is Japanese ... well, actually, any cute girl who might write that ... well, any girl ... oh who am I kidding) :-) Well, phase three is the hard part ... saving the world. Still not sure how to accomplish that bit. Let's chuck it into bullet point form for those who can't be bothered reading a lot:
  1. Marry Japanese Girl
  2. Become Millionaire
  3. Save the World
Phase two is the easy part I think. I've already been down to NUTHIN' three times ... which is like beinga millionaire in the wrong direction! So I am sure I can make it, as I've always clawed my way back from oblivion before. Anyway, best thing to remember is the game isn't over till some fat chick hits some high notes to signal the end of the opera ... and um ... must be Wagner! Bloody Germans! At it again! [As opposed to every one else! Bloody everyone else! At it again!] So ... getting back to phase two, the easy bit ... must get my CCNA, CCNP before I leave for UK ... as well as the visa's and passport and luggage etc. I'm seriously thinking about getting an MCSE as well. Not because i think I'll ever need it, bnut because occassionally it may give a boot over the edge of any other CCNP I might have a competing interview against. Anyway, there is still the hope of rescuing [resurrecting] my old music career. Will need money from a good paying job (or a miracle to help get me onto the stage again!) Be nice to own some equipment ... In the meantime, now that I'm over 40, I'm still waiting for that Mid-Life Crisis to start! When do I get to chase the young girls? Most of them still seem too young and immature to me! When does the attraction start? Well, hopefully I'll meet a nice Japanese girl before then! I hope! Still, there is that fear of marying someone who is only after my money (which I have none of ... so that won't happen any time soon!) :-) So bloody cold here! Must be God getting me used to bloody freeeeeezing UK. Must check brass monkey. Must ensure it is still intact! :-) I had a 10 AM meeting this morning ... so only got to do a few Km on the treadmill. Have to get back down to a normal size before I travel ... can fit more clothes into a suitcase then! :-) I did a big food shop ... which hopefully won't impact on my suitcase too much! Still, I just hope the stockmarket rises enough for me to pull my hard earned cash out of it and afford to go to the UK and set myself up! In the meantime, I better finish typing up these poems! :-)