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30 June, 2005

What to do, what to do?

Today, was offered a part time job, but only on the proviso that I don't go to Europe. The job is only two to three days a week. Assistant Manger - but the problem is, if I take the job, it won't pay enough to be a real job. If I do take it, then I'll have to look for other work, which might lead to me leaving there. In which case, I am better off going to Europe. Even the person who offered me the job said he believed my future was in Europe. My mother on the other hand wants me to take the job and stay. Some reasons for this - one, she's afraid I will leave and she'll never see me again. After all, it was twenty years before I returned from Sydney. Will it be another twenty years before I return from the UK? She also wants me around to help and stuff. As I said to her though, you never know, my going to the UK might be the very thing she needs. If I get there, establish myself, buy a house etc, she might be able to sell up and move to the UK to live. The very thing she has longed to do ever since ... well ever since arriving here! Had a great day at work. I wasn't sure that I would get everything done, but with Kylie's help we did. (Actually, I spent a long time doing something for her, which is why she eventually helped me! That's team work!) :-) We also started planning to re-arrange the office and everything. I drew up a scale representation on paper, and cut out scale representation of the furniture, then we started moving it around on paper. We also completely changed the coaches office around. A lot of junk had been placed in there, and had to be removed. The old bench which we dismantled in there had to have three of us carry it. I also worked on a newsletter for the PCYC. Just working on the format mainly as Chas is going to write most of the articles and stuff. Was a good day all round. Was a bit perplexed. I sent out a giant e-mail to a LOT of friends, and only had three responses to it. I was expecting more peopel to respond. If I count Corey's last e-mail (which arrived BEFORE my e-mail was sent), then I could count it as four responses. I wonder what everyone in Sydney has planned when I get there ... seems like it is to be anywhere except where I am! Bwahahahahahha! Only joking! Anyway, maybe some have ignored the e-mail or will get to read it later on. (Or are waiting for a more solid itinerary before committing!) It is still rather up in the air (except that it will happen - just not 100% sure WHEN!) Only one response on this site too. (Angel - who is also going to the UK as part of her European travels!) Oh well. Looks like I might stay at Wanderers on Kent when I go to Sydney. A Backpacker place in the heart of Sydney. Which reminds me, I've been meaning to look up the prices on the internet (as they do have a website - but it doesn't appear to be the obvious one. I remember seeing it once before. Maybe they sold it). Anyway, i know exactly whre it is, as we used to go there for drinks and stuff when I lived in Sydney. First tiem we ate there, we ordered chips as a side dish - what we didn't know was that chips came with the meal. So we had an enormous meal with chips ... with another BIG bowl of chips! We did our best eating them all. Anyway, the meals there became smaller after a while. Good thing to, it made it possible to order a side dish we could actually get around to eating! (Which reminds me, I really have to eat dinner!) :-) I've been trying to upload pictures over the last few days - only I can't get Picasa to upload them onto this site! Wonder what is wrong. I've also had a little trouble commenting on other Blogger sites - well, only ones with Haloscan. Wonder if they've been having problems. (Maybe that's why no comments have been added to this site! Waaah!) Oh well - I wonder what the accomodatino will be like in Malaysia and Japan! Wondering - KL and Penang I might stay in hotels. Just to feel safer than backpackers! Anyone who has stayed in a Backpackers in Malaysia wish to tell me what they are like? Safe? Clean? Comfortable beds? Japan - hope to find a backpackers there - but might try staying in a Ryokan even. Not a Buddhist Temple though, as they are more expensive than a Backpackers - and they get up at 4 AM to pray! Only time I am up at 4 AM, is to go to bed! :-) UK - easy - head to Earls Court! I paid AUD$90 and got a roomwith a hole in it first time! There were cheaper places around. When I got off the train, guys were there shouting at the trainstation - "Backpacker accomodation! Only ten pounds per night!" and stuff like that. I thought, sounds good to me! Only AUD$25! Cheaper than where I am staying! So I vowed next time, I'll stay somewhere a lot cheaper than were I stayed last time. Actually, Rodger has offered his spare room if I want it. Sounds good - but how long would he put up with me at his place? hee hee Actually, I am not that bad - but Earls Court (so I hear) is a great place ot start as an Aussie as they have most Aussie resources around that area - pubs - job agencies - pubs - accomodation (as in flats and stuff) - pubs - tour groups - pubs - backpacker places when you first arrive - pubs ... actually, I don't drink that much! Wonder what else there is to do in that area! Have to set up a bank account soon after arrival too! Well, I really will go and eat now! Time to ruminate on the trip later! Must study for CCNA and CCNP tonight! :-)