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11 June, 2005

Last Face To Face Investment Course EVER!

I went to my last fortnightly investment course toay. They announced at the beginning that it was also the LAST ONE EVER to be conducted face to face. From now on, you have ot do the ASX investment courses online. I guess it saves a lot of money. No need to book a room, serve food or pay a lecturer. People just log onto your site, and voila! instant cash flow! :-) Was interesting coming home. Was a day of Japanese encounters and car accidents. Okay, the accidents are probably predictable, as it is wet. We passed TWO accidents on the bus. Not often you see one accident, but today TWO! Amazing. Also, when sitting at the bus depot, a cute girl wandered past ... then wandered past the other way. Then, another one wander past in the direction the first one went. Then, right in front of me they ran into each other! Yes, they were wandering around trying to find each other! Then, they sat next to me, and started speaking Japanese! I tried eaves dropping, but they were speaking WAY too fast for me. I was trying to think of something incredibly witty to say in Japanese in order to get into the conversation. Couldn't think of anything! Then, when I was on the bus, a group of Japanese sat RIGHT in front of me! One of the small girls must be the leader, [Let's call her Alpha] as she was chucking English into her conversation left right and centre. [Oh so kewl!] She seemed to be the dominant person in the group. Her BF [Beta] wasn't too vocal. She also flirted a little with one of the other guys [Delta] and made him embarrased. Meanwhile, he [Delta] was hitting on the other girl in the group who was the obvious Omega. Once again, I tried thinking of something incredibly witty to say in Japanese. Nope! Brain unplugged, try again later! Later was too late. They got off a short time later. The way Omega kept staring at me, I knew that she knew that I spoke Japanese. (Or maybe she just thought I was a freak or something!) Anway, I was watching Beta write some Hirigana/Kanji text message and stuff. Alpha also played with her phone, which she took some photographs with and played a quick movie of one of her friends. Might have been her BF Beta actually. Anyway, was a good time by all, except for me who couldn't think of anything to say. Only thing which came into my head was "Osaka Ben Ga Wakara Hen". Like, that'd make me sound real Baka if none of them was from Osaka! Well, got home and I'm cold. nothing on TV worth watching. Nothing on the internet worth reading as so few people have updated their blogs and stuff. Guess I'll get back to reading and playing computer games for the weekend. Shogun Total War - Here I come! :-)